Thursday, May 31, 2012

BF's 26th && 2nd Year in KTPL

Today is boyfriend's 26th birthday.
He kept saying that he's 24th this year. #wth
Want to show that he's younger than me by a year??? -.-

Anyway, we just had a simple dinner together at Aston specialities at The Cathay.
The place is forever long queue.
Luckily, we avoided the queue because bf reached the place early and he got a seat there.
So when I reached after work, I just went in. Haha..

As you know, we went to Phuket earlier in May for his birthday trip.
So we didnt have much celebration.
Moreover, his birthday falls on a weekday and I had to work so there's nothing much we could do.

2 years ago on this day is also my 1st day of work at my current company.
2 years seems short but i feels like I've worked there for so long..
Within this 2 years, there's like so much happening and changes.
I think in future even if I left KTPL, I will forever remember this date as the day that I started work there...

Monday, May 28, 2012

"Retail Therapy can now be Charity Work!" --

Have you check them out already?

Remember I mentioned in Positively Teal - Raising Awareness for Ovarian Cancer‏ post that there's 10% discount on items purchased?
Here it is.
I am gonna tell you more in this post!

KissJane is a proud sponsor of Singapore Cancer Society Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign.
They have launched a special 'Think Positive' Teal Collection with over 20 exclusive design from their very supportive brands.
Plus, 10% of the proceeds made from this collection will go to Singapore Cancer Society.
So do your part and help the less fortunate today!

Here are only a few pieces that I've shown. Pretty isn't it?
View all Positively Teal collection HERE

Even if you doesn't fancy any clothings in this collection..
By signing up as a member at, they will donate $1 every member registered between 21st May 2012 - 21st June 2012!

Next, as a blogger ambassadors for Positively Teal event, I am sharing a good new for you!
My readers get 10% Discount off purchasing items from now till 21st June 2012!

Here's the discount code for you --- t3aL10F15


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lunchy with June & Fong!

June who is my malaysian colleague came to Singapore for a short holiday on Friday.
Thus, we decided to meet up for dinner with Fong Fong who was an ex-colleague in my company. :)
Its not the 1st time I see them in person, its the second time. Haha..
Even though we doesnt meet often, we still can get topics to talk about.
However, some of the things i am not sure because it was about the past they had gone through together.
Anyway, I had a good lunch with them. :D

In the photo, I am in the middle.
The one in blue is Fong Fong and pink is June.
June is really a tall lady.
People already said that I am tall but she is even taller than me!

Sent her off at 3pm.
Then I went back home and chiong 2 movies - My girlfriend can see ghost and Kaiji 2.
Haven had me-time for so long already.
BF was out with his friends so i stayed home watching shows. Haha..

So i guess my sunday is spend wisely at least.
Rather than lazying around doing nothing. :)
So how do you spend your Sunday?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fun and Food Day With My Girls

Today's outfit.

Engsang suggested that we go try out the food at Hatched!
I have been wanting to go there after all the blogger reviews about it!
So excited after my girlfriend decided to go there today.

We took a train down to Botanic Garden station but we don't know the route there so we took a cab down.
I guess if you walked from Botanic Garden, its quite far.
I suggested you take a bus down opposite the MRT station, its about 1 or 2 stops and you still have to walked a distance down.


Reached at ard 3pm.
I guess it was a very late brunch for us. Haha..
Wasting no time, we ordered our respective brunch meal.



Ice Mocha

Jingwen's Sir Benedict

I am not sure if this is Beef Pot Pie or El Chorizo?
Cannot remeber what Engsang ordered. Haha

Mine Papillote.

For my portion of food, its enough for me.
Actually, the food is not bad.
However, I feel that comparing with Arbite, I will prefer Arbite better.
Read my post on Arbite here.
I guess I prefer Arbite because the food is much more tastier.
At hatched, the food is quite tasteless because eggs are tasteless right?
I guess for egg lovers will love Hatched!

Evans Lodge 26 Evans Rd, Singapore 259367

After food, we went to Botanic Garden for a walk and we got lost in the place again.
However, this time we saw many things that we never seen before.
Didnt know that our botanic garden is quite big. Haha..
If you see the map, they are categorized into different segments.
This time we only walked to the Healing Garden and Evolution Garden.

This tree(?) is very unique.

The bark is scaly! I don't even dare to touch it.

During the evening time, we left the place and headed down to Orchard.
I was thinking of getting a coach lanyard but I couldn't find it.
Heard from one of the boutique saying that they are not selling it anymore. D;
Is it true? Anyone knows?

So after window shopping, we settled our dinner at Ayam Penyet Ria; Lucky Plaza.

I like the crispy skin of the chicken!
The chilli is really spicy and I cannot take it! :(

We continued to shop at Far East Plaza after our dinner then back home.

Though its a bit tired for us, walking the whole day.
Laughter is always there.
I like the bonding between us even though we only meet every once or twice every month. :)
Love my girls~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dark Shadows; Johnny Depp

On Wednesday, I met up with Sheauwei to watch Dark Shadows at Lot1.
Yes, its Johnny Depp new movie!!
I know she likes to watch his movie so I asked her out.
Actually I wanted to watch it as well lah.. :D

As you can see from the photos above, this time his image for the movie is a vampire.
A vampire who was cursed by a witch because she want his love so much but still couldn't get it in the end..
This movie has some funny scenes, especially the exaggerated "sex scenes".
Those who watched will understand me. LOL~

Johnny Depp is one of the talented actor.
He has so many image, you will be shocked!
I don't even know which is his real face anymore.

I guess his very first movie that I watched is the Edward Scissorhands.
It is still one of my favourite movie even though I cant really remember the storyline anymore.
All I remember is a man with a scissor hands. Haha..
At that time, I really don't know that he is Johnny Depp.

Another favourite movie of mine is Charlies and The Chocolate Factory.
He acted as Willy Wonka.
I will always remember the Willy Wonka song. Haha..

And the most famous Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean!

Seriously? How can one look so differently in every character??? =OOO

Photos credit to

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moolah from Nuffnang! *Ka-ching Ka-ching*

Finally got my cheque from Nuffnang!
This is my 2nd cashout from them.
Yes, it not a lot of money but its still money no? Haha..

Wanna get paid by blogging?
Simply join Nuffnang SG now!

Post Event..

After the Cleo Runway Search event, BF and I had our own program.
Movie and supper in the list!
But first of all, I shall post some #ootd and #camwhore pics of me! LOL~
I really love the outfit I wore that day.
The top and the A-symmetrical dress are bought from Taiwan!

Outfit in #black

With and without contact lens really look much diff for me.
I always feel that without contact lens, I looked more mature~ Mad hate!
Why I don't have naturally big iris?? D;

Outfit + Makeup + Hairdo

Purely camwhoring in BF's car

So after the runway, BF and I went for our dinner at Nihon Mura and have our dosage of Omega 3! Haha..
We were craving for salmon sashimi.
I guess all Nihon Mura has free flow of salmon sashimi if you go for the buffet menu.

After our very full dinner, we went for our movie.
Watched Ghost on Air《靈聼》.

Sorry to say that this show, to me, is kind of wasting money.
Even though some of the parts are quite scary, most of the others make no sense to me.
Hmm, I got nothing much to comment just that I quite like the ghostly music.
Veron send me the ringtone and I made it as my SMS tone. LOL!

After the movie, BF said that he had dessert craving.
So I suggested that we go try out at Wafflelicious!
I've been wanting to go there ever since @yankaykay intro this on her twitter!
So BF drove down there and we had our first taste of wafflelicious!

BF ordered the Bananarama.

And Chocolate Frenzy for me!
This is really for chocolate lover!
Even the waffle is in chocolate flavour!
One thing that I dislike is chocolate chips.
I love chocolate but I like them in creams and cakes, but not in chips and bars.
I am a weirdo and fussy like that!

Anyway, the outlet can be reached from my house by taking Bus 855!
I am so happy because its so convenient~ :D
I can bring my friends who stay around me to try the food.
The Thomson area there is filled with very nice food stores if you don't know!

215F Upper Thomson Road
Singapore, Singapore 574
More info at their facebook page.

Ok after food, went back to BF's house and that's all for that day~