Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 has been quite a great year for me I would say.
Other than not fulfilling my last year resolution of studying, I guess the others are still alright.

Thinkin back this year I've gone to a few places, especially travelling around the Malaysia side.
I went Redang, Penang and Cameron Highland.
The best memories would be at Redang where I celebrate my 24th Birthday!
The place is so beautiful and its one of a great place to be at.

My resolution for the coming year would be to pass my driving lesson!
I know I've been saying that for years already but this time I'm determine to get it.
I am gonna convert from manual to auto and change to a private student.
Hopefully I can get it soonest possible.
I'm gonna retake my FTT as the previous one has expired.

Next, would be to advance in my career.
I want to earn more money for saving for future as well as to travel more places like Korea and Japan.
Those places are expensive!

Actually I'm not looking for the next year as I'm going 25!
Damn it's only 5 more years stepping into the thirties!
Age for women are indeed scary as we grow older and older. Sigh~
I shall find a man who can marry me as soon as possible! Lol kidding~
Seriously after 30 years old, I shall not get married already.
I feel that it's too old to have kids lah!
This kinda of stuff makes me feel dilemma.
I envy those who get marry and have kids at a younger age because when their kids grow older, the parents are not so old, and they can look like siblings, the age gap are not big.
However, they have burdens and could lose out a lot of things after getting married and have kids at a young age.
Anyway, that's my thoughts only.
Maybe the others have different opinion as me.

Anyway today is the last day of 2011, hope you enjoy the very last bit of it.
Have a blessed 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Belated Xmas Dinner!

After my company lunch, I met up with Engsang first.
Accompanied her to the denist to tighten her braces.
After which, we went for singing session until 8PM.
Jingwen worked until 7.30pm then she came and meet us at 8.30PM.

We had our dinner at Marche at 313@Somerset.
I haven eat there for quite long already.
Each of us ordered our main one and also got 1 pizza to share.

My Swiss Rosito

Jingwen's Pork Knuckles

Engsang's Salmon Steak

This duck pizza taste a bit like Timbre's duck pizza

After our food, we sat and chat for 1hr plus before we decide to leave the place.
Had a very full dinner!
Great friends to end the year! :D

Company Lunch

Today is the last day of work for Year 2011!
My office is only opened for half day!
Time seems so fast as if I'm racing with it.
Tried to finish up my work as much as possible because my boss wants the report early next year and I will only start work on the 4th which is 1 day later than my accountant.

Anyway after work, we had company lunch at Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar which is near Purvis Street, near Bugis area.
Sometimes i really dislike going to Italian restaurant because I couldnt understand the menu!
For the food I ordered, it's still not bad, except for the starter which I am not really interested.

Bread. This is really nice.


My Main Course.

Desserts - Chocolate Sponge Cake

Everything ended at 1.45pm and each of us left for our next program.
Shall see them next year, 4th!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas Dinner With Da Boyf

BF made reservation at Hot Stone a few weeks before Xmas which located at Clarke Quay.
My review for the food is that its quite normal.
For the price, the portion of the food came is not much as we ordered ala carte.

Cocktail, Tequila Sunrise

Bf's fruit punch.
I dont allow him to drink alcohol because he's driving!


His Beef Set

My Seafood set

After our dinner, we went for a walk.
Then we went Orchard area and was really packed with people!
It suddenly rain.
How I wished its snow rather than rain.. :S

We went to Haagen Daz for ice cream as dessert.
The area was so warm and no aircon which made my ice cream melt so fast.

Yay! For Choco Lover like me!

Hi, I'm Ms Santa. :p
BF got the santa hair clips for me.
It blinks with many pretty colors.

Even though the day feel as though like the other normal day together.
However on this special day with the special someone, it feels blissful. ^~^

Lastly, I'm gonna end this post with a picture of us.
So hard to take photos together. :/

Friday, December 23, 2011

Xmas with Lovlies~

Met up with my girls for Xmas feast at Crystal Jade Korean BBQ at .
First time trying the food there.
Its just like steamboat.
However the food choice is not as much.
Cost us $28 per pax.

After the food, we went to the top floor at NEX to take photos!
Brought my polariod! :D

My xmas present to them are delivery of a bouquet of flowers to their office.

Steph got Rose.

Veron got Sunflower.

Cant help but to take the flowers to camwhore.
Pretty flowers~

I bet we had fun that night! :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Super Idol 6/ 超级偶像 第一屆校際爭霸戰

I am not sure should I name this as Super Idol 6 because the main contestants are from the school and some from the society.
Anyway, the winner was announced on 3 Dec 2011.
1st place is 李懿珅 (Li Yi Sheng).
In the 2nd place is 陳婕 (Chen Jie) from ShangHai.

Actually I find that this time the competition is not as interesting as Super Idol 5.
I watched this series is due to 詹宜靜 (Zhan Yi Jing)!
I thought she would be one of the contestants, however she joins just to PK the other contestants and lost on the 2nd round. =(

Anyway, Chen Jie has a very good nice.
Her performances are also very perfect.
I cant really remember any songs that I can intro to you.

There's one guy who is from Singapore.
I think he's quite good too!
He's name is 黃小龍 (Lawarence Huang Xiao Long) and he's one of the Top 10, in the 9the place.


He did a good job here.
And got quite a high score.


This song is written by himself.
Also did a good job and the audiences are enjoying it.


宋妍甄 (Song Yan Zhen) & 王崴宇(Wang Wei Yu) sang this song very nicely.
Especially Song Yan Zhen, she has a very good voice.
Wang Wei Yu become very good looking after the makeover.

There are a few funny and weird contestants in this series.
They are quite lame.
In my opinion. the previous series is better than this one. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

料理情人夢 / Love Recipe

Just completed this drama yesterday.
Total of 10 episodes, a short and sweet drama.
I guess its one of the best drama that I've watched this year! :D
Well, I love beautiful love story. ^~^

The storyline are quite unexpected at some point and make me curious, wanting to get the whole picture of the story.
It is a mixture of romance and comedy.

Kenji Wu (吴克羣) is so attractive in this show.
I was so attracted to him. Hehe..

Got to know this actress, Li Jia Ying (李佳穎), I think she's pretty and sweet.
Look like a girl next door but still got the playful side of her. :)

Gui Gui (吴映洁) acting skill seems to be improving.
I thought it wasn't her because she looked kind of mature, not like the past show that I've watched.
Good job! :)

Rhydian Vaughan (鳳小岳) is 1 year older than me but he got a very matured look. Haha..
At the first sight, I think he's quite good looking but after few episode, I dont think he's that attractive. :p
However, in this show, some of the part he acted humourous too.

Of cos for this show, the 2 songs by Kenji Wu are loved!
Both songs are written by him, he's really talented.



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SMRT Breakdown

I guess the current HOT topic is the SMRT train issues that all started out last week.
Last Wednesday, the circle line was down, it did not affect me at all.
Until the breakdown of North South Line (NSL) on last Thursday, it really affected me and a lot of people.
Reason is NSL is the line that I take almost everyday.

Last Thursday, after my keyboard class, usually I will take 851 back home.
The bus ride took like 1hr for me to reach home.
I didn’t want to take the long ride, so I went to City Hall to take train.
To my surprised, I found out that the train was down.
There are a lot of people gathering at the station and some going to take the shuttle buses.
In the end, I took the circle line to Dhoby Ghaut and then go all the way to Sengkang and take 965 back home.
I am thinking now that fortunately I took the long route because I might get caught in the jam at the town area.
My friend took 2hrs+ to get home from Chinatown (usually 1hr ride).
It’s kinda ridiculous.
It’s no doubt that people will get angry with SMRT.

Back to work yesterday, and I was late by 5 minutes due to the reduced speed of the trains.
I guess I will have the phobia of taking the trains if the train don’t recover soon.
On my way home yesterday, the train suddenly jerked very hard.
For people who didn’t hold the handrail, might fall and it’s really dangerous.
Luckily I was sitting down at that time.
The train ride is also very bumpy as if the train will fall off the tracks.
I am hoping now that the train system will recover as soon as possible.

However, I'm also thinking that Singaporeans really are living in our comfort zone with everything provided for us.
Little things happen; people will blame this and complain that.
We have no natural disasters.
Even a small flood at Orchard would cause a big commotion among the people.
Seriously, we are all fortunate people unlike the other countries or like Thailand who suffers from flood disasters.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Week..

I received my second X'mas gift from BF.
Yay Audio Technica headphone ish <3!

We caught Alvin and the chipmunks 3.
I find that it is not as fantastic this time.
The previous one is better.
However, its still a funny movie especially at the part where Simon turned into a flirtatious "French" Simon.

Sunday is a day to stay in due to the wet weather.
We caught SNSD Japan Tour video on youtube.
I think BF drooled from the start of the video till the end. HAHA!!
I cannot deny their charm on the stage la.
They are really pretty especially Yoona, Taeyeon, Soo Young and Jessica. Hehe..
It would be so nice if I'm able to catch their first concert in Singapore!
Oh well, shan't brood over it anymore since its over. :)

Alritey, nothing much for the weekend.
I am looking forward to our Xmas dinner next Saturday.
Its been quite sometimes I last ate good food.
So I am craving for GOOD food yah. *FATDIEME! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

阳光天使 / Sunshine Angel

Finally finished this drama.
Rainie Yang 2nd drama in 2011.
I feel that Drunken to Love You is still better than this show.
The first 2-3 episode is quite boring for me, almost gave up watching the show.
Luckily it gets interesting at the end.
Some parts seems to be like a repeat, no twist which makes the show quite boring.
Summing up, so the end is a happy ending which most would want to see.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weird People

Why am I encountering weird people nowadays?
I don't think I have offended anyone.
Within a month, I haven already met 2 crazy people!
One of them was few weeks ago when I meet up with Veron to Orchard Road.
Suddenly, a crazy young teenage girl shouted at me for nothing!
I was too stunned to know what words came out from her mouth.
I don’t even dare to react because I wouldn’t know if she and her friends will attack me or not.
Seriously, she looked like a retard when she shouted at me.
Nowadays the young generations do things without going through their brains is it?
I wonder what they are thinking seriously!

The other incident happened just yesterday.
Usually Sheauwei and I will hold each other hands while walking.
FYI, we're not lesbian just very very good friends and it’s quite normal for girls to hold hand right? Haha…
We were walking along a shopping mall in Sentosa.
Suddenly a Caucasian walking towards us grabbed my arms and said "why not you hold my hand instead of her?"
He looked like a drunkard but I'm not sure if he is.
Anyway, I quickly shook off his hand and walked away.
Sheauwei was very angry with the man's attitude.

Why are there such thing happening to me?
It’s really a crazy experience that I had.
Luckily both times I have my friends with me.
What if my friends are not with me?
I cannot think what consequence will there be.
Please no more of such nonsense anymore!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spa & Massage Session

Met up with Sheauwei for our spa and massage session finally!
We bought this deal coupon from
Its $88, usual price is around $300+.
Sound worthy right?

Appointment at 5.30pm and we reached 30mins earlier.
We choose green tea scrub and detoxifying massage.
Then we were ushered to a room to get change to a robe and we start the scrub.
After the scrub, we had steam bath for 25mins then we washed off the scrub.
Next, we proceed to a 1hr massage.
Actually, the massage is quite painful at some parts of our body. :(

Anyway, its a good experience.
The place is beautiful and classy.
The service is good too and no hard selling, asking us to sign packages. ^~^
At the end of the session, we were also being served red bean soup as desserts.

Festive Hotel
#03-108 Resorts World Sentosa
(Next to FIESTA Restaurant on level 3 above the hotel lobby)
Tel : 6884 9303
Operating Hours: 10am - 11pm daily

Saturday, December 10, 2011

In A Day..

In the morning, I went for my Pre-Lasik Evaluation.
Did the tests and the result was good.
Dr Julian Theng said that my cornea is thick enough to go for bladeless Lasik.
I booked my LASIK surgery on 16 February 2012.
Hopefully by the time I have saved enough money for the surgery~

For the test, they put an eyedrop for me which I cannot see anything near which makes me feel like I got 'Lao Hua Yan'. Haha..
Its also make my eyes quite uncomfortable when I am at outdoor as it was very glaring.
Luckily 4hrs later, everything is back to normal again.

So BF came over and fetch me.
We went to Joo Chiat to try the famous chicken rice that he found - Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice.
I have tried a lot of chicken rice as its one of my favourite dishes.
In my opinion, Tian Tian Chicken Rice is that its not the best.
I still prefer the chicken rice from Yishun Blk 925 and Tiong Bahru Chicken rice at Chinatown.
Tian Tian Chicken Rice also incurred 10% service charge. -_-
The service is like any other hawker center just that they take order from our seats only.

After our lunch, we went down to Orchard for X'mas shopping.
I bought Sheauwei and BF presents for them.

This pretty Swarovski Pen is for Sheauwei.
I have no idea what to get for her.
Thanks to BF who suggested this idea for me.^~^

This Braun Buffel car key holder is for him.

After our Xmas shopping, we went down to NEX to catch our movie.

Caught this Hong Kong Ghost Stories movie.
There's 2 stories in a show.
I think this movie is not bad as we really got scared.
The storyline is interesting as well.
Quite worth the watch.
After which we headed for our dinner at Kovan.

I was surprised that there's eclipse.
Sad that I missed it as during it happens, I was still watching movie.
Thanks to you twitter that I got the news.
However when I look up the moon, the eclipse is almost ending.
Didnt catch the view whereby the moon turn orange. :(
Happens once in a decade!! How can I missed it. Sigh..