Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is the actual Halloween which falls on Monday.
I bet most people celebrated it on the Saturday and maybe Sunday.
I was at Orchard that night and I saw many "ghosts" came out to play. HAHA!
I guess the most happening place would be at Clarke Quay where everyone dressed up as demons, devils, and other uniforms.
Didnt get the chance to go by, but I know its should be very fun there.

So... I won a pair of “Horror-thon” tickets consisting of 3 movies “The Thing”, “Paranormal Activity 3”, and “Blood Creek” from Cathay Cineleisure!
BF and I went to watch the movies from 9pm to about 3am last Saturday.
Always wanted to try marathon movie so I guess it was a experience of watching 3 movies at one go. LOL!

The first movie is The Thing.
Its a show on an ailen attacking the human.
The ailen are able to shape the same appearance as the human who caught the virus.
I think the plot is quite good as we wouldn't know who are the one who caught the virus.
There are lots of gory image for this show.
BF already watched this movie with his friends, so I kept asking him what's happening next but the naughty boy didnt want to tell me. :/

The second movie is Blood Creek which is coming on theatre soon in Singapore.
The starting of the show seems to bore us but till the ending, the show gets more exciting.
Its about a man who turns to a demon by drinking living human blood, and in the end got killed by 2 men.

Paranormal Activity 3 is the last show we watched.
The first and second series of the show I didnt watched because we thought its not nice.
However, its the most irritating show I've ever watched.
It is because we didnt know when will the next scene be like.
Most of the time, I am covering my ears while watching. -_-

Out of 3 movies, I like 'The Thing' and 'Paranormal Activity 3' because of the fear factor.
Once again, thanks Cathay Cineleisure for the tickets. :D

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boots is ♥

Bought this pair of boots from Forever21 for my coming Taiwan Trip!
The actual color is ivory and it matches my coat that I bought from Taiwan last year!

You wouldn't know how much I love boots.
Sadly, in Singapore with this weather, I will not have any chance to wear it.
The only chance I got to wear is to travel to colder country.

I guess the trip this time's gonna be fun as I'm meeting SheauWei there too!
It's so unplanned.
It's just that due to food in BKK and BF and I make decision to go Taiwan trip which coincidentally the 3days SW and her BF will be in Taiwan, so we got to meet up!

So, It's about one week to the trip and I'm getting excited each day.
I'm packing my luggage today.
Thinking of happy stuff makes me feel happy and to forget the unhappiness at work. :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Deevapali!

A mid week public holiday!
It seems that this week will past fast.
With loads of workload, I'm sure my time will be fast like rocket!

Anyway, woke up early today and BF drove us down to AMK hub for a morning movie.
Watched The Sorcerer And The White Snake as I wanted to watch it.
The only slot in the morning - 10.25AM.

The storyline is almost the same as the past.
In the new age, movie are trending on 3D image and graphic effect.
With this elements, I guess it makes the show a little interesting.
To me, I feel that this show isnt really that bad.

After the movie, we headed down to Kovan for lunch.
It has been raining almost everyday.

Actually nothing much on a mid week PH.
We just slept the day away. HAH!
The day just wasted like that.
So yup. nothing much.
I'm signing off now. Bye!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Little Different From Other Saturday

Actually planned to go Batam with Veron but she didnt want to go anymore so she forfeited the tickets.
Thus I met up with bf, usual time spending together.

I woke up 1hour late but luckily, it didnt spoilt the outing plan.
Had our brunch at the food court then headed for our movie.
We watched Real Steel as BF wanted to watch the show.
This movie demand is too high that we couldnt get a good seat in the late noon or night.
Therefore, we had to watch it in the early noon.

A show which guys like it very much because it about the robots, I guess.
Actually I wasn't very interested in the show at first.
However, I have to admit that this show is nice towards the end.
Its rather touching and I can see and hear people sobbing.
I feel that its worth the watch.

After the show, we went to Museum of Horror at Scape warehouse.
I will do a seperate post for that.
A lot of gory photos. Hehe..

After which, we went shopping at a few places before we headed back to BF house.
Drove out for dinner at East Coast Road.
I was craving for the 328 Katong Laksa and especially the Rojak there.
However, the rojak sold out already when we got there. Very disappointed!

We went to the store located at 216 East Coast Road.
By right, we should go to 51 East Coast Road, that would be the right store.
However, the taste of the laksa is almost the same.
51 East Coast road has more people than the one at 216 East Coast Road.

Next, we went to the Punggol Waterway park.
BF wanted to take a look there.
And seriously, in future the people who live there is very fortunate!
The place is really beautiful~
Aww I wish I can live there as well..

I love colourful neon lights!

The next day is the opening of the waterway park if i am not wrong because we saw the news on TV.
No wonder they are kinda doing rehearsal, like testing the lights and sounds, for the event.

End of this post.
So this is our difference from other Saturday for this week. :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Girl's Generation 2011 Singapore Concert

Kelvin just let me know the detail of SNSD concert in SG detail in Facebook!
Thanks to him I got the news early.
I'm afraid that I might missed it.
However, I am not sure if I wanna go or not because BF also duno want to go or not!
The tickets are really pricey. :(
For those who are interested, see below! :)

Ticketing details for 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour are out!!
9 Dec (Fri), 8pm @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

Tickets priced at:
$218 (Terrace/ Mosh Pit) – More than 2,000 Mosh Pit Tickets available for sale!
$168 (Balcony/ Partially-Restricted)

3-day Priority Sale for Samsung and OCBC customers from 29 Oct to 31 Oct
Public sale starts from 1 Nov onwards.

Get your tickets via, hotline 6348 5555 or Sistic outlets.
All purchases limited to 6 tickets per transaction.

2011 Girls’ Generation Tour is jointly organized by
Running into the Sun & Conceptual.

Concert Presenter: Samsung
Official Credit Card: OCBC Titanium
Official Drink: F&N

Stay tuned to Radio 1003, the Official Radio Station for the latest concert updates

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Impromtu Singing Session

K session with Veron, Tommy, Sam and Lawrence.
Its like a mixed friends of friends gathering.
Which means I know a new friend, Lawrence.
4hrs+ of singing session today is quite fun and really satisfying.
Maybe we can have this group of khakis for singing session. :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kyo Nichi Japanese Ramen

Bought this Kyo Nichi Japanese Ramen deal coupons from
BF drove down to China Square Central.
Actually we didnt heard or went to this place before, luckily we got GPS.

Finding this Kyo Nichi Japanese Ramen store is quite difficult because the store number is not correct.
Actually its near the Sushi Tei area.

When we stepped into the restaurant, it was really empty.
Before us, there's one couple, which means there's like 4 people in the restaurant.
Not sure is it because we went 3pm in the noon, that's why there's no people.
There are many seatings available.
The ambience is not good.
There's no music playing which makes the whole place seems lifeless.
As for the food, I think its not bad.
I wanted to try this Japanese raman because of the rich collagen in the soup.

For me, I tried this Char Siew Raman.
The soup is quite oily, not sure is it because of the collagen from the pork bones.
The ramen is not as Q as the ramen from Ippudo and Ajisen.
Plus point is the generous portion of the char siew which is very tender.

BF's chicken thigh ramen
I didnt try it but i guess it almost the same as mine.

Overall, I feel that the food is not bad.
Worth the try.
The portion is satisfactory because after my bowl of ramen, I couldn't finish up the chawamushi that we ordered.

China Square Outlet
Address: 20 Cross Street, #01-31/32/33 China Square Central, Singapore
And if you find Chinatown square is too far, there's outlet at Marina Square as well.
Marina Square Outlet
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-249 Marina Square, Singapore

Friday, October 14, 2011

幸福最晴天 / Sunny Happiness

"Happiness is like a Sunny Day."

Synopsis from dramawiki
Xiang Yun Jie (Mike He) is rich man who was once divorced, and unknowingly had an eight year old son. He is also a young owner of a hotel. Fang Yong Yong (Janine Chang) is an orphan. She works as a housekeeper in the hotle that Xiang Yun Jie owns. The two of them started their fairytale like love story from a 'fake marriage'. Xiang Yun Jie's brother, Xiang Yun Chao (Li Yi Feng), is always hiding in the shadow, he is also the one who completes the love triangle.

The main cast of the show, Mike He and Janine Chang.

There's this guy in the show who is good looking.
His name is Li Yi Feng (李易峰) and he is from China.
So there's 2 eye candies in this show. :p

Songs from the show!


张韶涵 - 伤日快乐


Its finally the Friday.
However I'm still feeling a little grumpy and sleepy.
I slept earlier yesterday night but still feel that I'm lacking of sleep right now.

Anyway the past few days had been quite unlucky at work.
A lot of problem keep throwing onto me.
One after another and its everyday different problems.
Therefore, I was rather busy especially yesterday - Skipped lunch and also OT.
Actually all those problems can be prevented.
I guess its just bad luck for this week. :(
But still feel good that the days passed a little faster than usual just that I hate the stressful and shagged period, it makes me feel that I'll get older faster.

Nonetheless, weekend is coming to our way.
And I'll be heading Cameron Highland this weekend for a short getaway and the next weekend to Batam.
Looking forward to it. :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fresh Look of My Blog!

Finally a year plus past since the last blogskin (Theme: Life's A Melody).
This time its just a simple design, not the previous complicated design.
And the theme as you can see its Live Laugh Love.
Live, Laugh, Love has somehow become my life motto now.
Live Healthy. Laugh Happily. Love Heartily.

I only took about 3hrs to do the design + the coding. :)
But I guess I will change the colours of the border.
Too blue already, dont you think so?
Anyway, I've added the comment column and thinking of removing the cbox soon.
So maybe in future if I removed it, you can just comment at the comment box alright?

If there's anything you think that I can improve on for this blogskin, please feel free to let me know!
I'll try my best to make the changes, to make you readers feel more better when reading this space okay~ :D

Alright, signing off now.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Its been the 2nd week of me being a black hair girl.
The color is slowly fading to dark brown, I guess it only can be seen under the sunlight.
Seriously, sometimes I'll still do not get use to it.
And I still feel that having beige brown hair looks better in photos.
Like Japanese girl. :p

Black hair really gives my face look kinda dull.
Anyway, I'll slowly getting use to it. :)
New photos up of selcas black hair series. Hehe..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Won Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen

I participated in the giveaway for Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen in Dweam's blog was lucky enough to get chosen by her.
I guess this is the first time I got so lucky. LOL.

Headed down to Nuffnang Office at Kinta Road to collect the box of Japanese Fish Collagen.
I choose the lemon flavour.
Yeah 1 month supply of collagen for myself!
Sincerely thank you, Dweam and Nuffnang. ^~^

Saturday, October 08, 2011

The New Circle Line to Holland Village!

Actually, we planned to go to ECP but we were afraid that the rain will ruin the plan so we change to exploring the circle line.
Now the circle line is fully open, we can go places like Holland Village, Labrador Park, Botanic Garden and Har Par Villa easily!
Its so accessible now unlike the past, if we were to go there, we gonna take long bus rides or change from MRT to buses which is so troublesome.

So from Khatib, we reached Holland Village in about 30mins only!
There were many people there that day, I guess because due to the opening event.
We also saw many caucasian too.
Holland Village has many restaurants and pubs.
I saw a few restaurants that I would like to try so I'll definitely go back again for food.
Other than that, I guess there are nothing much to shop around.

Settled our lunch at Breko Cafe.
It was quite noisy in the cafe because there were people watching the rugby competition.
Seriously, I dont understand how these people can get excited with this kind of sport show.

Nonetheless, The food is quite nice.
They are almost like Aston and the price is almost the same too.
The portion is a lot, and we almost cannot finish it.

Chargrill Salmon

Corden Bleu

Hawaiian Chicken

After eating, we went to walk around and then we took a bus down to Far East Plaza for shopping.
I didnt buy any clothes, only bought a buy 2 get 1 free belt from Tailsman
Gonna save money to BKK for shopping spree next month! O.O!
So, we walked non stop for almost 6hrs!
At the end of the day, both my legs are very sore.

Alright, finishing this post with the photos we took. :D