Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bliss House Theme Restaurant

Celebrated  my belated with SheauWei at Bliss House Theme Restaurant yesterday.
Saw a few post on this restaurant and I find that the place is beautiful so I decided to try the place there. :)

When we went in the restaurant, we were amazed by the beautiful floral decoration inside the restaurant.
The ambiance is pretty good.
Not much people when we went over because it was close to 3pm already.
The staffs was really friendly and attentive too. :D
They allowed us to move around the place and take photos and they also offered to help Sheauwei and I to take photos together! ^^

After taking some photos, we were told that our food is being served.
So we put down our camera and enjoy the meal first. :)

Mushroom soup (S$8)

Seafood pasta with Tomato sauce (S$26)

Because we feel full after our main, we decided to go around taking pretty photos while waiting for the food to digest a bit in our stomach before we eat our dessert. :D

Continue with my last food..

Flourless Dark chocolate cake (S$12)

Candid photo taken by Sheauwei without my attention. Haha..
I was posting the dessert photo into my instagram actually~

Overall experience there was good.
Staff was attentive, friendly and helpful.
As for the food, I think that its okay to me.
The mushroom soup was very thick.
Though I'm not really a fan of mushroom but I think its okay.
The seafood pasta is good too and they gave me many clams which I ended up wasting it because I don't eat clams. D;
I should tell them to remove the clams in future when I order any seafood pasta.
The dark chocolate cake is not bad but I still prefer the one at Flutes at the Fort.

Last photo of us before leaving the restaurant. :)

Bliss House Theme Restaurant
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21,
The Central, Singapore 059817
Tel: (65) 6225 5532

Birthday present from her. :D
Thank for the companion, the lunch and the present!! Y

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Another Year Older~

About 1 hour left before the end of my birthday.
So yeah.. today is just another year of me becoming 1 year older. :(

Didn't start well today as I got a swollen left eyes.
Luckily its not serious but because of that I could not take any photos. D;

Anyway thanks to my boss for the birthday cake.
Its the third year, that they bought cake for me which make me think back that for the past 3 years my birthday falls on a weekday and I didn't take leave. Haha..
Oh they finally bought a different cake this year but still not my favorite chocolate cake. Lol~

After work, I had a simple dinner with boyfriend at Tsukada Nojo located at Plaza Singapura.
Wanted to try this because of the Binjin Nabe (美人锅).!

For $25/pax for all the above food.

Came like this...

After heating up, it becomes soup.

Additionally, we also ordered 2 sides to try.

Nikumaki Onigiri with Cheese (1pcs) at S$3.50.
It like glutinous rice wrap around the bacon and melted cheese on top.
It is nice.

Fresh Salmon Spring Roll (4pcs) at S$6.00.
Very disappointed with this one as the vegetables inside are so raw and I was like forcing myself to eat it.
In the end I only ate 1 piece and the other piece, I only took out the salmon to eat.

Overall the Bijin Nabe is not bad.
However, it quite oily.
The thick mochi-mochi noodle with the soup is really tasty.
Heh.. hope after eating this Bijin Nabe, my skin will improved. :p

Tsukada Nojo
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura #03-81
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6336 5003

As you can see, it just a normal day that I just normally pass. Haha..
Happy Birthday to myself!
And thanks to all my friends who wished me through Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS and email.
Really appreciate all these warm wishes. :D

Monday, April 22, 2013

Welcome and Farewell Dinner

This gonna be like the 2nd last dinner with my current company.
We dined at the Wine connection Tapas Bar & Bistro for this welcome and farewell dinner.

By the way, it obvious now that I am quitting my current job and will be joining a new company next month.
Feeling excited and worried at the same time.
I really hope the grass is greener on the other side. Haha..

Hmm back to the topic, it was my farewell dinner and a welcome dinner for the 2 girls who's joined us last well and will be taking over my place.
They are lucky to have them two to accompany each other.
I was all alone for the past 3 years. *Saddened*
Anyway, its good for them also lah..

Now I just hope that the 2 girls can absorb and learn as much as possible before I left.
Alrite, ending a photo with the girls. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwback to Last Weekend

Had been busy with work and feeling stress out this week.
After back home from work, I had to do up my itinerary and also I do my handover work. -_-"
Oh ya, we finalized the hotel stay just yesterday..
So I didn't have much time to blog.
But its okay, here I am, a blog post of last weekend happening.

I had a new haircut again.
Trimmed my fringe to bangs and finally tried red color dye on myself.
Not really a fan of red hair but I got bored of my usual brownish or ashy tone so I just wanna try something new.
And I think I look not bad when I had makeup on.
But I look quite like shit without makeup on. Hahaha.. =X

Bought and tried a new color contact lens, tri-tone brown but it looks like green in the photo.
By the way, all photos taken 1 day after my haircut and hair dye.

So last Saturday, Boyfriend and I had our usual hang out.
Tokyo Auto Salon was held last week and boyfriend had been eager-ed to go see all the cars and pretty girls, so I accompanied him to go.
Entry fee was $25/pax and he paid for mine. LOL.
We stayed there for about 3hrs viewing different cars, pretty girls and we also caught a glimpse of AKB48, the popular Japanese girl group.
We also saw many cars being custom-built and that look really cool.
I didn't took any photos from the show and the photos are in boyfriend's camera.
Not really a fan of these as well so you can see that I just accompanied him to the show. :)

After the show, we went for our dinner at Tomi Sushi which is at Parco Millenia Walk as boyfriend was craving for raw salmons.

We ordered dinner set and the set came in quite a big portion with many side dishes.
So I guess it's quite worthy if you order set.
Otherwise, it would be rather pricey.
By the way, their menu has little varieties as well.
Overall, the food are tasty.
The raw tuna and salmon are very fresh.

Sunday, I went out with family, so there's nothing much to write on. Haha..
Another boring post updating my weekend. *yawn*
Alrite, till then..

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cafe De Jardin

Cafe De Jardin is located at Shaw Towers.
Nowadays I've been addicted to eat lunch there because of the salad menu.

Shaw Tower itself has many nice restaurants.
May I should create a post on the good food there since I have been working for almost 3 years there so I guess I can intro to you which food are nice. :D
So that I shall leave it to another day. Haha..

So as for now...
Cafe De Jardin

The ambience there is great.
Great place for catching up with friends, lunch together.

Some cute decoration at the counter.
There are more cute decoration around.
I guess the owner of the shop loves cute bunny like me.
Because the shop are filled with bunny bear.

So 2 weeks ago, I decided to try the food there.
I tabao-ed (english term is take away) the food back to my office.

My order: Main with 4 sides + top up of premium meat + 2 type of dressings.
Main: Fusilli
4 sides: Egg, Baked Potato, Carrot and Broccoli
Premium Meat: Smoked Salmon
I cannot remember the dressing because I asked the guy to help me mixed it.
The salad was nice just that I didn't really like the dressing.
I am someone who love salty stuff but the dressing he mixed was about sweet and sour.
This big bowl of salad is too much for me that I couldn't finish it.
Still, I feel that its worth and good for people who wanna go on a healthy diet.
Total for this bowl: $7.50.

I also add on a bowl of soup of the day -  Cream of vegetable.
I am not really of fan of creamy soup but I decided to try it.
And I totally love the soup!
$2 for a bowl.

And today I tried their rosti.
Rosti are only available on Friday only!

I had this plain rosti with Salmon and Mozzarella cheese.
This plate cost $5.50.
They have another type called the Pizza rosti if I am not wrong.
The pizza rosti you can choose 4 sides and I guess they will mixed it with the rosti for you.
Maybe I shall try that next week? Haha..

As compared to Once upon a Rosti, I prefer this because the rosti is soft and crispy.
But compared to rosti from Marche, I feel that Marche's still taste better.
The only thing I dislike the rosti here is that its quite oily..

So yup, this is my recent try food even though I've working there for so long.
Didn't patronize until now because I didn't know what was they selling then. Haha..
Oh, other than salad, rosti, they also sell sandwich and fruits.
So I guess there might be a part 2 for this cafe if I manage to try the sandwich. :D

Cafe De Jardin
100 Beach Road
#01-52 Shaw Towers
Tel: 62952188

Happy Friday~

Just this week alone, its seems so many things happening to myself. Haha..
Good and bad things anyway..

The good new was that I got a notice that I was being offered by a company on Monday morning.
So I tendered in the afternoon on that day itself.
I was so nervous giving my resignation letter to my boss however, I passed that already.
Boss didn't really ask me to stay because I wanted a change of environment.
To be honest, I had wanted to change since last year. =X
Supposedly to go to Japan for work training either this autumn or next spring.
I actually want to go Japan for a holiday not for work.
Thus, I will go Japan myself when I had the money..

Currently boss is recruiting new staff to replace me.
I actually felt bad to just give him this notice lah..
But if I think for others, I will not be able to progress mah..
So I hope the new girls coming will be willing to learn from me and take up as much as possible before I leave here. :)

Ohh.. I just cant wait for my next holiday trip to come.
Its just less than 1 month and I'm so excited!
It is really time for a good break.
And my birthday is just about 2 weeks away..
Its the time of the year to get older by a year again.

Happy Friday people.
Have a good break.

P/S: Not gonna mention the bad news in this post cos its like nothing much.. Haha..

Japanese Cuisine

I'm sorry I started my post with #OOTD for last Saturday..

And the nailart I did myself last week which I find it cute la.. Hehehe..
Loving the color combination.

So just last weekend, I tried new places for Japanese Cuisine.
Met up with Eng Sang and Jingwen at town area and we headed down to OG area to try a Japanese ramen restaurant.
Jingwen saw it so we decided to try it.

We chose this set meal.

The soup broth and ramen is okay
I quite like the meat ball which is made of meat la..
I just cannot accept that their spa egg which was like half boiled egg. OMG!
Wasted my $1 for this egg which I don't eat. LOL~

Overall, I find that the food is okay.
Each of us spent about $17.50.

Hachifukumaru Ramen
160 Orchard Road
OG Orchard Point #01-13
Singapore 238842
Located beside OCBC Bank
Tel: 6737-9713

After our lunch, we went to Cuppage for a singing session which I haven't done for so long~
Feels good to sing our lungs out. Haha~


On Sunday, Boyfriend brought me to Chinatown to try out Salmon Don which he keep raving that its very nice and value for money.
Previously they located at Tanjong Pagar market and many working adult would grab it for lunch.
But now they relocated to Chinatown Food Complex.
By the way, this Japanese food is located in a hawker centre.

Teriyaki Salmon Don comes with Miso Soup.
Can you see the 2 generous pieces of salmon?
Moreover, its the first time that I ate a fried Teriyaki Salmon.
It tastes so good!
I think it cost about $5-$6 only!
Super cheap right!

Ebi Curry Don comes with Miso Soup.
This was boyfriend meal and I tried a piece of the ebi and the curry.
It was super yummy too!
The ebi is deep fried to its crispiness. *slurp*
I think this also cost $5-$6 too!

The food are really good and value for money like what boyfriend said.
Must try. If you don't try, you won't know it! :)

KAZAN Japanese Cuisine 
335 Smith Street #02-003
Chinatown Food Complex
Tel: 84555229

This is all for the last weekend.
I know I haven been blogging properly because I have rather busy and lazy lately.
Haha.. turning old so you cannot blame me.. :p
Bye lah!