Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Marukin Ramen Tokyo

I met up with Tommy for dinner earlier.
Its like an almost monthly catching up.
This time, we went to Scotts Square at Orchard to try a ramen.
Unlike the other time whereby we go to neighborhood shopping center for dinner.
Anyway Scotts Square opened not too long ago only and it is located near Far East Plaza.

As you know, in Singapore there's too much competition among the Japanese ramen.
The first ramen that I ever ate is Ajisen ramen and I still quite like it.
Now there's so many stores that sells ramen.
I've tried Santouka Ramen, Ippudo Ramen and Ramen Champion.
Ippudo Ramen is the best that I like now.
And I am waiting to try Marutama Ramen.

So today, the one I tried is Marukin Ramen Tokyo.

To our suprised, the store is not restaurant.
When we were there, we were quite reluctant to try after we see the store but in the end still give it a shot.

Tommy ordered Tsukemen, a dipping noodle dish. (S14.90)
It is topped with chicken chaysu, nitamago, mikurage mushrooms, green onions and sesame with marukin ramen's famed dipping sauce on the side.

And my order is: Tori Dukushi Shoyu (S$13.90)
The bowl of ramen is topped with slices of Chicken Chasyu, Chicken meat balls, a piece of Chicken wing, Kikurage mushrooms, Green Onions and a dash of sesame seeds.

We also ordered a few side dishes like Hiyayakko Chilled Tofu (S$3.90), Edamame (S$3.90) and Chicken Chasyu (S$6.90).

For my Tori Dukushi Shoyu, I like the texture of the noodle as it is not too soft and not too hard, just right.
The meatball is good too.
I love the taste of the chicken broth too.

Overall, it is worth the try.
The price is not very expensive too.
And we got 20% discount because Tommy has JCB card. :O

Marukin Ramen Tokyo
Address: #B1-11/12 Scotts Square, No.6, Scotts Road
Tel: +65 6636 3468

IMPERFECT 《我们都不完美》Red Carpet + Gala Premiere

Thanks to, I attended the Red Carpet + Gala Premiere for our local movie - IMPERFECT 《我们都不完美》 on Monday (27 August 2012).
This event took place at GV Vivocity.

At about 7.30pm the red carpet started and a few stars came to support this movie.
I didn't took any photos because I forgot to bring my camera!
Moreover my camera phone bad quality is sucha turnoff so I didn't really bother to take much photo already.
It's a waste when I was quite close to them. D;

Anyway all the cast of the movie attended and the mediacorp artists who came to support were 郑各平, 洪惠芳, 宋仪菲, 朱厚任, 黎费辉, 陈旭辉, 欧萱, 插班生 and few more..

Most of the younger teens came to support their idols (Kimberly Chia, Edwin Goh, Ian Fang and Elizabeth Lee).
As for me, I was quite happy to catch a glimpse of Patrick Li Pei Xu (李沛旭), my favourite comedian idol from Taiwan. ^^

LOL! This is the only pathetic blur photo that I took of the idol. *give up*

Collected my ticket and proceeded to Hall 2 for the movie preview after the red carpet end.


Jianhao, Zach and Square are buddies. The trio was forced to separate, when Jianhao was sent to a Boys' Home after hurting someone in the course of protecting Zach. Jianhao's mother - Huifang was devastated.

After Jianhao's term at the Boys' Home, Huifang arranged for him to help out at her stall in Bugis. With the encouragement of his girlfriend - Shan Shan, Jianhao decided to retake his 'O' level. Everyone is happy about Jianhao's attempt to have a fresh start.

However, the good days are short-lived. Zach and Jianhao joined the triad, to escape the bullying of Alex, their arch-rival, who is also the son of triad leader, Guodong. In one of the clashes, Jianhao saves his leader, Zhihua, leaving an impression on the latter.

Zhihua and Guodong are enemies, their rivalry intensified when Zach and Jianhao injured Alex severely, leaving him comatose.

Guodong is determined to avenge his son and the party of Jianhao, Zach and Square became fugitives overnight... With Guodong and the police racing to capture the trio, will Zhihua come to the boys' rescue?

Ok.. Thats for you all to go and watch and find out..


In this movie, I like the part whereby Patrick Li's role lighten up the mood at some part of the scene.
As usual his sense of humor never fail to bring out the laughter of the audiences.
Other than this, I also feel touched at some part.
The young Malaysian girl who acted as Jianhao's sister also attracted me.
Our teens actor also did well in their roles.

As quoted in the movie, “Life only one time, no next time” make an impact to me. I feel that this quote is very meaningful.

Overall, I feel that the story flow well and I can say this is one of the best local movie. I would rate this show 3.5/5.

IMPERFECT 《我们都不完美》 will start showing on 30 August 2012 in Singapore.
FYI, it is rated NC16 due to the coarse language.
Hmm.. that's too bad for those who is 15 and below..
Anyway, here's a preview for you:

Monday, August 27, 2012

Riders Cafe

#OOTD Floral shorts + Crochet Top
Loving how I match the clothings. ^^

Eye make up of the day.

The Face

After my driving lesson on Saturday, BF came to fetch me and we went for our brunch at the Riders Cafe.
Finally got to try out the brunch there since so many bloggers are raving good comments on it.

We reached at about 2pm but due to no reservation made, we were advise to wait for 30minutes for available seats.
Therefore, we took the time to explore a bit of the place.

Actually I feel that this place is very hard to find as there's no direct bus or MRT there.
Going there by car or by cab is advisable.

Anyway, while exploring the place, we saw a few horses at the stable.

Can you spot the white horse?
Kinda being camouflage..

So 30minutes later, we finally got a table.
I was really hungry~~

And below are what we ordered.

Mine orange juice. His Cranberry juice.

Pacific Benedict

'The Usual'

Both of our dishes looked almost the same.
But for my Pacific Benedict, there's prawns, crabmeats and spinach in between the scramble egg and bread which made it quite unique dish.
As for 'The Usual', there's eggs, smoked bacon, breakfast banger, mushrooms, tomato and sourdough.

My review for Riders Cafe is that the food is not bad.
Actually after trying, I still prefer Arbite menu.
Maybe Arbite is to my liking.
Anyway, we might still go back to try out the other dishes.
Also, the service is good as they are attentive to our needs. :)

51 Fairways Drive
Singapore 286965

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Taichung; Taiwan 2012 --- Xinshe Castle 新社古堡

If you haven read the first stop on my Carton King visit, please click here.

So my second stop is Xinshe Castle 新社古堡.
I was excited to be here because a few scenes of the drama 華麗的挑戰 / Skip-Beat! is being filmed here!
And this place is very beautiful.
Love the architectural design and also the colourful planted flowers.
You'll see when I spam pictures below.

So out of the 3 attraction I visited, I love Xinshe Castle the most.
The place is big and I guess we didn't went to every part of the place due to time constraint.
Nevertheless, I guess my mum and sis still enjoyed. ^~^

Alrite~ picture spam time!

Rows of tree you won't see in SG. Haha..

Man-made waterfall

There's cafe inside.

And the inside is also decorated with beautiful stuff.

At the top of the castle.

Overlook at the look of the castle.

Beautiful fountain

Actually took a lot of photos but I just choose to post some nicer one here.
Too lazy to edit so much also.
Just give you a bit of eye candy. :p

So while mum was ordering drink.
My sis and I sat at a corner.
I took out my camera to camwhore (as usual).

My sis photobomb me!

OK so since she wanna take photo with me also, I let her join in with me to camwhore.

This charbo don't want to smile. -_-

Finally, she smiled in the 2nd take.

Hehheh so I continue with my self shot. :D

Anyway, I forgotton to let you know the price of the entry ticket fee.
The entrance fee is TWD250 and you can use NT100 to buy any food or drinks.

I hope to go there for a photography session.
That would be really nice!

In the next post, I will post up the last attraction I visited in Taichung.
Do wait for it. *_^