Monday, April 30, 2012

Ending the month of April with a Smile~

Today is the last day of April.
My favorite month is going to over! D;
I really had fun this month.
The busiest month I ever had.
As you can see, I was too busy to even blog properly ever since I'm back from Taiwan.
I have so so many backdated blog posts!
Really gonna find time to blog it out and events are still coming in.

In a few days time, I am leaving SG again for Phuket!
Finally I am going to a new island! Can't wait!!
Blue sky, clear water, powdery sands and Phi Phi Island.
I always wanna go there!
Ever since last year Redang Trip, I am looking forward to more of this relaxing trip.
By the way, it was an impromptu decision as BF wana a birthday trip for himself.
So he grab me along with him and decide to go on this coming long weekend, due to Vesak Day! :D
Yup, just a short getaway and I dont need to apply any leave for this. Hoho~
Gonna save my leaves for more holiday yo~

While typing this blog, I'm uploading my Taiwan trip photos into my Facebook.
Sorry for those who cant see it still as you are not in my friend list.
But I promise I will try my very best to edit and blog it out.
Cant wait to share my experiences in Taichung.
There are a lot of beautiful photos we took!

Oh and last Saturday, I went to USS, like finally, with my girlfriends and girlfriend's brother.
It was really fun and I really enjoyed it very much.
I got to play the Battlestar Galactica ride finally!
Love the feeling of the adrenaline rush. Woo yeah~
Can't understand why some guys dont really like or are afraid to take the roller coaster!?
I find it really fun! Haha..

Ok, sorry no photos for this post.
If you wanna see photos just follow me at Instagram, @lovesjing.
Or you can just see the photos at the side bar. :)
Alright, signing off now.
Happy Labour Day! Happy Holiday!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday with Sheau Wei!

Met up with Sheauwei at Jcube for dinner.
If you dont know yet, its a new mall located near Jurong East MRT station.
There are not much shops there but there are a few new restaurants that you can try out.
There's also a ice skating rink.
I think its bigger than the kallang leisure park.
In future, I think I'll go there for ice skating since its nearer to my place.

Anyway, we ate at Kungfu Paradize.
Its food concept is a little like Xin Wang Cafe to me.
We ordered our main dishes and a choco lava cake.

This is the Lava cake! Not very nice as the cake is not hot enough.

Me got a pretty Swatch watch from her!
The watch is very loose for my skin wrist and it's not adjustable, but nonetheless I love it very much!

Pardon me for the lousy quality photos because I used my phone camera on that day.
I brought my digital camera but I didnt used it! Hahaha..
Took the photo and post the photos instantly on Instagram, if you do realize the my side bar. :D
Ok, last photo before this post end. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BellaBox April

Received a package when I was back from my Taiwan trip!
Got to know that it was a gift from Huisan! :)
I have heard of Bellabox from some bloggers but I didnt subscribe it. Haha..

So here's the April surprises that they gave. <3

All the items. :)
First time trying the Kinohimitsu collagen drink.
Actually it is not to my liking, I still prefer DHC Collagen Beauty 7000. :)
I started last year September and still continuing it now even though in between I have tried other brand.

Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask
It sound like a hydrating mask to me.
Still have not tried this product yet.
I hope its good. :)

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow
This look like BB cream to me.
I also have not tried this product because I am currently using Faceshop BB cream imported from Korea.

Not only items that are contain in the box.
Bellabox also gave away vouchers and some beauty tips!

I think it is quite good.
Thanks Huisan. :D

Monday, April 23, 2012

My 25th!

Today is my 25th birthday! I received a lot of wishes from my friends in Facebook and also in Twitter! I am thankful! I know who are the one who really remembers my birthday. But for those who saw the notifications and wish me, I am thankful as well~ ^~^

I am also grateful to my bosses and colleagues for giving me a surprise birthday cake this year. :D
Last year, they also got me a birthday cake!
4 guys singing a birthday song to the only birthday girl. Hahaha.. I feel so shy~

Also thanks to BF for bringing me to Kublai Khan Mongolian buffet at Park Mall.
There are a lot varieties of food and they taste quite decent lah..

Coming few days, I will be meeting up with friends for dinner and Saturday gonna go USS with EngSang, Jingwen and her bro!
I hope it will it fun.. CANT WAIT!! :D

Shall sign off now.
Bye~ :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Taiwan 2012 Summary

Hi Guys!!!
Hmm the blogger format changes, hope I'm able to get use of this.
Hate it when the interface changes. (referring to the facebook timeline as well)

ANYWAY, I am back from my one week Taiwan trip on Friday night.
Got missssss meeeeee?

Sidetrack a bit, in a few minutes more I am stepping into the 25 years old.
DAMN! Really hate every year's birthday now.

Back to the topic, this time Taiwan trip with family isn't as fun as the previous.
But I really like Taichung!
New place that I visited, something new.
Maybe in future, I shall not visit Taipei anymore.
I wanna go Kaoshiung, Kenting and visit Taichung again! ^~^
Took a lot of nice photos when I visit the Xinshe District in Taichung.
This time, I shall just blog of places I visited and maybe give advise of how to go and so on.
Not gonna blog like the past on what I didn't and so on..
Boring post that was. Haha..

During this trip, I also had a few unhappiness with my mum and sis.
They are really irritating.
Didnt show the least appreciation but blame me on some things. Tsk.
Its not really that enjoyable with them when we are in Taipei because they didnt really explore much.
Still feel that, its more enjoyable when I travel with BF. LOL
Anyway, I shan't say more bah.

In conclusion, if the company is right, everything will be right. :)
Do wait for my posts of Taiwan trip! :D

Friday, April 13, 2012


I realize a few of my friends trust me, a lot maybe..
I feel so because sometime they need my help to access into the account (Facebook, Email) to help them do something and they gave me their username and passwords.
I feel that these stuffs are very private and confidential.
Even myself, I can't bring to let my friends to know my passwords!
I guess you need a certain trust to the person in order to let them know something that is private and confidential to you right?

However, I don't really encourage people to do so as in giving your passwords away.
Even if you trust the person, one day they might even betray you.?
I am not saying that I will betray my friends.
Its just that if something happen to their accounts, they might think of me because I know their passwords.
As much as I would like to help out, I also don't want to land myself into this kind of trouble.
Well, I guess you all know what I meant.

Hmm.. Its just food for thoughts.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flutes At The Fort

Finally I went to Flutes At The Fort for dinner on last Saturday with boyfriend.
If you don't know, actually I won the $250 voucher from Liese Singapore through the Valentine's Day contest - Share The Love This Valentine's Day Contest
It was a good experience there and very first romantic dinner with the boyfriend.

$250 voucher that I collected from Liese Singapore. :)

In the car going to the restaurant.
The restaurant offers complimentry valet parking! Good for bf~

Upon reaching the place, we were served by the waitress who is really poilte and put on a smile everytime.
We reached at about 6.30pm, the place was rather empty but as it gets later, more and more people came into the restaurant.
This does show that it is quite a popular restaurant.
Thanks to Liese if not I won't even know this restaurant existed.

LOL the umbrella on the table really spoil the photo!!

Bread. The sauce there is olive oil with balsamic vinegar.
I read online that Italian like to dip bread with oil and vinegar.
I dislike the vinegar taste so I dip it with the oil only.
Taste good.
Actually I ate it before at Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

1st entree for BF: Country Garden ($26)
These are salads!

1st entree for myself: Seared Sea Scallops ($28)
The scallops are really big, fresh and yummy!
After eating this, my stomach is half full already.

Bf's main: Gratin Of Whole Lobster ($45)
I tried a piece and it is very fresh.
The lobster is big!

My main: Confit of N.Z. King Salmon ($38)
The salmon is soft and it almost melt in my mouth.
Fresh and and good.

Our desserts.
In this plate its 2 desserts that we choose and they combined it into one plate.
On the left its Dark Chocolate Fondant ($16)
And the right side is Milk Chocolate Bar ($16)
I really love the Dark Chocolate Fondant!
I am not a fan of hot chocolate cake but this is really really good.
As recommended by the waitress, it is also the best seller.
I will definitely come back for this! :D

I really enjoyed the dinner.
I love the food, the ambience, the good services there.
Good things make one happy!
Ending this happy post with my happy face. HAHA~

Flute At The Fort
23B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807
Tel: 6338 8770 / Fax: 6338 8780

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

華麗的挑戰 / Skip-Beat!

Another Taiwan drama that I've finish watching!
This show is from a Japanese manga which the make into a drama.
Total of 15 episodes but the ending is 'Huh like that only ah?'.
I was hoping for something more like the 2 casts get in love or whatsoever.
But noooooo... nothing much at all. Disappointed.

The main casts are Chen Yi Han, Choi Siwon(SJ) and Lee DongHae(SJ).
Some parts of the shows are entertaining.
Chen Yi Han is quite funny is the show, its her first time I saw her acted like that too.
I was attracted to Siwon's charming smile~
DongHae had no much scenes as Siwon. :(

Siwon and DongHae voice is being dubbed.
BF commented that because they are being dubbed so he won't want to watch the show because they sounds weird. Duh!
I shoot him that if he watched some korean drama and their voices are being dubbed in chinese which is no different what! *roll eyes* HAHAHAHA~
Anyway, its up to him if he wanna watch or not lah. LOL!

Overall the show is not bad but I really disappointed with the ending.

Super Junior M - S.O.L.O

Donghae ft Henry - 这是爱

A-Lin - 等你

贝贝 - 爱你没有太多理由

Monday, April 09, 2012

Mirror Mirror & Street Dance 2

This month, there are lots of nice movies coming up!
Within few days, I have caught 2 movies - Mirror Mirror and Street Dance 2.
Both different kind of movies.

Mirror Mirror is kind of a fairytale movie.
I guess most will be familiar with this as it tells a story of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.
Just that they added on to some new things into the movie like Snow White wasn't being poison by the red apple but the prince was being cursed by a spell and Snow White gave him a kiss to cast away the spell etc etc..
Some parts of the show was entertaining.
I just that really understand why they added the bollywood dance at the end of the show. Haha..

From the name of this show, you can tell its a dance movie with little bit of romance element in it.
Its a mixture of Tango Dance and Street Dance for the final battle.
To me, the movie is still okay.
The show is not draggy but I don't really see the power in the dance.
Thus, I will be looking forward to Step Up 4.
Also, looking forward to COBU 3D whereby BoA is the main actress, her first movie. :D

More movies I wanna/ might catch: -
1. American Pie: Reunion
2. The Amazing Spiderman
3. Battleship
4. Marvel's The Avengers
5. Snow White and the Huntsman

Friday, April 06, 2012

New Bicycle!

BF took this photo with the caption "Mr Ray endorsing our new bike". LOL~
Finally after a week, carrefour delivered our bike to BF's house.
Yes, the bicycle will be at his house so we (Bf's, his dad and I) can all ride to punggol park.
Looking forward to a new adventure soon. Hoho~

Be The Face of Hakubi White 2012 #2

I received an email yesterday night that I was being selected as one of the Top 10 finalist for Be The Face of Habuki White 2012!
I was really happy because its like the first contest that I've joined and being selected as the Top few to compete with the other girls to be the final winner! =OOO



You will see the page below that look like this.

Click on VOTE NOW green button to vote for me! :D

Easy peasy right?
Voters will stand a chance to win $100 Habuki Voucher too.
Hope you can help to vote for me everyday, from today until 2 May 2012. :D
Thank you very much! Y

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Unriddle 2

Last year, after Unriddle was shown on TV, I caught every episode of it.
Due to the ending, we knew that there will be a sequel to the drama this year.
I was really looking forward to Unriddle 2 this year.
After the trailer was shown on TV, I jump for joy. HAHA.
So last week Friday was the last episode. (Total of 20 episodes)
Some parts of the story are quite unexpected.
For example, Zhang Yu Ze died, Le lin has 2 personalities and could suddenly talk, Gao Jie Yu is the mastermind.
Even though they separate the stories into parts, but all of the stories link up to one outcome.

It seems that there gonna be Unriddle 3.
Gonna look forward to it, maybe next year? Haha..

For those who are interested or missing out some parts, you can catch it at :D

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Share Your Love, Share PASEO

I was invited to Paseo event at NEX Fairprice through Kenny which was organized by Zareena from Fly Entertainment. :D
Not only I had fun there, I also learn something new!

Come let me take you to a journey of tissue making.

So now you know the tissue making process.

PASEO, a well-loved tissue brand in Singapore, believes that hygiene is critical for a family’s health. As such, PASEO strives to offer a range of natural and soft tissue products for the whole family’s use. PASEO tissues are made from 100% natural fiber and undergo 400°C hot air treatment to ensure a high level of hygiene and quality. Suitable for all skin types, PASEO tissue is hypoallergenic and no optical brightening agents are used to make the tissue brighter, which may cause skin irritation. The result is premium and safe soft tissues which you and your family can enjoy.

Here are some products from PASEO.
With many designs and products for you to choose from.
One of the toilet paper even have dolphin design on in. Cuteness! =O

Do keep a look out for the PASEO Cupids at location such as Toa Payoh, Ang Moh Kio, where they will be giving away FREE tissues for all to share.

After which, its photo taking time for the bloggers.

Me with Zareena

Me with Kenny

kenny with BF

Haha even though BF is not a blogger, I asked him over to NEX to accompany me. :D

Me posing with the box of PASEO tissue #likeaboss
(Photo credit to Kenny)

With all the other bloggers at the events~

Anyway PASEO will be having another round of games and activities from 6th April – 8th April, between 1pm – 6pm at NEX Shopping Mall, NTUC Fairprice for heartlanders to have a go at the Tissue-making Trail.
Do go over and patronize yah~ :D

Lastly, Thanks Zareena for the invitation. ^~^

LIKE PASEO SINGAPORE FB PAGE to know more -!/paseo.singapore