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Taichung; Taiwan 2012 --- Feng Jia Night Market 逢甲夜市

I am finally going to blog about my April Taiwan Trip.
Trip dated from 14 April 2013 to 20 April 2013.
I know I've been really lazy.
Kept procrastinating on blogging about this trip.
Anyway, this trip gonna be splitting into few parts.
I am not going to blog everything in one long entry.
I think you will probably just 'X' off my page. HAHA!
Well, I will also try giving some tips and my point of view about visiting Taiwan.
I think I am quite pro already since I've been there 4 times.

So its my first time in Taichung.
I decided to explore other part of Taiwan instead of the usual Taipei and I was really excited to go there.
From Taoyuan airport, you can either take bus down there or you can take Ubus to the High Speed Railway (HSR) then take the HSR to Taichung.
It is actually more expensive this way which I took.
Ubus to HSR cost NT30 and Taoyuan station to Taichung cost NT520.
Total of NT550 (approx SGD$25).
It takes about 1hr to 1hr30mins to reach there.
Yes, i took the more expensive way but should be the fastest way.
I think by taking the bus straight to Taichung is cheaper but time taken should be longer.
I guess it depends on individual if you wan to save money or you want to save time.
Here's the link for Buses to Taichung -

When you reached Taichung railway station, you can take a free shutter bus to the Feng jia area.
This free shuttle bus only apply if you take the HSR if I am not wrong.?
You can check with the information counter.

So my family and I stayed at Le Parker hotel.
The hotel is quite deserted, we cannot locate the place until we asked someone for help.
It is actually behind the alley near the ABC mall.
Beacon Hotel is much more easier to locate as it is just at one of the street in Feng Jia.
However, we couldn't booked the hotel as it was full already.

Even though Le Parker is difficult to locate but my family and I still enjoy our stay there!
The receptionist are very helpful, even the cleaners are really friendly to us.
The interior designs are pretty too!

After putting our luggages and out we went to explore the Feng Jia Night Market and also grabbed some food for our hungry stomach.

As claim, Feng Jia Night Market (逢甲夜市) is one of the largest night market in Taiwan and most popular among the Taichung people.
There are many many good food and fashion stores there!
During the night time, the crowd will be more.
Actually this happens to all night market in Taiwan.
Taiwanese seems like a night owl. Haha..
I really like the night markets in Taiwan!
Full of yummy food and many things to see/ shop.!

This stall has a very long queue so my mum decided to try this.
In Taipei, I also saw this but I don like to eat intestine so BF and I didnt try it at all.

Me and Sis while waiting for mum to buy her food.

1 hand holding HP, 1 hand holding camera.
I am a busy woman. Hahaha..
Actually I kept taking the photo of the food to tempt BF who was in Singapore. :p

This is what I bought for myself.
I saw this store in 你猜 which Jacky Wu intro so I wanna try.
Its like Lok Lok in malaysia.
1 stick for NT10 (approx SGD$0.40). Mad cheap!
They have a lot of varieties for you to choose as you can see from the photo above.

It was nice and very full after eating it.
I think we bought 10 sticks.

熊手包 or we call it 熊掌汉堡 (Bear's paw burger)
Wanted to try this the most when I saw it on Jacky Wu 你猜.
BF was very envy of me. :D

1st, you choose the sauce.
2nd, you choose the meat patty.
3rd, you choose the burger.
For us we choose the mushroom sauce with chicken patty and milk burger.

Isnt the burger look cute?
It taste good too!
The chicken patty is so crispy and the burger has the milk taste/smell which I like!
Must try when you go Taichung!
Aww.. I am craving for this now!!

Inside of the burger.

My sis also look cute here. Haha..

Some cafe.
I see that this look cute so I took a photo of it. :)

I found KOI cafe and GongCha in Taichung.
I only manage to tried Gongcha.
And they have ice blended Mocha which SG doesnt have it!

I think their menu has more choices.
Our BBT in Singapore has no more ice blended already.
For a hot country like ours, they should have ice blended for us to drink in order to chill.

We randomly walked about the place and found PGmall!
So happy that we went in to check out.
In case you don't know, many people organize PGmall sprees online.
They sell very pretty bags.
Each of us bought a bag and I really love the one I got!
Very korean style, I like. :D

Pet shop.
I always will go and take a look at their pets in the pet shop.
The puppies and kittens usually are really small and cute one!

Here's one example of 2 cute puppies. ^~^

Lots of fashion stores like this.
Shop until you drop.
Really too many stores and always look out for those which states 2 for NT100, something like that.
A lot of cheap and good treasures you can find.

A whole stretch of food stores.

Scallops with lots of flavours.
Long queues for this.
They have numbering queue order.

For those who lazy to peel prawn shells.
These you can eat the whole prawns with the shells!
But i didnt like to eat it with the shells.
I insist in peeling the shells away. HAHA.

Feng Jia University is near the night market!
The students having good life.
After school can just go to the night market to eat, shop and play.

Alrite, I was just randomly inserting our photos in it..
Thats all for this post about Feng Jia Night Market.
I have 3 more posts for 3 different attractions in Taichung to share with you.
Took too many pretty photos there so I gonna split it into 3 posts. LOL!
Do look out for it soon. Till then.

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