Monday, January 30, 2012

First day of CNY

Chinese New Year is a time when we all do visiting at our relatives place and gathering.
Some of my relative, we only see each other once a year.
I guess when we grow older, we drift more apart.
For example, at my great grandmother side, I have relatives named Xiaowen and Liwen.
Both of them are older than me by a few years and actually they are my aunties due to the family tree.
We (My bro and sis) actually don't call them aunties cos it really feels weird.
So anyway, when we were young, we often play with each other but now we are like strangers.
It feels weird to see them every year, and we just smile to each other.
I actually hope we can get closer but i guess the feeling isn’t same anymore.

Well, this year is no exceptional.
Like the past few years, I went to BF's relative side to do visiting, then by night time at my relative's place.
As usual, going to BF's side made me feel so uneasy.
I am only familiar with his GuGu side of family.
The others are so stranger.

On that day, they brought Mr Ray out to bainian with us.
Haha.. some of the photos we took of Ray are so cute lah.

In the evening at ard 6pm, BF came over my house to bainian as my auntie and uncle came over to my house.
After which, we followed my family to my relative house.
BF drove my dad, mum and sis over while Bro went with his GF on her car.

Me with my pretty sis.

My family having dinner.
Only mum's back view.

After done with the visiting, we went to Selatar Reservoir to put Sky Lantern (天燈 or 孔明燈)
Finally get to put it up as there's no rain.
Wanted to put it up on the eve but it was raining that day.

Wasted 2 lanterns.
One was short of one candles so we couldnt put it up and the other one didnt flew up and fell in the water.
Overall we had fun still. HAHA~

This year even though its same as every other year but i guess the bonding is the fun part.
Lastly, I am ending this post with my pretty polariod photos.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Please Don't Throw The Face Of Us, Singaporean!

I am not sure why do we need the courtesy campaign for if Singaporean don't even know what's the meaning behind of this campaign.
As stated in Wikipedia, this National Courtesy Campaign is to encourage Singaporeans to be more kind and considerate to each other so as to create a pleasant environment for each other to live in.

For what I know, manners should be trained from young by the parents. However even if adult don’t even know how to set a good examples, how can they train their kids to be like one good person?!

I met 2 situations today, on the same day.
Though these 2 incidents don't really affect me much but I just want to voice out.
The first incident was when I'm going to alight from the monorail at Vivocity.
I heard an auntie saying to one of her family member, "Just move out, no need to wait for other people, they will give way".
Don't you think that it’s an inconsiderate thinking of hers?
If everyone thinks this way, I bet there will be a lot of pushing and in worst cases, people might even get injured.
So yes, I am the one giving way to her lah… moreover she was pushing a pram at that time.
I am being the courteous one to give way to her, if I am not, I can just squeeze my way out also what... pfft!

The second incident was when BF and I was dining at Japanese Gourmet Town in Vivocity.
BF took the bottle of chili flakes as he wanted for his bowl of ramen.
Then when he's done using it, he put it on our table.
The auntie behind our table just took it without asking us.
I mean, she can open her mouth and ask if she can take it no?
It's so rude to just take even though the bottle of chili flakes don’t belong to us but it’s put on our table.
What if BF still needs it?
I mean, opening up her mouth to ASK also won’t kill her or make her have less hair what..
I seriously cannot understand what these people are thinking.
What if its tourist and not us, how will they think of us, Singaporean?
Inconsiderate? Rude? Not well-mannered? * insert all the bad adjectives you can think of*
If the auntie is sitting opposite me, I would have stare at her already but she’s sitting beside me.
I only looked at her husband, and I guess the husband should be embarrassed with her wife wrongdoing. Tsk!

I know there are a few people whose aren’t like that but just this handful of troublemakers.
I hope Singaporeans will be more kind to each other.
Why make people angry just to make yourselves happy?
Why not make everyone around you happy?
I feel that making everyone around you happy, you will feel much more happier.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012



Even though its the 3rd day (初三) of Chinese New Year today, still I hope that my well wishes don't come in late.
So how many hong bao have you all gathered?
Mine is almost the same as last year, not much different.

For the past 2 days, I've been eating lots of goodies, feeling very full and I don't feel like eating anymore.
I guess weight is gaining and its time to hit on the running tracks.

Start of work today after a long holiday.
Dragging my feet to work as usual. Sian MAX!
Well, I should look of a bright side that its only 3 working days for this week!
So sad to know that the next public holiday will be on April! What a torture to Singaporeans right?

Anyway, I am sorting out photos and also gonna get photos from BF before I can write up my CNY posts.
So do wait patiently for it alright? Hehehe..

Signing off now.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reunion Dinner

This year reunion dinner is like every other year.
We had steamboat with full of choices.
Total of 8 people in the house.
Dad, Mum, Grandpa, Grandma, Sis, Bro, Bro's GF and I.
Its a pity that BF and I didnt went to each other house for steamboat this year because both of our timing clashes.
This year we started quite late. Haha..
Nonetheless, its a good time to eat with the family. :D

Its raining the whole evening and up till now its still raining.
Spoilt our plan of putting up the sky lantern.
Hopefully there's no rain tomorrow and we can put it up after visiting. ^~^

In a about half an hour time its Chinese New Year.
I shall wish you an early HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!
Get more red packet, win more money if you are gambling. Woohoo!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese New Year's Eve's Eve

Hi, see my pretty curls?
Luckily its still maintaining in good shape.
Tell you a secret...
Actually I didnt really take care of my curls. HAHA!
I am a lazy person you see..
I don't put the sculpting lotion everyday.
And my hair now is like dried grass at the end, which i really hate. :(
Gonna trim it next month and hopefully I can do a highlight in ash green!

So, its Chinese New Year's Eve's Eve today.
BF and I went to the town area.
He kept saying that the town area looks quite empty for a weekend, maybe many people went to Chinatown to buy New Year stuff. HAHA.

Anyway, we watched The Viral Factor (逆战).
Surprisingly the show is awesome.
This show is shown in 4 different languages - English, Mandarin, Malay and Cantonese.
Most of the scenes are shown in Malaysia.
My colleague in Malaysia told me that she saw the filming because its so near my Malaysia office.
I wonder how they gathered the people to act in the movie, it seems so exciting!
Nicholas Tse really put a lot of effort in every movie he acts.
His scenes look really dangerous as he kept falling off from high area.
I thought the director or producer ill treated him like that.
Overall the show is worth the watch.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lovesick / 戀愛恐慌症

After teaming in the drama, In Time With You, Ariel Lin (林依晨) and Chen Bo Lin (陈柏霖) team up again for the movie, Lovesick (戀愛恐慌症).
Sadly, this movie was not shown in Singapore.
Luckily for Letv in iPhone, I downloaded the show and watch it.

The show is saying about a girl (acted by Ariel Lin) that due to a failed relationship, she was afraid to fall in love again.
She thinks that all guys are the same as her ex bf who betrays.
After meeting and getting to know the guy (acted by Chen Bo Lin), she fell in love with him.

This show is a combination of romance and comedy.
I feel that Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin are a great pair!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Feel of Chinese New Year?

Few days ago, I wrote in my twitter and FB status that I don’t get the Chinese New Year (CNY) feel for this year.
One of my friends exaggeratedly asks me to go China to get the feel of CNY. -.-"
Other few friends ask me to go Chinatown to get the feel. Haha..
The one who asks me to go China to get the feel; if he sponsors me to go I’ll sure go.

Actually what I meant was CNY used to be an exciting holiday to me but now its not as exciting as before already.
Maybe due to aging…
When I was young, I look forward to CNY every year.
Even though my parents kept my Ang Pows money away and I wasn’t able to spend it, I still look forward to pre-CNY shopping, and then wear new clothes, visiting the relatives and eating Bak Gua.
However, now I don’t really look forward to it anymore.
In fact, I feel embarrass to take Ang Pows from my relatives but still I would like to take cos it’s MONEY.
It’s better to TAKE than GIVE right? (erm.. LOL! Talk about contradicting..)

Anyway, like the past years, I’ll still do visiting at BF’s relatives’ house in the morning and noon then at my relative house at night.
It’s like an every year routine.

This year we are having 4 days straight of long holiday, from Saturday to Tuesday!
This is the only thing that I look forward to. LOLOL!
I didn’t take any extra leaves because I find it a waste.
If I take leaves, I will be rotting at home doing nothing so I might as well coming back to work for 3 days.
I mean come on; it’s just a short week!

I guess I will be expecting more of this no CNY feel from this year onwards. HAHA~

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Taiwan 2011 -– - – - – ✈

I've been dreading to post this Taiwan Trip. Haha..
I am really lazy.
Actually I drafted this post but still not fully done yet.
Anyway since I have time now, so I decided to continue with this post.
I'll try to remember as much as possible.
I guess I'm losing my memory. Old already~ :O

Travel period was from 10 Nov 11 to 15 Nov 11.
Trip to Taiwan in year 2011 is almost the same as year 2010, especially the feel of the weather.
It is because we coincidentally went on November.
(By right we should be going to Bangkok but due to the flood, we cancelled the trip).

We flew there by Tigerairway this time which is different from the previous whereby we took SQ and CX.
Stayed at Shin Shih Hotel which is the same as last year.
Choose the same hotel because we find the place is convenient and familiar, and also its cheap.
Total spending for air tix and hotel per pax is about SGD$600.
Which is cheap because we were on budget this time.

Touched down the airport and I went to buy the 3G Prepaid Data card.
I got the Taiwan Mobile at NT500 for 3days usage.
Then we took bus down to Taipei.

When we reached Taipei, its already the night time - 1 day wasted.
Checked into our hotel at about 10pm.
We were to hungry to go out to the night markets out there, so we just drop by the MOS Burger restaurant to grab our lunch & dinner.

The meal is very different from Singapore.
They have something like a buddy meal, so we got that.

Then we went to the convenient stores around the area to buy some neccessities like cup noodles, packed drinks and my collagen drinks.

I got this brand of collagen.
They have a few but do not have the DHC that I got in SG.
Actually I dont fancy the taste of this collagen drink but since I bought it, so i force myself to drink it all up.

Didnt go to Ximending or other places. Ended the first day like that.

On the 2nd day (11 Nov 2011)...

My outfit of the day.

Us in the train from ShuangLian Station to Danshui station.

It was raining almost the whole day and it was really cold that day.
We went to Danshui.
Shopping on a rainy day is a total spoil mood.
Still we cannot miss out the good food there.
Miss the Ah Gei and the fish ball soup! *slurp*

Look what I found there?

Naraya shop at Danshui.
Didnt went in the shop though.
I bet the bags are more pricey than in Bangkok.

I like Danshui because there are a lot of shops that sell accessories and at cheap price.

Haha i was being playful, trying all the nice glasses. ^~^

Stopped by a leather shop.
BF bought a leather bangle for himself.
There I was camwhoring myself with the big mirror.

This photo is Y !

After shopping at Danshui, we went back to our hotel to put our handful of stuff before heading out to Shinlin market for dinner and more shopping.

The beanie that I bought at Danshui. :D

After we finished our food, we were walking out of the food market, we saw Sheauwei!

By right we should be meeting but their schedule was delayed so we didnt go shopping together.
Nonetheless, we were still very very happy to bump into each other in Taiwan!

On the 3rd day (12 Nov 2011)..

If I didnt remembered wrongly, we went to Taipei 101 shopping centre.
No, this time we didnt went up to the highest level as we went before already.
Maybe I'll bring my mum and sis this coming trip for the night view, since I haven seen the night scenery up at Taipei 101.

Purpose of going Taipei 101 was to help Veron to check the Longchamp bag.
Ended up there's nothing nice for the latest edition.
Thus BF and I went to find Ding Tai Fung (鼎泰風) for lunch.
The queue was really long like SG! -_-

The cute icon of Ding Tai Fung at Taiwan

Xiao Long Bao (小籠包)

Four Season Green Beans (四季豆)

Steamed egg soup (蛋花盪)

Seafood Fried Rice (蝦仁炒飯)

For these 4 dishes, we spent NT715, estimated to be $32.50.
It should be cheaper than SG and some of the dishes are not found in SG too.

After that, we headed to Wu Fen Pu (五分鋪) for shopping.
Wu Fen Pu are the largest wholesales in Taipei.
Its like a MUST GO if you want to shop in Taipei.
There are too many varieties there.
Its quite a bad thing to me though because I wouldnt know what to buy or might regret buying if I saw cheaper stuff at the other store.
Due to winter season, I cant really find much spring clothes there.
Anyhow, I still bought some really good deal and pretty clothes too!
Can't wait for this coming April, I guess I will find more pretty clothes due to the spring season! :D

For dinner, we tried going to Shida Night Market (師大夜市).
Its our first time there, luckily we didnt get lost.
So we alighted at Taipower Building MRT Station (Green Line), and go out at Exit 3 then you just follow the crowd and you will reach there.

Sheauwei introduced to us this Lu wei(滷味) store in Shida Night Market.
I really like the Lu Rou Fan(滷肉飯)!

We were really full after we had this!
So we continue to walk around in Shida Night Market.
Its quite a small night market.
The crowd are really scary.

Some of the stores we don't even bother to go in due to the crowd. :(
Left the place after exploring.

As we still have time, we tried to go to Ning Xia Night Market (寧夏夜市) as it just a long walk from Shuanglian Station.

Lucky for GPS in iPhone this time round, we manage to find a lot of location and didnt get lost!
It's really a good tool when traveling overseas.
But of cos, you must know the address of those places.
I did lots of research for the trip that I am going ok! :D

From Shuanglian to Ningxia Night Market, it was really a long walk.
About 15 to 20mins I guess.

This night market is really small and mostly food store.
We didnt explore further down because it looked quiet at the back area.
Maybe because when we went there it was kinda late.

I wonder what game is this?

Nothing much.
We only bought finger food for supper then went back to the hotel.

On the 4th day (13 Nov 2011)..

Decided to go Maokong Gondola (貓空纜車).
Alight at Taipei Zoo station (Brown Line), and just a walking distance away to the place.
Along the way, there are so many cute figurine around so we took lots of photos!

We got the crystal cable car.

While waiting to board the cable car, we went to the Dancing Fountain.
It was very pretty.

Haha.. FAIL.

After that we went to queue to take the cable car.

We shared another container with another couple.
Feel so awkward. HAHA!
There are total of 4 stops.
Took about 15mins plus to reach the top.

Actually nothing much at the top, we had our lunch there.
The food is not very fanciful.
Kinda regret going up but anyhow we'll treat it as an experience yah.

After we left Maokong Gondola, we decided to go find the Hello Kitty Cafe.
Alight at ZhongXiao Fuxing station at the blue line (忠孝复兴) then exit 3.

To Hello Kitty Cafe Map

When we reached the place, it was fully reserved.
Even for walk in, they do not entertain.
Its so sad!
The place was really princessy. Awww~

Gosh! Look at the cute kitty cakes!
How I wish I could try them! Yum~

Since we couldnt go to the Hello Kitty Cafe, we decided to cab down to CHIA TE BAKERY CO -
Search online that its the best bakery shop for Laopo Bing and Suncake!
Here's the address - 105台北市南京東路5段88號

The place was really packed with people ordering.
Its indeed famous.
However, I guess due to their popularity and busy business, the sales person are not really friendly to us. :(
But we still bought a few boxes of suncakes, Laopo Bing and Pineapple tarts back to Singapore for our family and friends.

Carrying the heavy stuff, we walked from the shop to Nanjing East Rd station.
It was really a tedious job to do. :(
We even walked past by Taipei Arena whereby the concerts are held at!
Hope in future I'll be able to watch a concert there.
Should be a very happening there!

Went back to our hotel to put those heavy stuff and we headed out to Nanjichang Night Market (南机场夜市).
To go there, you can take a bus at Ximending.
Due to our first time, we waited for the bus for half an hour plus and it didnt came so we cabbed down the place.

Didnt regret coming this place because the food are nice!
I watch Guess show and they introduce this night market food.

Xiu Chang Shui Jiao Guan (秀昌水餃館)

I can tell you this is the best shui jiao I've ever ate.
I think I can finish all up without getting sick of it.
Yes, its that nice!

My share of Steamed egg soup.

BF's share of beef noodle.
I only ate the noodle and it taste good!

We also tried the Hao Chi Ji Pai (好吃炸鸡).
In my opinion, it is better than the Hao Da Da Ji Pai (好大大鸡排) in Shilin.
I love the crispiness of the skin!

We didnt explore this night market and we took a bus back to Ximending.

I saw Ding Tea so we decided to try it.

Not bad. But I still prefer KOI. :D

Walked around Ximending and also made reservation for next day steamboat at Ma La (马辣).
We were attracted by a Street Rapper's rapping skill.
He called himself Husky (哈士奇).
His rapping skill is really amazing.
I've recorded it down.

After the show, we left and back to our hotel to rest.

On the 5th day (14 Nov 2011)..
Last day for shopping...

We went for our full lunch at Ximending; ate at Ma La (马辣).
Sheauwei told us that we need to do reservation beforehand, otherwise its hard to get a place there.
The queues are always full.
I guess its one of the popular steamboat.

These are collagen.

We had a fulfilling and satisfying lunch.
Next, we continue to chiong our shopping at Ximending and Shilin as its our last day.

This Indian Teh Tarik is nice.
The guy doing it is good.
I record his stunt too, will post it out for you to see..

Back to the hotel to pack our stuff.

Here's my loots.
Bought 3 pairs of shoes this time!
Loving the stuff that I bought everytime I go Taiwan! :D

Conclusion for this trip, it was all good except that the 2nd day at Danshui due to the rain.
Other than that, it was a fine day and lucky for us we can do our shopping normally.
Moreover, I learn that apply the data plan is a good tool.
For communication with family and friends in SG and also for the GPS usage! Haha..
It just only 3 months but it feels like I haven been to Taiwan 1 or 2 years already.
Sometimes I really miss the food there.
Well for the next trip in April which is confirmed, I am going to explore a new state that is Taichung then to Taipei with my mum and sis!
Looking forward to it already!