Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Brunch at Chock Full Of Beans

Happy Easter Sunday~
Its the last day of March today and tomorrow its April!
Don't get fooled tomorrow oh~

Had Brunch with Boyfriend at Chock Full of Beans today.
Cant remember when was the last Brunch we had or the last place we explored.

Anyway, boyfriend wanted to try this place due to the Latte Art so we decided to have brunch there.

Vanilla Latte Regular ($5)
Aww.. the bear is so damn cute!
How to bear to drink it?!

Ice Vanilla Latte ($6.50)
Tic-Tac-Toe Art.

G.M.N.Y: Bagel + Salmon + caramelized onions scrambled eggs + Tomato ($18)

Chock Full of Beans Big Breakfast ($18)
I want to specially comment the baked beans because it is rather different from other places.
I am not sure if its homemade but I like it.

It was a nice place for brunch.
Since the place is rather near to Changi Village Hawker Center, I feel that maybe after a lunch or dinner there, you can dropped by for a coffee.

Chock Full of Beans
4 Changi Village Road #01-2090
Tel: 62148839

Friday, March 29, 2013

Kiyomi Gwiyomi~

Hello everybody.
Today is a public holiday.
Yeah~ Finally a long weekend break.

I am currently waiting for time to pass so that we can go dinner at Togi Korean Restaurant!
Missing the food there.. Hehheh~

So you see the title there.. it means cute in Korea.
Its actually from a song.
A very cute song. ^.^

I saw many youtuber from Korean, Thailand doing this song and I wanna do my version as well. ;P

I am posting 2 video of me. (Yes, i think its the first?)
So enjoy and don vomit. LOL~

Would appreciate if you LIKE my youtube videos there. ;)

Happy Holiday~

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Meet-up!

After 3 months since our last meet up, last Saturday was our first meeting up with my dear in 2013.
How pathetic~
I guess she was really busy for the past month.
Well, better be late than never meet up right.!

Went for our lunch at Plaza Singapura.
I wanted to try out the Bijin Nabe (美人锅) at Tsukada Nojo but the queues seems no ending. Sigh~
Just gotta blame the restaurant for having a small capacity of seats.
Oh and we also saw a note stating that Bijin Nabe (美人锅) served after 5pm.
Therefore, we head opposite to Nana's Green Tea to settle our lunch.
Well, one day I will try Bijin Nabe and then I'll review it. ;)

So its our first experience at Nana's Green Tea.
I was hesitating whether to try this or not because the drink menu are all green tea.
Not that I don't drink green tea but I haven tried green tea with milk so they all look kind of scary to me.. Haha..

L-R: Matcha Choc Latte, Matcha w White Pearl Float, Azuki Red Cream Latte

And I love the one that I choose for myself, Matcha Choc Latte.
The sweetness from the chocolate syrup help to sweeten up the Matcha.
Didn't know this combination can taste so heavenly.

Sheau wei had Donburi.
Which she didn't really like because the mayonnaise sauce is too much.
After eating a few mouthful, she got sick of it already..

I had Chicken Teriyaki Don. It was not bad.
The teriyaki sauce is nice.
The chicken is okay too.
Totally forgot to tell the waiter that I wanted the egg to be hard-boiled because I am not a fan of half-boiled egg. Haha..

After our full lunch, we went shopping.
Brought her to Jrunway and my dear girl bought a few rings.
She super love rings and will wear it daily unlike me..
I bought a few but few days later, I don wear it anymore. LOL~

Then we continue to shop at Forever 21 at 313@Somerset and then to H&M.
Both of us got a few clothings to add into our wardrobe. :)

Head over to Shaw Center to have our dinner at Tonkichi.

Both of us had Tonjiru Udon.
The soup is tasty and I almost finish drinking the soup.

After dinner, we walked back to Plaza Singapura to look for Boyfriend as he headed over.
Asked him to send Sheauwei home too. :)

Await for our next meet up soon.
And and hopefully the Seoul trip shall confirm soon!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bangkok 2012 --- Part 1

Super overdue post on Bangkok trip last year October. *Oops*
It was Boyfriend and my first trip to Bangkok.
Many friends of ours are frequent visitors to Bangkok.
Always heard them telling us about the shopping, the food and places.
Finally it was our turn to experience it!

Our Travel period was from 22 Oct 2012 to 26 Oct 2012, a 5D4N trip.
We touched down at Bangkok Airport at around 12.30pm.
And we reached our hotel at around 4pm.
There were massive jam!
I guess if we didn't go by the highway, we might reached our hotel later. D;

By the way, we stayed in Glow Pratunam Hotel.
My friend told me about this new hotel which is located very near to Pratunam mall, so we decided to stay there.
It was a pleasure stay at Glow Pratunam and if I were to visit Bangkok again, I will definitely go back.!
The hotel staffs were so helpful and don't worry they can speak and understand English.

We even got this card from them which was so useful.
Due to the language barrier, some taxi drivers might not understand English.
So this is definitely a great help for us.

Back about the information on Glow Pratunam.
We booked the Deluxe Double for 4 night at THB10,000 (est. S$430).
It was spacious, room was clean and look very new.

iPhone dock which is a plus for us, iPhone users.

Opposite us is the Grand Diamond Hotel.

So I changed and headed out.
The weather outside is sunny.

We went for our lunch at Platinum Fashion Mall first.
Our friends told us that are a lot of nice food at the foodcourt.
Yes, foodcourt! You didn't see wrong. Haha..
It's located inside Platinum Fashion Mall at Level 5, if I am not wrong.

Don't ponder... This is bird nest actually. Haha..

And this is shark fin soup!
Real shark fin.
Felt really guilty eating the shark fin when we were in BKK but it was so good and cheap!!

After our lunch, we shop around the Platinum Fashion Mall.
The mall is super big like you cannot finish walking in a day.
Also, we did too much walking just in the mall and it ached my poor legs badly. :(
Never felt this way before when I was in Taiwan...

Our hotel during the night.
Pretty lights light up the hotel. ^^

Dinner at A&W.
So miss the waffles.
Why they close down A&W in Singapore? D;

Makes me hungry now....

By the way guys!
You can tailor made your formal shirt at Thailand.
Its cheaper than doing it in Singapore.
Many Singaporean guys or maybe even ladies went to custom made formal wears because you can tailor made a one of a kind shirts.

My BF found one of the good one call Paul's Fashion and it is located inside Amari Watergate Hotel.
It was near Glow Pratunam.
You can reached there less 5mins walk because its just opposite Platinum Mall.
They took about 3-4days for the clothes to be ready.

Here's what boyfriend got for himself.
I think they look good on him.

Alright part 1 is until here...
More to come.. See you~

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

EwF with Hanisha

Tried out Everything with Fries (EwF) at Orchard Central with Hanisha.
The concept there is like any other fast food restaurant.
I always thought the place is like a western food restaurant.

Here's the Menu for your reference.
I think its more worthy if you get the meal at $9.90.
But I think you can share with your partner because the whole set is a lot and both of us couldn't finish our food.

I ordered this Pork Katsu Sandwich with Original Fries.
The sauce inside is curry sauce which is something new to me.
The pork patty is fried to its crispiness. Love it.

Hanisha ordered this Battered Fish Sandwich with Sour Cream and Onion Fries.
Tried a piece of the Fish and its not bad too.
Hers look healthier than mine because of the lettuces.

Our side dish, Nuggets which we couldn't even finish and I had to bring home. -_-"
Whenever I am out for dinner with her, my stomach became very small..
Always we cannot finish our food one.. Omg~

After which, we walked along Orchard road to digest our food.

Stopped outside Wisma to camwhore with the colourful neon light stairs.
Don't you find the colourful neon light flight of stairs look beautiful?

Then we continue to walk down to Far East Plaza for window shopping before heading back home..