Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hair Transformation!

In this post, I show you my hair transformation since 2008 till date. (Kind of backdate~ >.<)
Actually all these years, I really spent too much money on my hair monthly since I got really long hair previously.
And you know dying a long hair in a salon is really costly!
Moreover, I doesn't have a sponsor *ahem*, so all my monthly pay just burnt my pocket a hole. D;

To me, hair is very important of how one's look.
The hair length and the colour of the hair can change one's look

I really love to experience different hair colors and see how I look like at the end of the day.

Recently the dip dye or ombre trend made me tried on myself too!

Anyway the transformation......

For what I can remember, I always have long rebond hair in dark brown color.

Till one day, I decided to chop off my long hair to shoulder length hair.
Now I feel that I don't really suit this hair.
I still can remember I love that hair in the past.. HAHA!

After which, I slowly grow back to my hair.
Also tried cutting bangs which gave me a child-like look. =O
I always grow my fringe until a certain length then I cut bangs.

In 2011, I tot to myself that I wanna a new look for CNY.
So I decided to dye my hair lighter color.
Got the stylist recommendation and go for beige brown.

Then I go for ashy green color.
Always wanted to try ashy green but for my case, I didn't bleach my hair so usually the color fade off to beige brown in 1-2weeks. D;

I think this color lasted for about 10months before I made a big change.

Dye my hair to black on 2011 Oct because retouching is quite costly as I've to do it on a monthly basis. :(

This year, I made change on CNY again!
I was hesitating for quite sometime I decided to perm my hair.
As my sister also did it, I wanna tried it on myself as well.
Didn't regret though the hair is very dry.
Moreover, I am a lazy person whom don't take care of my hair. :X

Decided to add on ashy green highlights on Feb on the day of #nuffnangis5.
Doesn't seem obvious in this photos. Haha..

On my birthday (April), which I couldn't believe my hair was so long until I browse my photo album just now. LOL.
Curls wasn't curls anymore.
Lazy people do what lazy people do so my hair became wavy.
Highlight also faded from ashy green to brown. =/

On May, I redyed the ashy highlights again which cant be seen clearly in this photo still. LOL!
Later on it faded to brown. D;

Then due to the trend of Dip dye/ ombre, I tried the brown and pink on Aug 2012!
The actual color is not this pastel pink lah..
Its more hot pink like the below photo.

Then slowly the color faded like that..
Some became gold or I dunno what color lah.. Haha..

Then I decided to chop off my long hair to bob hair this September, after 1 month of dying ombre color.
One reason is cos the ombre done wasn't really a good job, moreover the hair was very dry and damaged. :(
The second reason is that I really wanna try this look.
So chopping off my long hair has benefit to which is to grow back my healthy long hair. Hehe..

So this is the journey of my hair.. LOL!
Come any sponsor?
Actually having short hair now have nothing much that I can do..
I'll grow my hair to shoulder length and see what I can do about it. :D
Till then~

Sunday, November 25, 2012

SMTOWN Live World Tour III Singapore

My long anticipation was over when I attended the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III on Friday (23 November 2012).
This is the second concert that I attend so far.
I decided to go because BoA is a part of it. ^-^
One of my dream is to see BoA in real life and I finally fulfilled it though we were not very close. Haha..

Firsly, I gonna thanks Tommy for queuing and bought the tickets for BF and I.
Though we couldn't get the Moshpit C but Moshpit A is good enough too!
Got so close with Minho, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Taeyeon, Sooyoung!
Most of my favourite were so near us!
Its so surreal when we were so up close. :D

I enjoyed most of the time!
Though the big screen TV was down at our side which was quite disappointing. D;
Also, the sudden downpour when BoA sang Only One, but many of us still feeling very enthusiastic and continue enjoy under the rain.

All these will be kept in my memory bank. :D

Credit to BoAjjang

Credit to Mirza's Flickr

More news below.
- Yahoo News
- Xinmsn News - Allkpop News


Just posting some pre and post concert photos here.
I didn't took much pictures from the concert because I wanna enjoyed to the fullest. LOL!
So I gonna post what I got bah..

#ootd :)

Us while queuing to go into the concert.

Oh the crowd~

Our position from the stage.
Not very near though.. D:

Post concert look.
Makeup abit smudge under the eyes area. LOL
Feeling tired and hunry.
Aching body and legs. D;
But its all worth! Haha..

Our tickets.

Proceed to the next post for my thoughts of the concerts - SMTOWN Live World Tour III Singapore.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

Met up with Hanisha earlier as we haven met since August I think.
This time, we went Little India.
I haven been there for so so long.
I went to shopping with her for her clothing and saw many pretty Saree (Female indian costume).
Its quite eye opening. :)

Anyway, we had dinner at Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant.
Decided to eat there because she is vegetarian so I've to compromise her. Hehe..
There are wide range of food from Indian to Malay to Chinese and even Western.
You can check out the website, they have menus.

There were many people eating there.
We sort of waited for 15mins before we got our seats.
Below are the few dishes that we ordered.

Hotplate Tofu ($11.00)

Seafood Soup ($5.50)

Steam Basmati Rice ($1.00)

The food is quite nice.
However, i feel that the food for the price is quite expensive especially the seafood soup as its just a small bowl only.
Surprisingly, with those food we ordered, we ate till very full.
I guess the rice they gave too much. Haha..

I shall go back and try the other food which seems nice as well. :)

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant
19 Upper Dickson Road Singapore 207478
Tel: 6396 7769

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Instagram of #Macaroons

Which is the correct spelling?
Is it Macarons or Macaroons?
Googled and it seems that both are correct?

Anyway, just within this week, I kinda went crazy about Macaroons!
I was craving for it on Monday and so I went over to Raffles City Shopping Centre wanting to get the chocolate macaroons from Canele but the chocolate flavour was sold out!
So after a quick search on Google, I decided to head over to ION to try the macaroons from TWG & Tea Salon & Boutique.

They have total of 6 flavours of macaroons.
The flavours are 1837, Rose, Napoleon, Lemon, Mint, Chocolate.
Actually I don't know which is which lah..
Each macaroon cost $2 (inclusive GST) which is quite cheap.
However, I don't prefer its skin because its too soft for me.
What I like is that, its not so sweet.
The cream taste inside is alright.

I love macaroons from Canele!
Especially the chocolate flavour one.
I love dark chocolate and the Chocolate Noir taste so heavenly I can't even.
The bad thing is that its quite sweet for some people.
Bought for my mum to try and she kept complaining its sweet. D;

Also, due to Christmas season, they have a special macaron called the Elder Flower.
It's actually the chocolate macaroon but with a snowflake-like chocolate in the middle of the macaroon. which looks cute and pretty.
Must camwhore with it. LOL!

Sinful sinful sinful..
Ate so much sinful food nowadays and still friends saying I slim down when they saw me.
That's really really weird. -_-

That's all folks. Bye~

Monday, November 19, 2012

Favourite Scents

I'm gonna blog about the perfume that I owned from last time until now.
My preference perfume are those fragrant of sensual flora with powdery smell.
Usually I will get those EDP (Eau De Parfum) because the smell last longer than EDT (Eau De Toilette).
Perfume always come in 3 sizes (S, M ,L) just like clothing. Haha..
I usually get the Medium size and it can last me for years.
I don spray a lot and I don always spray so I guess that explain why a bottle can last me at least a year.

Echo by Davidoff is the first perfume I owned.

Sentiment by Escada
One of the birthday present that I got from my girlfriends years ago.
This bottle of perfume is designed in heart shape which is very pretty.

Shine by Dior Addict
Still having it and its half used.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf (V&R)
This brand doesn't seems very common in Singapore and I got it at the Changi airport duty free.

Versus by Versace
I quite like this perfume but spraying it overtime, the fragrant gave a alcoholic smell which I didn't like it.
Anyway, I finished this bottle and not considered getting it. :(

I just bought this Meow! by Katy Perry few days ago.
And I am already addicted to this scent.
The smell seems very long lasting
Can you see that the bottle is so cute?!
I will consider buying this as my long term perfume.

I actually wanted to get Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift or Fame by Lady GaGa but dropped off the idea as I found Meow by Katy Perry smell nicer.
I went to Sephora Bugis and Ion and they only have the small bottle so in the end I just bought it.
Hope it will come with a large bottle one if not I'll just get online and hopefully the one i got online is authentic.

I just realize out of the 6 bottles of perfumes, 5 are pink bottles. Haha..
And out of this 6, currently my favorites are Meow!, Flowerbomb and Shine. :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

To The Beautiful You / 致美丽的你

I just completed this 16 episodes long drama!
This drama is Korean version of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e which is originated from Japan.
I did not watch the Japan version but I have watch the Taiwan version (花样少年少女) before.
As compared with Taiwan version, the Korean version is much more romantic.
This is by far the best Korean drama that I've watched this year. :D
I hope for more for the ending but the ending is so-so only~
Can they do a special edition of Kang Tae Joon and Goo Jae Hee? Hahaha..

The guys are so good looking!! *drools~*

Main Cast
Choi Minho as Kang Tae Joon
Choi Sulli as Goo Jae Hee
I cant get enough of their lovely dovey scenes!
Minho is so attractive. *melts* :p

Choi Sulli and Lee Hyun Woo
Lee Hyun Woo is cute too~

The dog in the show is soooo suave and cute! Hehe..

I love the songs in this show as well! :D

Jessica & Krystal - Butterfly

J-Min - Stand Up

Sunny & Luna - It's Me

Taeyeon - Closer

Taemin - U

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Legoland Malaysia

Went to Legoland at JB on 22 Oct 2012 (Saturday) with BF.
We bought the tickets during June or July period when there's promo in Singapore.
The tickets cost about $60+ for 2 if I am not wrong.

Decided to go with Liqin and Lixian on the same day but we didn't explore the places together because they were early.
End up we only took some rides together. Haha..

The weather on that day was a killer and I didn't apply any sunblock or sunscreen lotion, so I was a few shades darker when I went back. wtf. D;

By the way, we took bus from Jurong Point to JB custom then changed a bus to Legoland.
The total duration there is about 1hr+ because we need to wait for the scheduled bus.
We save money for transport but we waste more time going there and back SG.
So its up to you to choose on how you go there and back SG.

For those who doesn't know, Legoland just opened on 15 September 2012, so there are a lot of things still under construction.
There's a Lego-themed water theme park which will open in mid 2013 and a Legoland hotel in the first half of 2014!
We might go back and check out the hotel. Hehheh~

Photos spamming start from here.....
FYI: Photos come in 2 sizes because some are taken from BF's camera and his photo sizing is different from my camera. So that's explain why. I am lazy to resize everything to the same. :p

Waking the sleeping old man..

Guess who behind? Easy guess..


The sleeping knight.

Wearing cap initially but changed to umbrella because I was sweating profusely. =/

My feet became so red. Chaotah-ed. -_-"

Musical instruments fountain.

'Trying to hold the recorder' effect.

Love this pic! :D

All the miniature men.

BF the angry expression or the "don't eat me up" expression?

Big Boy in Small Car. :S

KL Petronas Tower.

Singapore Flyer.

The Merlion.

The mini world is something like the Windows on China in Taiwan that I've blogged about. Haha
Just that all of them are made of lego bricks.

Me loves cute soft toys!

Qin, Xian, Me!

With Lixian~

We actually wanted to take this dragon ride but we saw people got stuck at the peak. OMG~
Luckily is at the peak not like halfway going downwards.
However, I think its still quite scary lah.
Hope the people there are alright and the kids won't get phobia of roller coaster rides in future. :S

Anyway about Legoland, there are more kiddish rides nothing like Battlestar Galactica in USS.
Every models/structures are made of lego bricks.
I think that's a tedious job and hard work to build/piece up all these structures.

Overall, its quite a good experience there except for the burning hot sun.
It also rained heavily but its was like 5pm+ when it rained, the time when we gonna leave the place.
Might go back again 2 years later to check out the new stuff there.
Till then see you Legoland. :)

More info on Legoland Malaysia @