Sunday, September 30, 2012

Movie for September 2012

In this month of September, I watched a few nice movie.
Just wanna write a review for these movie.

Step Up: Revolution
A.K.A Step 4.
As usual I love their dance, their choreography!
This time they performed flash mob in various places.
Unlike the previous are about dance battles.
For the story flow, I find it quite decent.
As for the music/ songs, I don't really like what they chose this time. D;

Resident Evil: Retribution
Story flow not very fantastic.
The show seems to end very fast without much climax.
Yes, its that bad that I don't even know how to review this show. -.-

The Fierce Wife Final 犀利人妻最终回:幸福男 • 不难
I've watched the drama for this show and really likes it.
As for this final, it is saying Xie An Zhen (acted by Sonia Sui) will chose who in the end.
Before watching, I didn't really think much who will she be with in the end.
To me, the ending comes out quite unexpected.
Also, some part of the show is really funny, thanks to Li Pei Xu again who liven up the show.
Sonia Sui is really pretty in this movie.

The Possession
Another show something like Exorcism of Emily Rose.
However, Emily Rose is more horror than this movie.
It stated based on true story, but I wonder if its true?
Anyhow, I guess the family ended with a happy ending whereby the family member is being exorcist and no one in the family is killed by the demon.
The story flow is ok but still some parts of the show seems not very right to me. Haha..
Still not bad for a horror show.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fry Bistro

Patronize this bar called Fry Bistro along Club Street road with boyfriend and Kenny.
This rooftop bar at one of the shophouses is opened by Irene Ang.

3 of us ordered different mocktails.
Name of drinks from left to right: Bumble Bee, Spiderman and Sunset Cooler.
I had sunset cooler which taste like Tequila sunrise without the alcoholic taste.

For our main, 3 of us order Mac & Cheese Pasta with side as baked beans and egg.
The pasta choice is only macaroni which is okay for me as I love macaroni as well.
I don't usually eat cheesy pasta but this one is not bad just that the portion is quite big for me as I couldn't finish it.
Other than these, they also provide finger foods and alcoholic drinks.

The place is rather small but it is not a bad place for relaxing or chilling/ catching up with friends or colleagues after work since it located near the business district.

96 Club Street, Level 4, Singapore
Opening Hours: Mon–Wed: 5pm – 1am,  Thu–Sat: 5pm – 3am (Closed on Sun)
Tel: +65 9487 1287

Once Upon A Rösti

I heard and tried Once Upon A Milkshake.
But I first heard Once Upon A Rösti last month when boyfriend told me he tired the rösti there.
So during lunch time, I dropped by at Tanjong Pagar area to try the menu there.

The rösti is served in a cup.
I was rather disappointed with the food because it isn't very fantastic.
To me, I didn't like the rösti because it's quite crunchy.
I remembered I tried the rösti at Marché, the potatoes is mashed and then fried until it is crispy.
I really love it and I can't get enough of it.
Anyway, this review is to my preference.
If you would like to try, below is their details.
You can also go to their website to find out on their menu and prices. :)

Once Upon A Rösti
8 Shenton Way #B1-15 AXA Tower Singapore 068811
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 11am to 9pm, Sat: 12pm to 9pm

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Typical Weekend? Not Really..

I can't even remember when was the last time I stepped into JB.
So last Saturday BF and I went!
I was craving for the secret recipe cake as you know buying in Malaysia is much more cheaper than in Singapore~

Current the rate is S$1 to RM2.49 and its a good now!
Best if you wanna change a lot of ringgits!
Singapore currency are getting stronger but its still going up and down..

1st #OOTD with my short hair.
By the way, i snipped off my long hair last Friday!
My current look! What do you think?
A lot of my friends commented that I look younger.
I think I look fresher now!
I'll do a hair transformation post over the past years. Hee..

Ok, I sidetracked.
Anyway, went in to JB for a short hours just to have lunch, buy some stuff and secret recipe cakes for my family.
We gonna rush back for movie.

Our lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant; KSL.

Chocolate Mud Cake that I tried. Didnt really like the cheese taste in it.

On Sunday, nothing much.
I asked BF to do the Bangkok itinerary as I got sick of doing those stuff. LOL.
Anyway, he did a bit then now the rest is all up to me again. FML!
Night time, we celebrated his grandma's birthday.

Happy Family~

So yup, in total I ate like 4 days straight of cake!
Talk about calories intake! :(
Gonna start registering for Pilate classes with my sis.
I wanna workout and lose those fats!
In fact, a toned abs is what I wanna achieve.
Jiayou bah!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Twiny's 3rd Birthday!

Today is Twiny's 3rd birthday.
Earlier on, I went over to Veron's house with Chickie to celebrate their birthday.
I missed out last year celebration but still happy that I celebrated with them this year! :D
They are already 3 years old! Oh, how time flies~

We bought a cake and toys for them!
I think they are really happy as I can see their excitement. :D

Their ice cream cake from Swensen.

Nowadays kids are soooo lucky! I didn't even have a kitchen playset when I was young. :(

Erika and Eriko!

Adorable aren't they?

They kept being distracted by the toys!

*singing happy birthday song to them*

Veron, the mum of Twiny.

Me with Twiny!

Chickie and I with twiny~

The melted cake after the photo-taking. LOL!

After we ate the cake, we helped twiny unwrap the toys and fixed them.
I was having trouble fixing the toy. Zzz..
Sounds as though I doesn't have a childhood.

Veron caught the unglam moment of us fixing the toys.
While twiny waiting for us to fix them before they can start playing~ Haha..

And here's twiny having fun with their new playset!

I hope they enjoy their new toys.
Happy Birthday to them!
They will grow up to a smart and pretty ladies. :D

Thursday, September 20, 2012


a modest person does not draw attention to their own real or supposed accomplishments and desirable attributes.

I'm someone who doesn't know how to react when people compliments me in front of me.
Normally in the social networking (instagram, facebook, twitter) if you "like" me or comments me, I will usually reply a Thanks to show some politeness.
However, if someone compliment in front of me, I would usually give a weak smile and feel very shy about it.
I'm easily paiseh or in english word - abash.
I feel so because I don't feel that I'm good in any ways.
I am just myself.

I am not really an attention whore.

I just love to take nice and pretty pictures of myself, that's because who doesn't want to look good right?
Also, when I am old, I can still can look back at the nice faces of myself. Haha..
See below~

You can say that I am pretty..

You can say that I am cute..

I am thankful for those nice compliments but because its all photos.
Friends always say my photos look nice.
I will jokingly say that she is my sister or I said its not me. HAHA..
Actually photos are just another side of me.
I am NOT pretty or cute or demure in real life!
Also, I cannot stand when people compliment me in front of others!
I would want to find a place to hide my face when it happens. Zz~
I feel that the person would be jealous and I will feel really uneasy.

Just like yesterday, I went singing with my friends.
One of my friend kept saying my singing is good when she didn't compliment my another friend.
I felt so uneasy. -.-
In actual, my singing is really soft as I cannot sing out loud.
I'll do a video and you all judge. HAHA!
I'm sure I get lots of dislike.

So that's all I wanna say..
I am really humble.
Don't make me feel abash. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#IMSOLD Relaunch

I attended the new site launch party yesterday!
Kenny brought me to this event. :D
Its the first event that we've attended together.
I hope there's more coming! Haha..

The event was held at Hummerstons situated in Robertson walk!

While waiting for the crowd, we took the chance to mingle around, take photos, eating yummy food that served us and sipping champagne.
Its nice to see some familiar faces.
I met the old friends and met the new one too! :D

Here look at the amount of food that's served the hungry people like us who came in with an empty stomach!

OK now now, main point are not about those yummy food.
Anyway the main point is to tell you the relaunch of!
With the new interface, consumers can view the Shop, Sale and Auction pages with just an easy click!
They can find out which auctions are ending soon, which products are selling quickly, and what’s on sale.

They do offer a wide varieties of products like gadgets, games, fashion and accessories at their best possible price.
So what are you waiting for? Check out now!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sometimes I just want to give up blogging because I'm really getting lazier.
Unlike in the past, I blogged almost about everything everyday.
Now, I can tell you I don't blog about everything and as you can see not everyday anymore.
One of the reasons is because most weekdays are a routine - Go home after work.
Nothing to pen down for that right? Haha..

STILL, I blame it for my laziness. =X
I've so many backdated post for my trips.
I don't know why I am no longer enthusiastic about doing these anymore!

When I got home, I on my computer and random surf until 9pm then I went to watch Channel 8 drama..
After the show, I came back surfing web again then I went to sleep at around 12am.
That's sort of my routine after work..

So what was I random surfing at that time?
Actually I don't know what I surfed when I got home since I do surf when I'm at work.
Oh, previously I was also addicted in playing Facebook game; Bingo Bash so I was so caught up in the game. Haha..
However, now I didn't play most of the time anymore.
So yup, now I guess not much excuses for not blogging, just me being lazy yah? =Z

I still wanna keep this blog as I find that its a good thing because I can track back events if I forget about the date.
I usually go back to my dashboard and search the keywords to track back my entries. Haha..
As I grow older, my memories on some events become vague and then slowly I forget about it.
Sometimes I still do read back what I wrote and then I start to recollect my memories.
Other than that, I also want to share with my readers about what I've done, my feelings, tips on trips and etc..

Blogging also let me made some new friends this year by joining some events which I am happy
Thus, I hope to keep this passion on going~ :D

Monday, September 17, 2012

Liar Game

Today I wanna introduce you this drama, LIAR GAME, a very very nice Japanese drama!
This drama was shown a few years ago but I just completed the show recently only.
My brother gave me the show like last year or the year before but I didn't watch it because HE GAVE ME ONLY THE SEASON 2! -_-"
Anyway, I thought to myself.. How can I watch a drama skipping the season 1!?
So I tried to find the torrent and finally got the season 1 few months ago.
And last month I started to watch the show and got addicted to it! :D

I went around telling my friends and some watched it and say it's nice and addictive too!
Told my sis about it and she went to read the manga but she didn't watch the show yet. LOL!
From what my sis told me about the story from the manga, there's a few difference.
I guess the manga are more detailed since the show is made out from the manga.
They would surely edited here and there for the show.
Ok, I get all excited saying about Liar Game but I still have not tell you what the show is exactly about. Haha..
There are 2 seasons for the drama and 2 movies out in 2010 and 2012.
The show is categorized as Mystery/suspense drama.

Total of 11 episodes.
The 2 mains are Kanzaki Nao and Akiyama Shinichi.

- Toda Erika as Kanzaki Nao
- Matsuda Shota as Akiyama Shinichi

Story started out like this :: Kanzaki Nao is a very honest person who one day received a hundred million yen, along with a card saying that she has been chosen to take part in the "Liar Game". The game is to trick the other parties out of their hundred million dollars. At the end, the winner gets the hundred million and the loser is a hundred million yen in debt.

The games for the first seasons summarized as below:
First Round: Liar Game
Second Round: Minority Voting
Revival Round: Restructuring Game
Third Round: Contraband Game (Water Country VS Fire Country)

Other than the games, there's also some story behind for this game.

Total of 9 episodes.

Continuing from the previous seasons.
Again Kanzaki Nao received an invitation to go back to the liar game.

Fourth Round: 24 Chambers of Russian Roulette
Fifth Round: 17 Poker
Sixth Round: Roulette of No Rotation
Semi Final 1st Half Round: Games of Angels & Demons
Semi Final 2nd Half Round: Gold Rush Game

Liar Game: The Final Stage
As stated, this is the final stage of liar game with total of 11 players.
The last game, ”The Garden of Eden game”, which offers a 5 billion yen prize.
The players are informed that if all of them can work together, they can all become winners.
However, the chances of winning are endangered by a mysterious player known as "Person X".

Found a full movie in youtube which you can watched below.

For this movie, I still have not watched it yet.
But the main actress was changed to another girl I don't know why. D;
Hope to watch it soon.
By the way, I found a special episode for this movie.
I'm not sure if this is included inside the movie or not.
In the meantime, enjoy~

Overall Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota are prefect match in the show!
I love how they portray their roles in this show.
Matsuda Shota is so suave when he solved the game!

Sigh~ Nice show that attracts me always ended so fast.
I wished the game can go on forever~ Haha..

Quoted from the show: "This game isn't only about deceiving people, it is a game of seeing how far people can believe in others."

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Taichung; Taiwan 2012 --- Lavender Cottage 台中薰衣草森林

1st stop of Taichung attraction --- Carton King
2nd stop of Taichung attraction --- Xinshe Castle

Now, I've come to the last stop of Taichung attraction that I've been to --- Lavender Cottage 台中薰衣草森林
Always wanted to go there as I seen on TV and read up the Lavender paradise of the place.
The place is about happiness; 幸福的小天堂。
There are many exquisite decorations and I love it!
Taiwan really has so many cute creation.

The bear is about my size! :O

A drawing of the two girls who set up this lovely place.

The map of the place.
We didn't went to the firefly area.

What's a place without lavenders?

The chinese there is 幸福 means happiness. :)

I think you can send postcards but I don't know the limitation of the place you can send to.

Pretty daisies~

Spray the goodness of Lavender scent

: "wei wei?" I mean hello.? Hahaha.. ;p

Lovely isn't?
Would be nice to get these to decorate my future home. ^~^


We came to the field of lavenders.

Lavenders behind us.
Seems like not fully bloom. :(

Then we came to a place where by people write their wishes in a card.

"For the people I love, And the people who loves me, always be happy."
So sweet~

"I wish that we will be happy, healthy and earn more money."

From what I see many people wishes are simple.
They just want to be happy, healthy and world peace.
However, some people couldn't even have this simplicity and happiness. Sigh~

Wishes are cheap.
Everyone can make wishes and hope one day our dreams will come true.
But I also believe in making it come true instead of waiting for it to fall down from the sky..

My mum and I also wrote our wishes and had it chopped using this. :)

Some cute drawings.

Hahaha.. I know who my sis misses. :O

The above decorations are so cute!
They are actually small decoration in the shelves and I took photos of it.

By the way the entrance ticket is $200NT per person with $100NT voucher for any item you can purchase inside.
I used the voucher to buy some souvenirs for my friends which are so cute and pretty with nice lavender scent. ^~^

Ok, this is the last post for Taichung.
Next up, we headed to Taipei and I brought them to some attractions that I myself also never went before.
Do wait for it~ :)