Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ending the March 2012...

I will lump everything for the past 2 days in this post.
Sorry, I've been too busy watching drama and lazy to seperate them into different posts.

I met up with EngSang on Friday for dinner at Itacho Sushi.
I wanted to try this long ago.
In the end, the food was quite disappointing to me.
We didnt order any sushi because it's really expensive.
Like 1 piece of sushi can cost you $2!
Well, I might as well eat it at Sakae Sushi.
The menu doesnt really have much to choose from as well. =(

Overall, the salmon sashimi is the only dish I like there. HAHA~
Because the salmon sashimi is so fresh!

After our dinner, we went Irish Pub to chillax.
We both ordered a cocktail.
The price for the cocktail are nett price, no GST! Not bad..
The ambience there is also not too bad as well.

Reached home at around 11.30pm and boyfriend came over my house to fetch me to his house at around midnight. :D
Stayed over and we overslept till we missed our breakfast timing, as usual..

In the evening, we caught the movie The Hunger Games.
I've seen the triller whenever I watch movie but the thought of watching this movie never came across my mind.
Until when this show is up, a lot of people commending this its nice, so we went to watch it.
Indeed, this movie is good!
I really like how the story flow.

After which we had dinner at Crystal Jade at Bugis.
We ordered quite a lot and didnt really finish all.
Haha.. all thanks to Mr Boyfriend who said that he was hungry that he can eat one cow.
In the end, he couldn't finish everything. LOL.
Part of it maybe the food there wasn't very tasty.
I guess the outlet at Takashimaya cooks better food. ^^

So, March is over soon.
Let's welcome April~ YAY!

Food Tasting @ Domino's Pizza Kovan

I was invited with other 14 bloggers to join the makan session at Kovan Domino's Pizza!
I always past by the place, but didn't get to try it so I gonna thanks for the invitation! :D

Recently, Domino's Pizza launched a Domino's new Incredible Meals & Crazy Chicken Crunchies (original)!

Interested? Continue to read lah~!

First, the Marketing Manager, Linda, gave us a briefing on Domino's Pizza.
Domino's Pizza has opened for 52 years globally but in Singapore, its opened for 2 years! Wow, bet most of you didnt knew that!
After which, she then demostrate to us how to make order via online.
To note: Ordering online, you will get special promotion but if you order via hotline, there will not be any promotion for you.
So, order online is so much better lah~
You get to see the picture of the food also.. HAHA so why not right?

LOOK! A GPS tracker! Isnt it cool?
After filling up your orders, the page will lead you to this GPS tracker telling you where is your pizza is.
Now you have no worries on where your pizza is and why are they taking so long to reach you.

By the way, delivery is FREE! =OO
In addition, the delivery will reach you within 30 minutes!
But if they are late, even if its 1 minute late, you will get free pizza voucher.
The pricing stated are Nett pricing! No other charges like GST or ERP.
Product satisfaction guarantee!
Last order is 11pm!

The ordered pizza that Linda demostrate to us, took about 15mins to arrive! FAST!

Because it was fresh from oven, the whole place fill with nice smell. *drooling already*
All of us couldn't wait to start eating because we were all hungryyy.

6 different pizza for us to try!
Close up of the pizza below.

This is NEW! The Crazy Chicken Chunkie (Original Flavour).

The Crazy Chicken Chunkie, marinated in Tom Yum spices.

Golden Roasted Drummets

Garlic Cheese Onion Rings

Twisty Bread.

Chocolate Lava Cake.
The girls at my table are commending how nice it is.
Yes, I agree!!
Chocolate lovers will definitely love it!

Here's the current promotion - The Incredible Meal.

Me nom-ing the food. :D

Very surprised to see Shi Qi at the event. LOL
So I wasn't feeling lonely that day. ^~^

Audrey and Isabella. :)

Samantha on the most left.

Alright ending this post with the group photos! :D

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Veron's 25th!

Celebrated my dearest girlfriend birthday last Saturday.
Her actual birthday is today!
So that was an early celebration for herself and with her friends.

BF contributed by asking his mum to cook a pot of meehoon for the chalet!
I loveeeeeee his mum homecook meehoon.
I just cant stop bragging about it. Its just too good and my favourite! LOL

So BF and I reached at her chalet at ard 7pm, not full attendance yet. HAHA..
While waiting, we watching TV, photo taking and eat.

The last time I took photo with BF was like in January during the CNY period! *roll eyes*

After the people came, and we finished eating..
Its cake cutting session!
What's a birthday without a cake right?

DA DAH! Mango cake from Emicake.

*singing happy birthday song to her*

*blowing the candles off*

Ehh seriously, I dont know why is she laughing like tat.
But by looking at her this expression, make me smile too. LOL

Steph the cake cutting and distributor.. LOL

Inside the cake. Definitely for Mango cake lover.

Meow~ It has green eyes!
We saw 2 skinny cats there.
One of them was injured. :(
I wonder which animal abuser abused it!
Really pervertic!
The cat is very pathetic. :(

After that we tried light painting using sparkles captured by my camera!
Surprisingly it can do the same effect like BF's DSLR!
Yay! I loveeee my Olympus Pen Mini~ Y

A failed drawing of "happy bday". Haha..

2 Hearts & 2 Stars

S . J . V


Love this photo of us very much!

Big kisses to the bday girl!

After which, my camera went dead.
If not, there will be more photos! LOL.

Went to play bubbles and also usual Monopoly deal games with BF, Tommy, Alphon.
Out of 4 games, I won 3 games!
LOL! Lady Luck was with me that day yo~ ^~^

Left the chalet at ard 12.30am.
I had a great time.

LOVE U MUCH MUCH! *muacks*