Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012

Today is the last day of 2012 and its raining really heavily right now.
So while waiting for the rain to subside before I can go out, I will be typing this last post of the year.

I actually wanna say 2012 is an awesome year but until when these few days of bad incidents, I don't want to categorize this as awesome year anymore. :(
Still, 2012 is good lah..
I appreciate for this good year and hope 一年比一年棒!

Summary for my 2012, the good one and the bad one..

The Good in 2012
1. Did LASIK and get rid of my spectacles! Thanks to Dr Theng. :) My eyes are still good even after 10 mths.
2. Got invited for SMRT Makan Session with QiuQiu and also attended Nuffnang is 5 birthday bash.
3. Won a few free movie tickets from and also
4. Knew some nice people from the blogger events.
5. Visited Taichung, new state of Taiwan (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) and as well as Taipei (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) with my mum and sis!
6. Visited Phuket for Boyfriend's 26th (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and Bangkok which I have yet to blog yet.
7. Meeting up with my friends more, its like monthly gathering with them! :D
8. Visited USS like 3 times this year! On my birthday with my girls, with my colleagues and Halloween Night with Boyfriend.
9. Finally got to see BoA live performance in Singapore at the SMTOWN WORLD TOUR III.

The Bad of 2012
1, Still didn't manage to pass my driving test so I hope that I can pass it next year already.
2. My laptop crashed a few days ago and I lost all my photos for the past years. Very sad and hope to retrieve it at cheap price. D;
3. Fell down yesterday at Boyfriend's place. Lol~

In 2012, I had fulfilled quite a few 'kick the bucket' list. ^~^
Anyway, I guess I doesn't have any new resolutions.
I just hope my past resolutions which I haven fulfilled will be fulfill next year!

Lastly, I wished everyone have a great year ahead!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Belated Xmas with Sheauwei

Met up with Sheauwei at Jcube for belated Xmas dinner with Sheauwei.
Previously, we supposed to celebrate it with Shari but she fell sick so we postponed to yesterday.

Dined at Canton Paradise as we wanted to try new place.
While waiting for our food, we exchanged our gift first.

I got her a Benefit make up set because she wanted the dandelion blush.
And I found the set for her. :D

And here, she got me a Citigem bracelet. Thank you dear~

The dim sum at Canton Paradise is not bad.
Just that the Xiao Long Bao is not up to the standard.
We were very full after all the above.
Seems like we have a small stomach.
Everytime we met, we almost cannot finish our food. LOL.
By the way, these all cost us about $50.
Not very worthy though.. Haha..

After dinner, we went to shop around Jcube.
Went to FrancFranc and found some nice stuff.
Sheauwei kept telling me to go to the outlet at Vivo because there are many handsome boys there.. Hahaha..
Maybe I should go check out her taste one day. :p

We stopped at Stickhouse for ice-cream.

I got Hazelnut flavoured.

I find the ice-cream is very creamy.
Not those made of water with syrup and then freeze to ice-cream kind.

After everything, we went back home.
Time always pass so fast when we are together.
She always bought laughter in us. :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing day, my dear readers!

Xmas wishes came late here because my laptop crashed on me last night.
Feeling very sad as my hard disk couldn't recover so I gonna seek for professional help.
I need to recover all my photos for the past years.
All my travels photos, photos taken with my family and friends. T-T
Hopefully it can be recovered without expensive cost!

By the way, I'm using my netbook now.
Smaller screen and squeezy keyboard.
Really need to get use to this netbook.
Usually I only use it when I'm at my boyfriend house or I bring it overseas with me.
So I seldom use this netbook. =/

Back to happy topic...
On 22 Dec 2012, BF and I celebrated early christmas!

#ootd for the day..

Heee~ a side of me. #makeupoftheday

We met in the noon but went to do some errands first.

Seriously, when was the last time we took a pic together?
During Bangkok trip? >:(

During the night, we had our Christmas feast at Carlton Hotel, Mosaic cafe.
I was quite disappointed with the food. :(
Food choice was not much and it cost us about $68 per pax.
Seriously, Buffet town has much more choice but only cost $42 per pax. -_-"
Okay maybe I should blame that its located at atas hotel and we dined on a weekend so that's why its pricey?

Complimentary white wine but its the worst white wine that I've tasted.
Too bitter and not even a little sweetness.
Totally taste like beer.

Turkey and ham is okay.
The sauce for the turkey could be better.
To me, its not salty enough..

By the way, the salmon is good.
Very fresh and almost melt in my mouth.
Salmon is the only dish that needs to be compliment.

I didn't try any desserts at all because its all not to my liking.
You can see how disappointed I was when I saw no chocolate cakes nor chocolate flavored ice-cream. D;

After eating, we had gift exchange.
By the way, BF's gift was bought 1 week before our Christmas feast.
Actually, I wanted to give him a surprised but was really afraid that its not to his liking.
So I just get it when I was with him, shopping on that day.
You know, we went from LV to Gucci in Orchard then to Gucci and then finally settle the gift at LV MBS. wtf.
BF is that troublesome and fickle-minded. FYI. :X

By the way, this is a combine gift lah..
I am not so rich to buy an expensive gift for him for 1 occasion. LOL!
I told this will be Xmas 2012 gift, Valentine's day 2013 gift and his 27th birthday present. LOL
I'm NOT cheapskate ok..
Maybe on those day I will treat dinner also.. :p
By the way, I just find that its an headache to buy a present for him so I get a big present for him to save me from getting headache and trouble.. :X
Therefore, my next headache will be on 2013's Xmas. HAHAHAHA~

Casio Sheen watch from him.
A second watch from him.
When I saw the box, I first guess that its a watch.
Its not instinct but my wild guess is so accurate. LOL~
Thank you boyfriend~ :D

Photo taken after gift exchange and we left the restaurant.

We headed down to Garden by the bay.
Roam around and see if they have special decoration during the Xmas season.
Many Xmas tree was set up so we took some photos with it.

After which, we left for home..

And yesterday on the actual Xmas day.
Nothing much but we went to watch Chinese Zodiac 2012 with his mum and dad.

This is a nice movie by Jackie Chan!
He's still as awesome as ever.
Seeing from his NGs, I guess all his hard work paid off.
At first, I thought its an English film but actually there are a few languages in this movie.
Mainly, Chinese, English and French.
Some of the parts are really funny.
So I can say this is a action-comedy film.

Alright, ending my post now.
Have fun unboxing your gifts~ :D

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Boyfriend Bday Trip - Phuket 2012 (Part 3)

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of my Phuket trip if you haven't! :D

So continue from Part 2...
After our snorkeling tour, we went back to our hotel room.
Washed up and change for the night.

My #OOTD for the night.
Lovin' the 2 photos taken by BF. :)

So during the night, we dined at Savoey Seafood Restaurant, an open-air restaurant.
We decided to dine there because the place was filled with people so we thought we can try there.
Actually, we heard another place which is a better restaurant from my friend but we didn't manage to find that place.
Anyway, it was a birthday dinner treat for the boyfriend. :)

There are wide varieties of food to choose from.
Below are what we ordered for the 2 of us.

The food was not bad.
I remembered we ate the crab quite messily.
I think the price of the food is not very cheap as well due to the crab..
Still, its worth the try. :)

After our dinner, we went for a walk for the night.
It was also our last night in Phuket...

The streets of clubs and pubs is quite crowded during the night.

And this is the Tiger Live, filled with neon lights.

We bought a small bottle of barcadi at one of the mama shop to drink.
If I remember correctly, it costs abou S$8 for this small bottles.
Mixed with coke and sprites but didn't manage to finish it. LOL~

The next day, we took a morning flight back to SG.
It was raining heavily on our way to the airport.
We were lucky that during our stay, there no rain to spoil our trip. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Busy Week!

Back with an update for this week!
Since Chrismas is round the corner, I met up with some friends for X'mas dinner, movie and catching up.
Its like meeting up for the last time for this year.
There will be some more meetup next week.
I shall blogged for this week.

On 18 Dec (Tues), I met up with Tommy.H to watch 3AM.
We said before the previous meeting to watch it together.

This is a Thailand horror film consist of 3 different stories.
I find that it is not very scary visually.
As usual, it the sound that scares you.
The 3 stories are quite predictable and easy to understand.
However, the last story is quite confusing because its all about ghost prank.
What I learnt from the last story is that 人吓人,会害死人 which means human scared human, will make one die. -_-"

On 19 Dec (Wed), I met up with Shari for X'mas dinner at Sakura International Buffet located at Dhoby Ghaut Green.

*ahem* 2 pics of me first because that day I got up on makeup. HAHA!
Meet other guys, except my BF, no make up I dont care.
Err.. actually sometimes I meet BF, I also no makeup so must depends on occasion also.
BUT meet my girlfriends, I will put makeup to take photos one. :p

Ok, so Sheauwei was suppose to join us but she couldn't make it last minute because she fell sick.
Therefore, there were only me and Shari.
However, its okay we had a lot of catch up that day since our last met was May. :)
She's very motherly now.

I got her Face Shop Hand Lotion chosen myself.
I hope she likes it. :)

On 20 Dec (Thurs), I met up with Desmond for Xmas cum his birthday dinner.
He just suddenly msged me out for meetup then I am like "Okay, anything". LOL..
I don't know why but this year he just pop out and met me for lunch twice during working hours.
1st was because he said he just joined AIA lah... so you know the reason.
But he said he not aggressive kind... so the 2nd and 3rd time still okay..
We just met for catching up only.. LOL!

By the way, mum just got back from her Korea trip.
And she bought lots of things back.
She got me Natural Republic mask and I hope its good.
And a bear..........

Hahaha.. like very weird lea.. she got me this bear.
At the first look, I thot its not very cute.
However, a few looks, I find it quite cute lah.. HAHAAH!
Thanks mum~ :D

Finally she's back lah.
The 1 whole week she not around, the house feels quite empty kind.
Every night, I got to off the lights and lock the door.
Usually I don't do this kinda things one.. Hehheh.

More updates to come due to xmas and new year.
So yup, new year resolution will be up probably 1st few days of 2013.
And I still clearing my Phuket and then my Bangkok trip.

By the way, yesterday's Doom's day wasn't real.
And we all survived! :D

Abruptly de say BYE~!