Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Weekend!

I had 4 striaght days of holiday!
Yesterday was a replacement holiday for the PE election public holiday! :D
And I stayed the whole day at home finishing my drama. ^~^
It has been a long time since I stayed home surfing website, watching drama and not going out.

Anyway, today i met up with Sheauwei and we went out.
Had our usual updates and then we went shopping.
I bought clothings!!! D;
Can't wait for H&M to open this Saturday, 03 Sept 2011!

After shopping, she left to meet her boyfriend.
Then I went home for awhile before I went out again to AMK hub to meet Veron for movie.
Watched Overheard 2!

Actually I didnt caught the first series of Overhead.
Not sure if both story got link?
But i can say that Overheard 2 is good!
Shall try to find Overhead 1 and watch!

Alright ending this post with a photo of me. :p


Monday, August 29, 2011

美乐。加油! // Loves Keep Going

Just completed this drama show!
I think channel U is showing the last episode this Saturday.
This is a short 13 episodes drama.
The main cast is obviously shown in the image above, Mike He and Cyndi Wang.

Actually, I find that this show is a little like some usual romance drama.
The storyline is not really very unique.
Still, I watched it because its acted by my favourite actor - Mike He.
In this drama, I think he cried too much.

I don't know why I cried so badly for EP13!
Maybe it's really heartbreaking to see that 2 person who loves each other so much but because the guy was sick, they might not be able to be together.
Also, the part whereby the mother and the son get together, its also quite touching.
Or maybe because Mike He cried and it makes me feel so sad too? Hahaha..

Anyway, overall the show is not bad and its not that draggy.
Oh and the ending is bad. Zzz...
Yes, its telling us its happy ending, and i guess the guy recovered after six years later.
But why we didnt even get to see the guy face in the end?
I guess the ending can be improved because somehow its seems a sudden end. -.-

王心凌 - 不哭
Love this song!
Can heal a girl's broken heart. :)

王心凌 - 黏黏黏黏
Just another cute song from her album which is one of the OST for the show.

贺军翔 - 心中的花园
Cant believe Mike He sang a song here and i really like the song and the lyrics is really sweet. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eat, Shopping, KTV, Movie

One thing that I cant really tolerate is when you already said the timing to meet already, yet the person change it to another timing LAST MINUTE.
That what i called the person rubber band timing and super elastic kind~!
Encountered it a few time by the same person lor. *irritated*

Few sentences of ranting.. -_-
Next let me post u 2 pics of me before i start the post of the day. LOL!

I woke up early to try curling my hair.
In the end, after my makeup done, my hair become straight again.
Waste my time and energy. :(

So anyway, after voting for the PE at the nearby CC.
I went to the mac to order a cup of drink while waiting for the girls to reach.
Luckily Jingwen reached a few minutes after i bought my drink, so i went to the MRT station to find her.
Engsang reached abit later.

Trained down to Farrer Park and had late lunch at Aston.

My usual order. :)

After our food, we went to Metro to buy a bag for Jingwen.
Her super belated birthday present!

Then fast forward......

Went to NEX.
We parted Jingwen and her BF...
Engsang and I went for KTV at 7pm.
First time singing experience with her. Haha..
The experience is still ok..
And the partyworld at NEX mic and sound system is quite good!
Its my 2nd time singing there.. why now then i realised it?
Maybe we got a good room. ^^

Sang for 3hrs, ended at 10pm.
Called the BF down as we gonna watched late night movie together!
Sent Engsang to MRT station then back to NEX to wait for BF to reach.

Took out my contact lens as I wore it a long day.

Can you see my eyes becoming red? LOL.
I know i look weird with specs when I'm wearing makeup.

Our show is about 11.50pm.
So while waiting for the time to come, we went NTUC to buy some drinks and oso walk around.

So yup!
We caught FD5!
Its like the usual premonition then the bad events happened.
Gory, disgusted images/ scenes whatever you called it. Haha..

Actually I guess this FD5 might be the last series of Final Destination.
Because the end, it shows the scenes from FD1 to FD4.
But maybe there might be more coming up too, who knows?

After our movie, BF drove me down and we had late night supper as i didnt eat dinner.
Had Midnight Curry at Kovan.
Then went back his house to stay overnight.
Yup, that conclude my whole day event. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rainbow Roses :)

Beautiful things cheer me up!
FYI, these photos are from the net.
SG do sell but I am not sure where and the price.
If you are interested, you can check at the florist. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't Wait Till Breakup!

Don't wait until you lose it then you regret for not cherishing it.

Sometimes i really don't understand what guys are thinking.
When the girl is there for you, loving you, you don't treasure it yet you want to like another person, do things behind her.

After she gives up on you then you come begging not to leave, post sad status online.
Dont you think by that time its already too late?? Tsk.

Well this is not happening to me for the time being.
But if it's happening to me in future I will have the same thinking as well.

Nowadays it has been so many relationship problem around my friends.
When they talk about it, it goes through my mind and make me have a lot of thoughts about the problem.
Sometimes, it even makes me feel emo.

Seriously, how do you tell/know when a person truly loves you?
...The things they do for you?
...Or what?

Comic Strips: Vacant for Singapore President

Click to enlarge to read. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

醉后決定愛上你 // Drunken To Love You

Nowadays I've been watching drama!
Not much nice iPhone games that catch my attention so I draw my attention to watching drama shows!

So I've just complete watching 醉后決定愛上你 / Drunken To Love You!
Total of 18 episodes only.
I thought it would be 20 episodes!
The story flow quite well and Rainie Yang acted well in the movie too.
No wonder she got Taiwan award for best actress / 台湾金钟奖“戏剧最佳女主角奖”。

This show is combination of romantic, comedy and some sad storyline in it.
Still, its happy ending at the end.
Rainie Yang and Joseph Cheng have bed scene and kissing scenes.
A show which is more mature.
Rainie Yang didn't really do her usual act cute faces for this show too.

Ok, there are few nice songs from the show that I really like and I want to share it to you~ :)

嚴爵 - 好的事情

嚴爵 - 又不是這樣就不孤獨

楊丞琳 - 我們都傻

For those who finding new show to watch, you can catch this drama as i guess its really popular!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Belated Birthday for Hanisha

Finally, I met up with Hanisha for her belated birthday yesterday.
We had pizza at Lucky Plaza for dinner.
I’ve been to Lucky Plaza for so many times but I didn’t notice that there’s Pizza Hut there.

Actually nothing much, we just update on each other’s life as usual.
Then we went to walk and shop awhile at Forever 21.
After which, we went back home.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells Mascara

Before I fly to Penang, I went to the DFS at the budget terminal to see the Lancome mascara.
Actually I wanted to get the Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells mascara but to my surprise Virtuose is the newest mascara!
So i bought it!
Of course buying in DFS is much cheaper than outside. (Duh!)

It is said that the precious cells is a new technology that protects your lashes and helps lashes regenerate themselves!
It also make my lashes longer and volumize.
Woot! Longer lashes FTW~!
That's why I am very keen of the product!

See the before and after of my lashes below.
Can you see the differences?

It makes me particular pretty that day! #sonotshy

I am not sure whether the market outside have this new series already or not.
You can check it out yourselves ok. :)
And i guess i will be smarter to buy in DFS in future when i am out overseas. :D

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Impromptu Movie Date

An impromptu movie date with BF today.
Feels weird to watch movie with him on a weekdays because we don't do it so.
Wonder what was he thinking? LOL!

Anyway, we caught the movie called Zookeeper as seen on the above poster.
Ok, this is a comedy show.
Want a good laugh on a stress weekdays?
Well, you can catch this show because I had a good laugh! :)

Till then...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

JUMP 2011

BF and I went to catch JUMP 2011 at the Esplanade Threatre today!
I bought the tickets around the May so you can see that i was longing to watch it!
We caught the 8PM show.

Our Tickets!


BF and I before the show starts.

Stage display.

JUMP concert is awesome!
Its a comedy martial arts show.
It is very very entertaining.
I was laughing throughout the whole show!
The cast are interactive as well.
They invited the audience up to the stage to sort of "acted" in the show.
The show lasted for 1.5hrs.

Worth watching! *2 Thumbs Up*
Hope for more of this kind of show and I will try to catch all of it. :)
Oh by the way, BF and I saw Chen Han Wei at the show, I guess he watched with his 2 buddies. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011





4. 当身边的朋友说你是疯子的时候,成功离你不远了。
5. 在事实面前,你的想象力越发达,后果就越不堪设想。

6. 地球是运动的,一个人不可能永远处在倒霉的位置。
7. 你永远看不见我眼里的泪水,因为只有你不在的时候,我才会哭泣。
8. 时间就象一张网,你撒在哪里,收获就在哪里。
9. 理想和现实总是有差距的,幸好有差距,不然,谁还稀罕理想。
10. 人生的两大悲剧莫过于:得不到想要东西和得到不想要的东西。

11. 成熟不是心变老,而是,当眼泪在眼睛里打转时却还保持微笑。
12. 女人要常常告诫自己:“不要在一颗树上吊死”,否则,你将会狠惨。
13. 爱情就像手里的沙子,攥的越紧,流的越快。
14. 低头要有勇气,抬头要有底气。
15. 人生就像一杯茶,不会苦一辈子,但总会苦一阵子。

16. 傻与不傻,要看你会不会装傻。
17. 女人用友情拒绝爱情,男人用友情换取爱情。
18. 你以为最酸的感觉莫过于吃醋,不是的,最酸的感觉是你无权吃醋。
19. 真正的朋友是什么?真正的的朋友是把你看透了,还喜欢你、愿意和你成为朋友的人。
20. 当我们搬开了别人的绊脚石时,也许恰恰是在为自己铺路。

21. 如果无法忘记他,就不要忘记好了,真正的忘记是不需要努力的。
22. 再丑的人也能结婚,再美的人也会单身。
23. 因为爱过,所以慈悲;因为懂得,所以宽恕。
24. 男人哭了,是因为他真的爱了;女人哭了,是因为她真的放弃了。
25. 某些人的爱情,只是一种“当时的情绪”,

26. 能够说出的委屈,便不是委屈;能够抢走的爱人,便不是爱人。
27. 当一个女子在看天空的时候,她并不是想寻找什么,她只是寂寞。
28. 无论怎样,一个人借故堕落,总是不值得原谅的,越是没人爱,越要爱自己。

29. 对不起是一种真诚,没关系是一种风度;
30. 人们日常所犯的最大的错误,是对陌生人太客气,

31. 钟表,可以回到起点,却已不是昨天。
32. 使人成熟的是经历,而不是岁月。
33. 少一点预设的期待,那份对人的关怀便会更自在。
34. 有一种伤叫悲伤,是睫毛再也承受不住泪球的重,轻轻碰到就会滴落。
35. 互相尊重是一种美德,而必要的距离又是任何一种尊重的前提。

36. 流云在天边,行囊在眼前,有一条通往太阳的路无边又无沿。
37. 人永远不知道谁哪次不经意的跟你说了再见之后就真的再也不见了。
38. 爱,就大声说出来,因为你永远都不会知道,明天和意外,哪个会先来!
39. 铁饭碗的真实含义不是在一个地方吃一辈子饭,而是一辈子到哪儿都有饭吃。
40. 低头要有勇气,抬头要有底气。

41. 每个人出生的时候都是原创,可悲的是很多人渐渐都成了盗版。
42. 真坏人并不可怕,可怕的是假好人。


44. 叹气是浪费时间的事情,哭泣是浪费力气的行径。
45. 不是人人都能活的低调,可以低调的基础是随时都能高调。
46. 就算不快乐也不要皱眉,因为你永远不知道谁会爱上你的笑容。
47. 绝口不提不是因为忘记,而是因为铭记。
48. 人生的冷暖取决于心灵的温度。


50. 让未来到来,让过去过去。

Source: 12sharing.com

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fugitive: Plan B

Hello, I am back from my Penang trip.
I will write a post on the trip soon~ :)

Anyway I finally finish watching Fugitive Plan B / Do Mang Ja: Plan B (逃亡者) on LeTV.
LeTV is an iPhone apps which you can download shows and watch it.
However, the bad thing about the apps is that if you watched the show halfway and went out of the app, when you come back to the apps again, the show will not resume from where you stop watching. :(

Anyway, back to the show.
This show is currently showing on Channel U.
When I saw the trailer of the show, I was interested and thus I went to watch it on LeTV.
A total of 20 Episodes, starring Rain (Bi) and Lee Na Young.
The show is quite nice actually.
I like the thriller and action.
Its not really draggy to me.
There are a few twist and turn of the story.

If you watched the original language of the show, you can hear that the language spoken are Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese, and Cantonese.
Other than in Korea, they also went places like Japan, Marcau, Philippines and China to shoot the show.

This is the 2nd show I watched that Rain acted in.
I am not a fan of Rain but I can say that he's really cool, suave, quite cute at some part of the show and also has a hot bods in this show.
His hairstyle in this show suits him very well!

Other than Rain, there's another 2 handsome guy who acted in the show too!
Extreme left is Daniel Henney and the extreme right is Lee Jung Jin.
I've watch Daniel Henney in My Lovely Samsoon and find him very charming! :D
And first time seeing Lee Jung Jin, he got another kind of charm that attracts me. ^^

The main actress in the show, Lee Na Young, she is actually quite new to me as well.
Anyway, she acted quite well in the show!

The songs and music are faved!

MBLAQ - Running and Running

OranG - May Day

Jea - Poison

Shin Seung Han - I Don't Believe In Love

Music - 灰色の夕焼け

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Early Birthday Celebration for Xian

Early birthday Celebration for Lixian at Strictly Pancakes, opposite POMO yesterday.
Its my first time here and Huisan intro-ed this place to us. :)

Huisan was late due to her work.
So while waiting...


Ordered drinks and finger food.

Basket of potato wedges that almost filled our stomach.

By the time our basket of potato wedges came, Huisan reached too!
So we ordered our pancakes!
As you can see from the shop name, it is strictly all pancakes in the menu.

The portion is quite a lot actually.
2 plates of pancakes, the 3 of us couldnt finished it.

The birthday girl.

FCUK watch for her. :)

After our dinner, we went outside The Cathay to chit chat and take photos together.
Parted at around 11pm.
Hope our birthday girl likes our gift and enjoyed the day. :)