Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ghost / Phantom / 幽灵

From the name of this drama, you guessed that its a horror drama but actually it wasn't.
It's actually about crime and investigation as well as action drama.
Quite misleading har?

Anyway I completed the 20 episodes drama when I was up in the air flying to Bangkok. :D
So this drama is based on a cyber investigation (yes, about computers, hackers and technologies), and at the end to uncover the secrets that hide within the cyber world.

The story flows well but some parts it seems to go stage 1 of investigation.
For example, like the investigators lost the important information when the hackers destroy them or the culprit being killed.
In the end, no justice is done to the mastermind as he committed suicide.

So I revealed the ending lah, but the flow still quite well to slowly uncover the secrets at the end.
For those who like or is looking for thriller and suspense drama can try watching this. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ma Maison @ Millenia Walk

Had our monthly girlies meetup last Friday and this time we had a guy to join us - Joey who was also our Primary School classmates.
He just came back from his 2 month attachment in Taiwan so together he joined us for dinner at Ma Maison at Millenia Walk.

I tried the food at Ma Maison at the Bugis outlet a few times before.
The outlet at Millenia Walk and Bugis are almost the same.
The food are mixture of Japanese and Western style which is delicious.
The ambiance is really nice to be at as it's cozy with French style decoration.
To me, the food are actually quite pricey.

Ma Maison (Millenia Walk)
9 Raffles Boulevard
#P3-03 Millenia Walk
Tel: 63389391

Friday, October 26, 2012

MIA-ed But I Am Back Now~

Hello! This blog is not dead yet.
I know the last post was last Wednesday, which is more than a week.
Anyway, I was away to Bangkok since Monday and was busy since last Thursday so I didn't have time to blog.
So, I will be back with more posts - food post, Lego Land post, completed drama review, backdated Taiwan trip post, Phuket post, Bangkok post and coming Halloween at USS post!
Quite a lot of backdate post. D;
I shall be more hardworking!
Loads of pictures to edit and also gonna get more photos from BF's camera as well~
So do wait for the next post yah.

In the meantime, my face in case you miss me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taoyuan; Taiwan 2012 --- The Mini World (小人國) // Window on China Theme Park

Hoi! We came to the 2nd last (I think?) of Taiwan posts. LOL!
Okay, I mean soon I will be finishing this super backdated Taiwan trip post (FYI, I went on the period of April this year.)

So one of the days in Taipei, we went to The Mini World (小人國) also A.K.A Window on China Theme Park.
By the way, the Mini World is located at Taoyuan, so we have to take an hour bus journey down there.
I will tell you the direction at the end of this post so keep strolling~

Did I tell you that during our stay in Taipei, the weather is so unpredictable?!
One minute it rained heavily and the other the sun came out and shining so brightly! -_-
We have such a bad time in Taipei when the weather was so moody then.

My mum had always wanted to come to The Mini World since my dad went there before during his army days.
I guess my mum saw the photos that he took and was envied so she wanna to go there and see see, look look lah..
And so, I fulfilled her wish by bringing her there. :D

The chinese words read as The Mini World.

Cute cars.

Disclaimer: You are "big man", please avoid invading the "small man" place. Haha!! Something like that la..
I am bad at translating. :X

Miniatures of the SIA! Damn cool~

Cant see the words, but youcan see the logo right? :D
My camera focus my face more..

The great wall of China.

There's really a place like this? With Buddha face craving at the mountains?!

We saw big big Koi fishes.
It is really big and have big mouth. Look kinda scary though.

So we bought the fish food for NT10.

All the hungry Koi fishes came to me for food!

Next we took a train to the other side for more miniatures.
The place is quite big.

Started to rain for awhile...

Then we train back.

We were given this paper to get the chops in order to get some free gift. Just for fun though.
Didn't manage to get all chops cos some of the places were closed. We were late. Haha..

My sis bought a mew mew.. Can see that she was very happy.. LOL!

Direction to get there.
Actually we somehow got lost when we were there.
We get down at the wrong station and needed to walk to a very far place to find the shutter bus.
But I found an easy way to find the bus.
Just drop down at Gingan MRT Station (景安站) and maybe you can check with the MRT staff which exit to go out to take the bus.
The bus stop is just outside of Gingan MRT station.

What I did with my family was that we stopped at Gongguan Station then we got a hard time finding the bus.
We even asked a lot of people where to take the bus but they are unsure.
In the end, I used my GPS to find the route and finally found the bus stop which wasn't near to the MRT station at all!
We almost gave up going there but luckily we found the place and was able to go. :)

Their website:

Alright, this is post with my face. :D