Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Saturday Afternoon

I shall titled this post as 'Random Saturday Afternoon' because both BF and I decided to randomly go cycling, gaming and movie date on that Saturday.
I got sick of going to town for past 2 weekend due to GSS so that weekend, I told BF we shall not go to town, I don't want shopping anymore!
So he decided that we shall go Cycling, Gaming and then watch movie.

First of all, #OOTD.

Very causal wear and summer-y outfit.

Prior to meeting BF, i went to SSDC to finally booked my driving test!
My instructor say I can go and book it already even though its only my 4th lessons.
Actually, because I drove before 2 years ago so he said I can go for test already.
So, my test date is the end of October!
ALL THE BEST TO ME!! I really want to pass this in just 1 attempt!

It was really a hot and bright afternoon that day.
However, it still drizzled when BF and I just out for cycling less than 3mins. -_-
Luckily the sunshine rain is just for a while, if not I guess I might fall sick already.

Both of us cycled down all the way to Punggol Promenade and also stop halfway at Punggol Haibin to look look see see.
Didnt know that its quite near his house.
Just about 15mins cycle, we'll reach the place already.

Very very windy!

The Punggol Haibin open 24hr for prawning.
Around the timing when we were there, which is about 2.30pm, it was not crowded at all.
I guess that might be a good timing to catch a lot of prawns?
Cos not much competition with other people.

We continued our way to Punggol Promenade.

The red bridge

Finally brought this bike out for a ride after 3mths! Haha..
It gonna rot if I still don bring it out. =X

BF with my bike.

BF and his bike.

We could cycle down to the Punggol Waterway but we saw lightning, so we decided to cycle back home.
We shall explore further in future.

After back home, we washed up and then headed down to E!Hub for gaming at Colessum.
Its our first time playing Wii togther and it was really fun.
We played a total of 3 games in 2hours.
First game was Mario Party which I think its wasnt nice.
Second game was a shooting game and its quite fun.
Both of us kept comparing our score and no doubt, the guy is better at shooting game.
The last game is Wii party if I'm not wrong.
This game was quite fun because we had a lot of laughter maybe due to the game is stupid and funny. LOL

After the game, we went to Tampines to buy movie ticket and had dinner.
We watched the Thai Horror movie, I Miss You.

This is actually a Horror-Romance movie.
But to me, its more of a romance movie than horror.
Disappointed with the movie.
I expect thai movie to be very scary but this is not!
Sigh, nowadays horror movie are not horror at all.
It's getting boring~ =/
As for the main cast, the actor is handsome and the girl is pretty. HAHA.

Alrite that all for my Saturday~
Hope you had a great weekend too. :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Fern Tree Cafe @ Hotel Miramar

BF bought the voucher from a deal website in order to try the buffet.
It cost only $29 for dinner.
I think the price is cheap as compare to other buffet.
There are wide varieties ranges from Asian (Chinese, Malay, Indian) to Western food.

We started with the appetizer

and fruit first. Haha..

I regret to take the bread not because it tasted bad but I left it to the last to eat and the bread is as hard as stone. -.-

Salmon sashimi is good!

All the small amount of food we took to try.

Herbal chicken soup and cream carrot soup.


This is the only desserts that I aimed.

BF also got crab pincers.
He was lucky to get it first when they serve it. Haha..

Overall, some dishes are good and some are not.
I think its quite worth the price for the food we ate.
BF said we can come again next time. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

After 5 months...

#LookOfTheDay :)

I finally met up with Lixian and Huisan!
Both of them are really busy girls~ Haha..
We had dinner at Paradise Inn at Somerset@313.
Its my first time trying the food from there.
The chinese cuisine is not bad, will go there to try the other dishes next time.

While eating, we update with our life.
Continue part 2 of chit chatting at the Coffee club outside H&M.
Seriously the coffee club service is really slow.
And they are not very attentive when we kept pressing the bell to call to them. =/

I don't know when will be our next meeting again.
But might be within this year for Lixian's birthday.
Haha hope to see them soon! <3

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Usual Weekend

Hi, time to update my usual weekend happening. Haha..
So last Saturday after the SBA event, I went to town to meet BF for lunch.
Actually we wanted to shop as it was the second last day of GSS.
In the end, I bought nothing while BF bought a pair of pants for himself.
But its ok, the week before I already bought some needs.
Moreover, I can save up money. Hehehe..

After walking for like about 5hrs non stop, we took a rest at Starbucks.
My legs almost going to break!
Moreover I wore wedges which is not very 'walking-friendly' for me. =S

I didnt had dinner because we have late lunch.
I think my digestion is really slow nowadays.
Sometimes I only eat like 2 meals and I feel very full for the rest of the day already.
So back to hiss house and he cooked maggie mee to eat and he forced me to eat a bit. D;
It's so fattening to eat supper!

That night, we watched the American Pie: Reunion.

I feel that this series is not as nice as the previous.
But the usual comedy is still there but I feel that it can be better.

Next day, we had lunch at Long John Silver.
We got the spidey combo and was disappointed with it.

I don't know is it the problem with the outlet or what.
Last time I love LJS criss cross fries.
I was actually the best! But it changed to the straight cut fries.
And when its back, the quality is not as good as the past so why bring it back?
Previously, MAC came out the criss cross fries was better than what we ate that day. =/

After lunch, went back his house and watch the 2nd movie - Black & White: Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault (痞子英雄首部曲:全面開戰).
Been waiting for BF to get this show and finally he found it. ^~^
I watched the drama few years ago and love it very much.
Was excited with the news that they were making the movie but all of the casts changed except for Mark Chao still remains.
Anyway, the storyline is mysterious which make us want to find out the truth and I like the unexpected twist till the end.
However, Angelababy kinda disappeared at the end of the show which make me feel like something is amiss.
Overall, its still nice. :)

Now I'm waiting for The Fierce Wife (犀利人妻) movie to be out in August. :D

Ok, so nothing much for Sunday as its like a sleeping day for us.
I guess nowadays I can sleep easily on the Sunday night without getting insomnia even when I sleep so much on Sunday.
Well, it's good also lah.
Body is aging really need rest. Hahaha..

Alrite, till here loh.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Singapore Blog Award 2012

I am honored to be a part of Singapore Blog Award presentation this year!
Thanks for the invitation.
The event held outdoor at the Singapore Food Trail @ Singapore Flyer last Saturday (21 July 2012).
Many bloggers attended the event.

Some performance before the award starts.

A few people dressed up for the event too.
The theme of the year is Be a Superhero.

Actually I didnt manage to take a lot of photos because I was sitting at the very back.

Here are all the winner for 2012!
Congrats to them! =D

For more information, please check out the Singapore Blog Award 2012 website here.

Alrite, shall end this post now.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Piercing > Tattoo

I bet you didnt know I love piercing to a certain extent.
I only can accept piercing myself on the ear and the navel but not other parts of the body.
Hmm don't ask me why..
I just pierced my tragus last week and now its still healing.
To me, the moment when they pierce through, it is actually not painful at all.
(My tolerance level is quite high.)
Its the healing process that hurts like hell!
It applies to all piercing, even for my navel piercing.
Its sad that I closed my navel piercing about 2 years ago because I didn't take care properly.
I might want to pierce it back! :D

4 earholes on my left ear.
Only 2 on my right so I din bother to take photo of it. Haha..
Thinking of piercing 1 more of the right and I can close shop. LOL!
I shall wait for my tragus to heal first.

Actually, last time I wanted to tattoo as well.
But after my sis did it, I dropped the idea because tattoo will be forever.
What if I didn't like it in future?
I will regret it.
At least piercing, I can close it if I didn't want it.
Yes, there might be scars but not worse than the tattoo scar if you are going to laser off.
So think thrice if you are going to tattoo. :D
That's all. Bye~

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taichung; Taiwan 2012 --- Carton King 紙箱王

I am continuing my 2nd blog post on Taichung.
Read the previous blog post on Feng Jia Night Market in Taichung if you haven't!

So the second day, we booked a cab.
Initially my plan was to go to 中社觀光花市 but the kind taxi uncle told us that the place has nothing much and it is quite far away from the place we stayed.
The cab charge was NT900 to and fro the place.
He suggested to bring us to Carton King, Xinshe Castle and Lavendar Farm for the price of NT600!
It's a very good price so we went ahead with it!

Let me start with my #OOTD of that day.

Loving the feather hairclip that I got from Topshop

With my pretty sis.

So yeap our first stop is Carton King 紙箱王, which I will be talking in this post.
Entrance fee is 100NT and we can use the ticket to redeem for food, drink or souvenir.

The place is called Carton King because every models are made of carton/ paper with their creativity.

Mum and Sis at the entrance.

I was amazed how the carton box withstand its shape after so many years, rain and shine.!
I am not sure maybe they do change the box after few years.
Nonetheless, models are really pretty!

One of the sheep "fell down". Haha..

The reindeer that I sat on.

Real bees.

Closer look at them working.

We bought this 2 flavour of ice cream to try.
And I love the Honey Ice cream that I ate most it it.
The honey liquor and Longan ice cream was not to my liking because I don like the longan taste.

Also bought this Honey Lemon drink.
See the box, it is really hard one ok.

I wonder how they do it.
Damn cool!
Its a size of a human one!

Furniture made of carton.
I wonder the durability of these.?

Pretty right?

Cat and dog

Maple tree!
I wonder if its real?

Maple of wishes~

We stayed for about 1hr30min before proceeding to the next stop at Xinshe Castle.

Alrite, I'm ending this post with me and the drink. =P