Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fine Saturday With Family

It was really a hot and sunny Saturday which was so different from last week. wth~

Me in my cheap sunnies from Taiwan cos the sun was hurting my eyes. :p

BF and I had to do some errands before we meet up with my Mum and Sis at the crowded Chinatown for CNY shopping.
I bought my Samsung monitor for my future desktop already!
I shall be getting my CPU after CNY.
Hopefully I can revamp my room soon to get some space for my desktop. :D

So we met up with mum and sis at about 5pm and they already done shopping except waiting for me to see the CNY decoration.
I keep telling them that they snake decoration for the front door they bought is not cute at all! LOL~
Shall show you when I done pasting the decoration.
Finally, we decide all the decorations then we head down to Circular road for dinner.

I wanted to try Mookata after reading Ohsofickle's post about it.
Veron had also mention few time about Mookata but I haven try any of them at all.
Finally, we try it at Tom Yum Kungfu.

Waited about 45mins to get our seats.
It was so crowded and we didn't manage to make reservation because it was too last minute.

We ordered a set of vegetables and meat and seafood for 4-6pax, plus addition fried rice.

I love the marinated meat and it tastes sooo good!
The fried rice is very delicious too!
These food actually not so enough for us.
As you can see the vegetables was not a big portion for 4 except for the meats.

By the way, Mookata is Thai steamboat.
Actually the depth of the pot is not very deep so the soup is not much too but they will add soup for you so don't worry.
Its quite unhealthy because the oil from fried meat at the top will drip to the soup.
Well, its worth the try.
I shall try the other outlet called MOOKATA from golden mile next time.

This meal was my treat for them. Hehe..
It cost like about $18 per person which is cheap lah..

Tom Yum Kungfu
Address: 16 Circular Road Singapore 049372
Tel: 65 6536 1646
Opening Hours
Mondays – Fridays: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10.30pm
Saturdays: 6pm–10.30pm
Closed on Sundays

After dinner at Tom Yam Kungfu, they had craving for ice cream waffle.. so we went to Marble Slab for it.
They are really big eater, err I mean mum. LOL.
She ate 1 whole waffle by herself. :O

BF and mine share.
The lighting here quite bad. :/

Mum's one look appetizing.
However, I dislike the waffle as it is very soft.

My pretty sis and me.
Haven camwhore together for so long. LOL~

We witness one incident which leave us a bad impression of a Singapore celebrity.
The incident was when we left at The Central carpark.
There was a car that stopped in front ours and 2 people loading something into the car boot.
The cars behind us suddenly honked.
After they done loading, the car left and one guy turned back and stared at the cars behind us.
Then we realized that he is a celebrity.
I mean they jammed up the road, he should be apologetic and not giving a rude attitude no? Tsk.
Anyway, I shall not name him. :)

That's about all for the day.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mellben with Hanisha

It's the 2nd time here in Mellben Ang Mo Kio for crab feast.
This time, I brought Hanisha for the food because she was craving for it.

We reached the place at about 7pm.
Luckily it was on a weekday so we didn't wait long but its still crowded.
Food served to us about 30mins later after ordering.
We only got 2 dishes because there's only the 2 of us and we are not big eaters. LOL.

Claypot Tofu..

And of cos the crab!

By the way, the crab they chose for us is very very meaty!
However, it was really really too much for the 2 of us.
Seriously, I don't want to eat crab for few months already, got sick after eating it.
High cholesterol intake. D;

After dinner, we had a long walk from Ang Mo Kio to Thomson road bus stop.
Good for digestion yah? Haha..

So we shall meet up again for next round of makan session after CNY.

Okay, pictures to end this entry.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rainy Weekend

Just another Saturday with boyfriend.
However, it was sucha a cold and wet weather that day..

Thus I had put my knitwear into good use. :D
Erm.. My sis's mirror is really dirty. -_-"
- Oxblood knitwear from Vainglorious you and I really love it!
- White shorts from Topshop.

#selcas in the ride to town.
Lovin' the good make up day.

We went shopping for CNY clothes and random window shopping.
Seriously, I hate hate going out on sucha wet day.
I hate that my legs and feet gets wet so I dislike wearing long dress, jeans and covered shoes when its raining. >:/

So after shopping, we went to watch MAMA, a horror movie.
Not a bad movie just that, its quite sad in the end whereby the younger girl followed the ghostly mother.
Ok, go watch it yourself.. Haha..

Dinner at Shiraz Mazzeh whereby BF always wanted to try when we walked past Ngee Ann City..
I was very surprised that they have never ending long queues. =O

See the long queue?

Behind the kitchen.
We sat there and overlook the whole process. Haha..

Boyfriend went to order so I'm unsure of the price and the menu.
I just know that mine is called Chicken Shawarma.
Also, I totally love the fries as it is fried until it's super crispy.

Wrapped in kebab, inside its shredded chicken and lettuce.

Left side is the chicken and the right is beef.

Overall, I quite like it especially the fries.
For mine shawarma, I didn't put any sauce so it taste plain. Haha..
In future, when I eat again I will get the BBQ sauce.
For the amount of food, it can make me feel full.

So after dinner, we left for home as it was late and we were tired out from the walking... :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Almost Devastated

Finally my blog revived.
I don't know why but Blogger seems to think my blog contains Spam content so it deleted my blog yesterday.
Luckily I got it back now.
Imagine all my 2000+ post gone just like this!
If its just gone like this, I guess I won't continue blogging anymore.
Anyway, I am feeling relieved now and hope in future it won't happen again.

Okay. Bye!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Engsang's 26th

Last Saturday, we sort of celebrated Engsang's 26th birthday.
Actually, it seems like a monthly gathering instead of celebration already. Haha..

First thing first, #OOTD.

and #FOTD

So I met up with Jingwen at Somerset to have lunch first while waiting for the birthday girl today.
This time the late queen had her reason for being late so we forgave her. :)

Anyway we went to do some window shopping at Scape and then off for dinner at Cineleisure before heading for our movie, Taxi Taxi, a Singapore film..
The movie is so-so only.
Dr. Jia Jia in the movie like to say "Kee Chiew" (which means hand up) a lot.
Okay, I didn't really watch his youtube so I guess I shall search some of his video to watch. Haha..

So after the movie, we went to chill at the Coffee Club outside H&M for awhile.

They ordered some desserts, while I ordered the hot chocolate to soothe my stomach.
Wasn't feeling unwell. Period. :(

After which, we parted.
Cant wait for the next meet up.
I guess we are heading to JB to have our nails done and also makan and shopping. :D

Friday, January 11, 2013

Huisan's 25th

Celebrated Huisan's 25th yesterday with Lixian.
This was also a short gathering for us since the last time we met is like few months ago and I lose count already. Haha..

Unfortunately the birthday girl was sick so we just had dinner at Xin Wang Cafe.
I can see that she was really sick. :(
Nonetheless, still great catching up with her.

Birthday girl.

The card that I made for her. :D

Naked 1 eyeshadow palette as her present. :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Dancing Rain Speaker

BF and I chanced upon this dancing water speaker at Courts and find its pretty and cool~
In the end, I bought it back home and using it now.
It also decorates my study table with rainbow neon lights. :D

The sound is rather loud and sharp but bass is not very power.
Also, you can hear a bit of the sound of the flowing water inside.

I bought at Courts for $39.90 but saw and heard some places that sells as high as $50.
It covers 1 year warranty.
Its a happy buy~ :)

My tryout video:

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sarang, Heartbeat of Seoul

Last Saturday, BF and I went to try out this Korean restaurant located at Ochard Central.
The restaurant is called Sarang, Heartbeat of Seoul which is at level 7.
We got the open-air seat outside due to fully reserved at the aircon seat.

By the way, I got the promotion at and asked if BF wanna try it and so he went ahead and bought the deals.
It is a $30 dining voucher at half price so BF bought 2 vouchers to utilize it.

Anyway, for the 2 of us, we didn't ordered much because we only have 2 stomachs to fill the food. Haha..

Given starter which I only ate the peanuts and kimchi.
Not very flattering though and I thought starter with six different kind for but here's only three.

This was kinda spicy for us. LOL!
However, the rice cake i not bad as its chewy.

Korean Army Stew
There an interesting story behind this stew.
'After the Korean war, people mixed foods from army bases such as sausages, spam and baked beans with kimchi to make a stew. That's how the army stew came about!'
This army stew became one of my favourite and we requested for not so spicy.
I didn't like the noodle because I feel that it was overcooked as its not very Q.

Samgyetang or Ginseng Chicken
Whenever I step in any Korean restaurant, I would love to try their Ginseng Chicken so this one is what I ordered.
However, I was disappointed with it as the gluttonous rice inside the chicken was soft and gluey.
It taste weird for me.
However the soup was good and rich.

Overall, the food is not bad but for the price we paid I find its not really worthy.
I guess I still prefer Togi Korean restaurant at Chinatown. :)

181 Orchard Road
#07-01 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6773 1322

Monday, January 07, 2013

Chilling at Jalan Kayu

Decided to go dinner and chilling along Jalan Kayu with Hanisha since we didn't want to go far and Veron last minute didn't want to meet us last Friday.

I've been to Jalan Kayu a few times for their Prata and Selegie Soyabean milk but haven tried other food stores or bars at the place.
To my surprise, the place has quite a few good hangout place!
Shall bring my friends to go there next time. :D

First, we go around the place to look at the menus and then we decide to have dinner at one of the zichar store called 267 Seafood Cafeteria.
The food was surprisingly good even though the store looked pretty normal and only a few uncles sitting at the table drinking and talking. Haha..
For the amount of food that we ordered, it only cost around $24 for 2pax, so I find that its cheap.
I didn't took any photos but I'll still share..
We ordered, 1 claypot tofu for $8, 1 plate of Stingray for $10 and it came quite a big piece and 1 bowl of soup for $4 which came a big bowl that surprised us.
The other $2++ is 2 plate of rice and a can of drinks.
We really had a full dinner which we didn't expect. Haha..

After which, we went to a second place called One Place Western Bistro and Bar.
We decided to chill there because there's good music and the place is quite cosy.
However, my first impression of them wasn't too good because the waitress kinda give an attitude and also kept pushing us on our orders.
I only can guess that she's new or she only knows how to serve guys. Tsk.
Secondly, the first drink I ordered was bourbon coke, because they didn't provide us straw to stir, the drink taste quite weird/bad.
Thirdly, I actually had 1 for 1 bourbon coke but they didn't said until we checked.
Whatever it is, it still didn't spoil the day.
Hanisha and I still had fun camwhoring and catching up that day.

This is our first cup of drinks.
Mine's bourbon coke her's Volka orange, I guess?

We were given a cup of drink each by the bartender.
I ask him why he's giving us, and he told me that he's trying some new ladies' drinks and want some reviews from us.
Therefore I accepted it.
Come to think of it, this is the first time that I accepted drinks from a stranger but I guess he won't spite us since there were so many people around and we were not in a club. LOL~

This was the 2nd drinks that was given to us when we paid our bills.
He just asked if he could made us some drinks again.
This taste nicer and its to my liking.

And this 3rd drink is not a drink but is a jelly added with some soju.
He said this a Japanese brand desserts that he opened from a can.
It taste not bad but I am one who doesn't like jelly stuff but still 硬着头皮 and finish this up since its given.

Thanks to the guy, who I don't know is he the boss or just the bartender there, for the drinks. :)
After drinking, we left the place.

I'm also thankful for boyfriend to fetch us home. Haha..
I was kinda tipsy from drinking too fast.
By the way this bar has not GST or service charge which made the bill cheap!
We will patronize again. Haha..
And also other restaurants in Jalan Kayu. :)