Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Short Update

I know my blog seems dead now but I am still alive. Haha..
Haven have got anything much to update though.
I still have an outdated post on Bangkok trip which I have yet to start.
I just lack of motivation after my laptop went dead last Dec.
Anyway, this coming Saturday I am going to build up a CPU with the help of my brother!
I am sooooo excited!
I already bought a Samsung 23-inch LED monitor.
With that, I'm sure I gonna be more motivated to blog again. LOL~

So last Sunday was the last day of CNY and it was also my sister's Lunar Birthday so my family had steamboat again.
It was my fourth steamboat for the month.
I guess my next steamboat still be in May at Taiwan because BF said he wanna tried one if it at Cingjing.
So we'll see how again.
Currently still preparing the itinerary for our trip.
Counting down to about 2 months more and I hope it gonna be good! :D

Alrite, for the time being, it will be like this..
See you soon!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash!

YES! On 27 Feb 2013 is Nuffnang 6th Birthday already~
In a blink of an eye, its another year, growing older just like me.
But Nuffnang is still younger than me lah.. *envy* Hahaha..
I believe Nuffnang will progress better and better when they grow older and older. :D

I was invited to their 5th Birthday Bash last year and really wish to be there again this year! (I hope!)
I miss the fun, laughter, and the foodddddd... =DDD

Now, let me tell you WHY I LOVE NUFFNANG.

1. New Experiences and Cool Events.
Yeap! The events I attend to gave me new experiences and even knowledge too.
For example, I went to the Prive Clinic event and learn more about about fillers which can help re-contouring the face.
As a woman who loves being beautiful, I find it really helpful to me. :)

2. Get To Know Awesome People.
By attending events, I got to make new friends with the other bloggers in Singapore.
Not only that, the nuffies too!

Blogger from Nuffnangis5 Birthdays bash.

Friendly Nuffies that I've met last year at the Holland Village Makan session.

Last year, I joined the 7-Eleven Blogging Contest and was one of the Top 12.
Even though I didn't emerge into the Top 3, I had fun doing the contest. :D

My BFF accompanying me to 7-Eleven Get-together and Award Presentation.

Don't tell me you don't love freebies?!
As a Singaporean, we all love things that are free no? LOL! *say until so buey paiseh, wtf*

Goodies that I got to try and love it which I continue to buy it for self usage. ^-^

5. $$$ MOOLAH $$$
Last but not least, we get to earn moolah just by blogging! Cool right~

So here's my shoutout!
I want to be part of Nuffnang’s 6th Birthday Bash at Ballymoons. ^~^
See you and Thank you for the great things you gave me.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day~

On Valentine's Day itself, Boyfriend and I dine at Melt - The World Cafe at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
It is an international buffet with wide selection of food ranging from Japanese food to Asian food to South Indian food and many more..

Because we reached the place quite early, I managed to take good photos of the food whereby people haven start taking the food to eat. Haha..
Oh I love the photos of the desserts that I took! :D
Anyway, I didn't take every food, I am selective. :p

Be warn, heavy food photos below.
Don't blame me if you have a empty stomach now.

This an outdoor BBQ section.
I saw a piglet being BBQ inside the oven. So pitiful. :(

A rare sight of strawberry fondue here!

I am not a fan of fondue even though I love chocolate.
Still this strawberry fondue attracted me to try it.

Waffles for you? :)

A series of our photos after having a full dinner.

Overall, the dinner was not bad.
We didn't try everything though so the price for us was not worthy.
Moreover, its Valentine's Day so its more expensive than the usual days...
Well, its the company that counts. :)

P/S: All photos taken by iPhone 5 so the front camera is not very strong with the dim lights.

Finally I DID IT!

This has got to be one of the best day in my life.
I'm officially a licensed driver!
Words can't describe how happy I was!
Even though the tester seems like he's reluctant to pass me, I still passed! xD

I started my driving lessons 4 years ago, in 2009, learning the manual car in school.
After 6 failed attempt, I decided to change to auto with private instructor last year.
This is my 2nd attempt for driving auto car.
Yes, after a total of 8 attempts I finally passed.
So you can imagine how much thousands I spend on just learning this car. *smack forehead*

I was demoralizing every time I failed my test.
However, I always got encouragement from my friends and family.
Never give up and one day you will reach your goal. :)

I was so happy until I could not control my tears while messaging my BF and dad.
It was tears of joy!
Anyway, quite embarrassing though.
Passed already still cry~ -_-

Anyway I'm very thankful to Uncle Ling, who is my private driving instructor.
Sometimes, he really beat my hand or arm when I always make an early turn.
However, I know its all for good lah..
Still, I will feel not very happy about it though. LOL!
I still can remember during CNY period, he gave me pineapple tarts and mandarin orange to eat when I was driving. Haha..

Last but not least, a fulfilled resolution after all these year. =D

P/S: Not planning to get any cars yet as I can't afford it unless I earn big big money lah!
P/P/S: Can try to drive my BF's car. LOL. =X


My license card received on 7 March 2013! :D

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Snake Year 初二

Second day outfit.
Bustier dress from Topshop.

I love the floral embroidery of the dress.
Got the CNY feel when I wear this.

So on the second day of CNY, I went BF's aunt house for visiting and for lunch.
It is an yearly thing to do.
However, this year wasn't as lively as previous years.
We watched Ah Boys To Men Part 1 on CD because BF's mum still have not watch the show and we were going to watch Part 2 after our lunch.

Ah Boys To Men Part 2 is as good as Part 1.
Part One compares more about the past and present of the army life.
In Part Two, the story talks more about the present training inside the army.
At one point, I almost tear because I feel that without these men train to protect Singapore, I could not imagine what Singapore will be if there's war.
So these men really done us Singaporean proud. =)

After the movie, we went for dinner and then off to Hong Bao River at the floating platform.
It was really crowded.
During CNY period, other than Hong Bao River, many people will also go Sentosa for the Flower Festival.
However, it is really almost everyday nowadays, I really wonder what will happen to the flowers there.
Not sure if we will go there this year too..

Ok.. Some pics that I took using my phone.
There's still some more photos inside BF's sis's camera.
So I am waiting for them to upload into Facebook so that I can post it here.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Snake Year 初一

Happy Valentine's Day all~ Y

Its the fifth day of CNY today. I gonna blog about my 1st day of CNY.
Coincidentally it was my Sister's birthday that day. :D

CNY outfit.
High Low Dress from Topshop.
Love this dress very much!

So this year was a little different from the previous year for my family visiting schedule.
But as usual, early in the morning I will head to Boyfriend's side for visiting first.

Boyfriend's side of families are all dog lovers.
Almost every house I went to, they will have 1 or 2 dogs.
Luckily I am no long afraid of dogs anymore after knowing him for years. Haha..

This is one big dog!
Moreover, its the first time I tried to pat this kind of breed.
It is really friendly and very tamed.
I didn't hear a single bark from it.

Aiyo blurred it face because it cannot stop looking around.

See.. camera shy~ lol.

By the way, Rayray also come out to bainian with us.

Loving this pic with Ray. :D

Ray look so happy here eh..

Big head Ray.. Looking cute. ;)

After visiting at his side, we went back to my house for visiting in the noon.
Was quite a rush one unlike the previous year when we can go in the evening time at around 5-6pm+.

Anyway still, we took some time to take some shots.
Dad was still sleeping at that time, he didn't join us to great grandmother's house..

Family excluding my dad.
Think my sis and I look quite alike here.. Haha..

Mum and sis looking cute here..
I was saying that mum like our sister like that.. Haha..

Took a snapshot with my polariod too~ :D

After visiting at my great grandmother's house, we went back to grandmother place for dinner..
Took a few photos with my sibilings too.

After which Boyfriend and I went to watch Stephen Chou's movie Journey To The West.
It was a comedy show!
At one part it was really hilarious that I can't stop laughing and I laughed until I teared!
Some of the parts are a bit draggy and look weird too.
Show Luo also co-star in the movie and he seems like acting himself. -.-

Ok, shall continue day 2 in the next post soon.