Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

February 29 is a date that usually occurs every four years!
So it must be a special day for those whose birthday fall on today.
Happy Birthday!!

By the way, both BF and I won a free pair of movie tix to watch The Devil Inside at Shaw Lido.
I gave up mine because BF already won so I let other people a chance to catch it too.

When the show starts, I found out that this is a documentary film.
I am like sian 1/2 because I'm not really interested in this kind of movie.
Hate show that does a lot of talking and hate shaky camera.
Boyfriend almost fell asleep somemore! =O

Anyway this show is scary after the first exorcism was done.
I almost wanted to leave the theatre!!!
I got the tense up feeling while watching.
As the movie goes towards the end, it rather scary.
You will wonder who is possessed, what will he/she do next and so on..
However, there was an arupt ending which is like the case is not close yet.
A bit no meaning. =/

Overall, I feel that its not very worthy to watch.
Its just a short film, about 1hr 15mins only.
However, the storyline is quite interesting.

Thank you for the free tickets! :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ashy Highlighted Hair

Finally change to a new hair color.
4 months ago, I dyed my hair black.
Then after I permed my hair, the black faded to dark brown.
Eventually, my black hair grows like 3 - 4 inch.
So today, I dye a new hair color!

I always dye my whole head so this time, I had my hair highlight in ashy tone.
Really like it.
The hairstylist helped me to bleach then dye the whole hair ash.
Came out the color that I wanted.
However, I am afraid that the ash will fade away to 'I duno what color'. D;
My sis said that there's a lot of color. Haha.. I dont know..

Actually I wanted to dye the whole hair ash but thinking about the pain when your whole head is being bleached.
I dont think I can take it.
I did the semi bleached when I dye my hair beige blonde.
Itch till I wanna die already.
If I bleach for ash hair, I don't think I can tahan. ;S
Hmm, maybe I can't say so early.
Who knows one day I snip my long hair away and dye whole head ash. LOL!

Now, I still don't really have a clearer pic of my current hair.
Will take it soon and post it for you all to see yah.
Alrite.. Till then. ;)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wooo~ Weekend!

My weekend was good not only cos of the SMRT Makan Session! Haha..
Anyway, after the makan session that day, BF and I went to Plaza Singapore to watch The Wedding Diary 《结婚那件事》.

This show is sponsor by Sovil Titus watch so I guess they make a show out of it.
Not only that, they also tell how us how the 2 couples gone thru before and after the wedding.
Overall, its a nice and funny show.

After the show, BF say we go Marina Barrage to chill before heading for supper.
End up we try to fly kite.
We didnt zhng any LED onto our kite so its dark when we try to fly it.
Its was our third attempt trying to fly the kite.
Still quite fail attempt. D;
I am not sure it is because there's no strong wind or our kite is heavy or the string sux or the problem lies with us who are noob in flying kite.
Anyway, we bought a reel for our kite.
Currently our type of reel is Picture1.jpg and we bought Picture2.jpg.



So hopefully the next time we try to fly the kite, it will fly up high in the sky. ^~^

After kite flying, we went to Swee Choon for supper.
And I gain back my 500g after my weekend sinful supper! D;

On Sunday, its our usual sleep until 自然醒 day.
At night, we went to Changi Village for Nasi Lemak.
The queue is forever long.
I duno is it the slow service or what seriously.
The Nasi Lemak standard dropping but the fried chicken still nice lah..

Sunday is a day where I dread going to work next day.
Wish Monday never comes.
Arupt ending here.
Bye lah.. =p

Saturday, February 25, 2012

SMRT Makan Session with BongQiuQiu!

I guess I was lucky to be chosen by Nuffnang to join the SMRT Makan Session with BongQiuQiu! THANK YOU!!!
I also ask Nuffnang if they could invite Kenny and BF to accompany me because if I am alone I will feel awkward. ;p

By the way this is the last stop for the SMRT Makan Session and we went to Holland Village - 211 Roof Terrace Cafe recommended by QiuQiu!
Its my second stepping into Holland Village anyway and I will continue to go there to find good food~!

I was seated with Kenny, BF and a new known friend, Mike.
Mingle with them while the nuffies and QiuQiu help to order our food.

She is Lydia, one of the pretty nuffies that I make friend with.
She is nice, funny girl. :D

By the way, this was the menu of the day.
4 of us each ordered different main. I am not sure if its coincidentally or purposely. HAHA!

Cream of Mushroom

BF's Chicken with Risotto

Kenny's Lamb Cutlet with Chunky Chips in Mint Sauce

Mine Salmon Teriyaki with Brown Rice Pilaf

Mike's Spaghetti Vongloe with Tomato Bruschetta


After food, its quiz time from SMRT!

Can see me so stress?
HAHAHA I was thinking which is the answer for one of the question.

I was the last few to submit the quiz but.....
I was really lucky to get 3rd place. *soooo proud of myself* =P

Me won the book, The End of Char Kway Teow. BUT I exchange with Mike cos....

He won Churpie! He didnt want Churpie and he wanted the book that I won so we exchange!

Yay! Lucky me~ Woohoo..

BF not bad also. He won S.H.E Shero album which later give it to Kenny as he didnt collect S.H.E album. ^~^

Later after everything, everyone went around to take photos.

Me with the pretty Nuffies~

With Lydia again.

With the guys.

That's all for the daytime.
Overall it was a fun experience.
The place was pretty but advisable not to go during the day time if u don't like the sun.
I was sweating like hell. *too shy to take off my cardigan* =X
Food is so-so lah..
Thankful for BF and Kenny accompany if not I guess I won't be enjoying that much for the day. =OOO

Oh yah. This is a gift from SMRT to us!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ah boy's 24th

Its a belated celebration again!
Due to our busy schedule, celebration has to be delayed again!
Dinner at Sompa Korean Restaurant at Tanjong Pagar.
Just a random Korean Restaurant and we just walked in.
Tanjong Pagar has a lot of Korean Restaurant and I think its really cool!
In future, if I want to eat Korean food, I'll just go Tanjong Pagar and randomly walked into any restuarant to try the food! ^~^

A table of food!!!!! Got make you drool not? LOL!
Anyway, this is set meal for 2 only and we just add one more bowl of rice.
ANDDDD 3 of our cannot finish the food! :O

When girls meet girls, we bitch, we gossip. Wahaha..
We also update on each other life lah..
Love my girls! Always so much fun hanging out together.

A card for the bday girl~
5th year celebrating together.
Every year, she will be in the same age as us for few months then our turn to add 1 more year. LOL.

Last pic of us before parting.
Very grainy due to the bad lighting. Duh!


Thursday, February 23, 2012


I wasn't very keen in watching this drama at first even though I have the downloaded videos in my computer. I wanted to watch Athena: Goddess of War as BoA acts as a cameo in the show. After watching the first episode of Athena: Goddess of War, I cannot understand the storyline therefore BF ask me to watch IRIS in order to get a better idea on how the story flow since both dramas have the same plot. FYI, he already finish watching the 2 dramas already!

Now I don't regret watching IRIS as it is a nice now. Some parts still quite confusing to me. The version I watched was with Chinese subtitles. I hate reading Chinese subtitles because it’s very hard to catch what they said and I am lazy to playback to re-read and understand it. HAHA. I found a website with English subtitles but some of the video cannot be played. :( The web is Moreover, most of the time, I watched the show when I am on my way to work or go home in train.

In this show, I feel that Lee Byung-hun acted very well. Korean show always can touch people's heart. I guess actors and actresses bring out their emotion very well. Be it the actor or actress, they can cry like tap water. Also, the music and songs play a part too. T.O.P from Big Bang also played a role in IRIS. I was quite surprised actually. He acted as a cold blooded killer, really suit his image.

I just want to intro this music which I really like. Its call Sad Love. :)

FUG! What Am I Worrying About?

- Career
I want to progress to the next level but it’s seems like no one is giving me a chance. Is it I am having high expectation or what? People say that the grass is greener on the other side but I’m afraid...

I really want to stay in this comfortable zone but... there's too many things I kinda dislike about thus I feel I wanna move on.

常常都會覺得我在這是好的、是對的嗎? 其實不是我不喜歡這份工作,而是我不是很喜歡這裡的工作環境。除了這裡的人令我很難接近,還有有時我討厭這裡太安靜了。這裡的人令我覺得很難接近可能是因爲全部都是男生而只有我是女生還有語言問題。雖然老闆他們沒有“弄“我,我有時還是是真的不是很喜歡他們。他們總是給我笑裏藏刀的感覺,不知道那天會銅我一刀。




- Relationship
Sadly after 4years, I still feel that there's a barrier in between us. I don't know how to name it. I don't know is it me or what? I guess it's my one sides thinking. Is it he didn't let me into his world or I didn't let him into my world? I'm confused.

Sometimes I really hate to talk about "us". But seriously? If a couple don't talk about "us", there's something wrong right? I know communication is the key and everyone tells me already but sometimes I do feel that it’s pointless because I think everything is expected. Tsk.

FYI, we didn't quarrel. I already said it’s my one sided thoughts. Maybe I'm just an insecurity bitch. On the other hand, he's insensitive. Sigh~

Just feel like voicing out somewhere. Nothing much. Not a big deal anyway...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sponsored Post: Happy 5th Birthday, Nuffnang!


OH WOW! That's really fast that 4 years have passed..
I remember when Nuffnang first started out, they are only associate with the Singapore community but now they are also associate with Malaysia, Thailand, Philipines, China, Hong Kong and Austraila communities!

Below are what I hope Nuffnang can progress in the next 5 year:

1. Reach out to more part of the country.
Connect all bloggers around the world to be in the part of the Nuffnang family.

2. Bringing more campaigns and sponsorships!
Need to say more? More moolahs = Nuffnang earn = bloggers earn

3. Not only for bloggers but also for people who owns website.
I guess Nuffnang can take a step out of the blog community and welcome outside of the blogsphere to join in. :)

4. Take a step forward like associating with Yahoo! or Google to create something big. (?)
Haha.. actually I don't really know how to do it. Just a suggestation. For example Gmarket associating with Yahoo.

Lastly, let's wish Nuffnang a Happy Happy Birthday!
Although I might not get a chance to celebrate with other bloggers at Swissotel for Nuffnang Birthday Bash, I hope you all have fun!!! =D

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gloomy Days

It’s a gloomy work week for me but this coming weekend should be fun.
Lucky for friends meet up and all~ ^~^
Looking at my calendar, it's filled with appointments.
Nowadays I've been marking my calendar on dates that I have events.
(Ahh… talk about getting old and memory failing..)

Anyway, my eyes are recovering quite well.
Later I am going for my second post LASIK review.
I really need to treat my dark circles!
If I don’t makeup and go out with bare face without specs, I really looked like a walking zombie. >_<
Therefore, I bought specs without degree.
I will still take off my specs while working.
Haha.. I think I don really need to bother the people in the office think how I looked.
Anyway, they still say I look ok without specs la.. I guess they fu yan me only. LOL.
Mum kept asking why I wear spec when I already did LASIK.
Also, say I waste money like that.. HAHA.
Wearing specs can really cover that dark circles and in that way I don’t look like a walking zombie.

Alright not much happening for the past few days.
I shall sign off now. BYE!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Share The Love This Valentine's Day

I joined this contest a few days ago and it was a very last minute thing.
Actually the picture I took of myself was very raw!
No makeup, nothing.
I just took it with the bottle of Liese Iron Make Collection.

My photo submission.

By the way, the result is out already!
Guess what?
I won the romantic dinner Flutes At The Fort worth $250!
I wanna thanks Liese Singapore for letting me win!
Count myself really lucky! :D

Thursday, February 16, 2012

LASIK with Dr. Julian Theng

I'm blogging this post without my glasses nor contact lens on! ^~^

Finally I done my LASIK at Eagle Eye Centre @ Mount Alverina this morning.
Thanks BF for the accompany. :)

My doctor is Dr. Julian Theng.
The type of LASIK that I did was Wavefront Optimised Bladeless LASIK.

Actually I wasn't really scare of the operation until I lie down on the bed.
I was only nervous of the outcome and the result before that.
The surgery was a success and Dr. Julian Theng is really professional and patience.
He guide me throughout the procedure.
The surgery is painless though slightly discomfort but its no big deal to me.
Everything was done in about 15mins for 2 eyes.

Detail on the procedure, you can read up
I read up from there so i roughly got the idea of how the procedure is like.

Right now, I have to drip the prescribed eye drops onto my eyes diligently.
Lesser computer and TV as my eyes will get dry staring at the computer.
No contact lens for the next 6months i guess. :(
Tomorrow I will need to go back to check my post LASIK review.

I have a red spot on my right eye and it is said to be harmless and will go away in 1-3 weeks.
Let me show u. :p

Can you spot it? Its quite obvious right?

Here you see it.

And here you dont. :p

Alright thats all for this post for my LASIK experience. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥ Day~

Its Valentine's Day today!
How's your celebration with your love one?
Mine was just a simple dinner with BF at Senki Japanese Restaurant.

He gave me my Valentine's Day present last Saturday night.
A bouquet of 11 bunnies and a body shop gift box.

About the Senki Japanese Restaurant.
Its a ordering buffet style.
They had a menu and we can order as many food as we want.
The food comes in very small portion, not very nice.
The only that is nice is the salmon and tuna sashimi.
They gave a generous amount of servings.
Its fresh and good.

The chef doing the sashimi is very enthu.

I feel that the service is quite slow.
We order something and it takes very long and didnt come until we asked for like 3times then it came.
We bought deal coupons from, GST was not paid at first.
Sadly the service is bad but we still being charge for GST. Tsk!

Well, we still got a special dessert since its Valentine's Day.

BF also got cupcakes from Dessert.Cup. ^~^

If you are curious of what I got for him...
I actually got him a Mont Blanc Legend perfume.
Hope he likes it. :)

Lastly, I hope every couples will stay loving always.
As for the singles one dont be sad, you will find your true love one day.