Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb

Last Saturday, Wen, Sang and I went to the ArtScience Museum to see the Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition.
The entry fee for local is $13 while the non-local cost $15.
So show your IC to show you are Singaporean to get the $13 ticket.

On the way to the exhibition.

We were given these 3D spec to wear.
There's a short video on one of the mummy that they analyse.
I think its pretty good which gives us more understanding about the mummy.

There are a new items that they exhibit for you to see.
There's even a coffin for the mummy but i am not if there's a real mummy inside or not.
Overall the trip is quite fun.
Its the first mummy exhibition that i went.
Previously, I have always wanted to go and finally got a chance now.
It was a good experience. ^^

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

O-AN Japanese Restaurant

Oh hi~
#LOTD last Saturday when Im heading for lunch buffet at O-AN Japanese Restaurant.
Bought this 10 course buffet lunch voucher deal cost $29.90 exclude all service charges.
For all the food below (except for the matcha green tea ice-cream) its shared for 2 pax.

My review is that I think the food is not bad.
Both of us also feel full after eating all the food.
I just want to comment on the matcha green tea ice-cream which i bought..
As you can see from the photo above, the ice-cream is so pathetic that it is less than a scoop which cost me $2.90. So unworthy. -_-"
Other than that, i think others are alright..

O-AN Japanese Restaurant
16 Raffles Quay
Hong Leong Building
Tel: 62217781

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eyebrow Embroidery

Can you tell that I am not having make up on for the above photo?
Haha you might be able to tell due to my terrible eyebags. D:
But anyway, that not the main point..
My main point is that I had eyebrows embroidery!
People said that eyebrows are window to your face, which is so true!
Whenever my eyebrows are drawn, I feel that I look more awake and not so pale.

Don't believe? I'll show you but pardon me for my face as I did not had my makeup on. :p

Haha.. I look so bare. OMG~

So this is a before and after photos of my eyebrow embroidery.

This is day 1 which I did it yesterday.
Photo taken about 1-2hours later after I done.
You can see there's a bit redness on my eyebrow.
But it subsides after I woke up the next day.

And this is the 2nd day which is today. :)

I feel satisfied with the embroidery done.
Actually, my sis did it last year and I was hesitating whether to do or not.
In the end, I decide to give it a try.
Until yesterday, I still feel that I might regret doing it.
However, after I saw the result, I was happy as well as relieved. Lol~

By the way, the pain is bearable to me.
It somehow feels like threading but its a longer duration and its like tattoo-ing your whole eyebrows.
But don't worry, they put numbing cream to lessen the pain.

FYI, I did it at Salon #1 at Bishan and is done by Amy.
You will expect 4 months plus of wait if you want her to do for you.
Cant wait for my touch up at the next session in September. ^^

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It's the fifth working day at the new workplace.
First day started quite well.. But after the third day I sort of gotten sick and tired to wake up so early every morning.
FYI, I wakes up at 6.15am now. 
Compare to the previous, it's an hour earlier! Omg~
You can imagine I'm depriving of sleep every single day!
Maybe I just have not get use to it.
I'm trying to sleep at 11pm everyday which make me feels like no life la..

I reached home everyday at about 7pm.
So I left like 4hrs to do my stuff before I'm off to bed.
It's like not enough time for me to blog and stuff anymore.

Working here seems to make me disconnect from the Internet world.
Like I say I left like 4hours to do my stuffs..
That's explain less blog post now..
I had so much overdue post. D:
And right now, I'm typing this is when I'm on my way to meet my sister for an eyebrows embroidery session which we have waited since January. -.-"

It seems that I regretted leaving the previous comfort zone to here.
However, I guess it's just the working area is too far from my home that makes me feel this way currently.
Working wise, I guess it's still alright as I'm still learning new things and trying to keep myself busy even though I don really have much things to do yet.
The girl handing over to me seems very busy with her stuff as well and I am starting to feel that she's not handing over properly to me. =\

Shucks~ really don't know now..
I really don wanna have anymore negative thinking. :(
I shall endure just like how I endure every past jobs.
I realized when I start a new job, at the start I will have complaints but after that I just got over it. Lol~
So I hope this time, it will be the same too! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I feel that my life for the past years till now got better and better.
If its wasn't for the HR who helped me up my salary price for KT, if it wasn't for my sales manager who helped me fight for my rights, I don't think along the way till now it will be as good as now.
I am grateful and thankful for the people I've met and helped me.
If its isnt for them, maybe I am unable to travel Taiwan or travel other countries every year. Haha..

Working in KT is a love and hate relationship.
From the start, I complaint being lonely and alone but I got through it and worked there for almost 3 years.
KT made me realize that I am self-discipline and capable even though I do slack a bit.
My parents and friends said that I had a good life working in KT.
Pay was good and can shake legs sometimes as well. :O
Well... I agree to a certain extend because sometimes when no one is in the office I could surf the web, watch shows and so on. LOL.
However, that depends if I have my work done or not as I said that I am self-discipline so I slack provided I have done all my work and no outstanding.

Anyway, working there, I learnt a lot of things that gain me good knowledge and will help me in my future career.
So its time for me to find a better environment and maybe career prospect. :)

I received some well wishes from my Malaysian and Japanese colleagues and I feel very appreciated by them.
So one of my director in HQ came down on 6 May to have a farewell dinner for me with the company.
Everything went well.

Photos from that day dinner.
I duno why our face all quite chui. LOL~
Maybe cos after work?

And I got gift from them. :)

Lastly, thanks again to KT and those who helped me along the way.
So bliss to meet friends rather foes. :D

Monday, May 06, 2013

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Birthday Staycation

Booked Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel for my birthday staycation months ago.
And we stayed over for 1 night on 19 April to 20 April. :D
It was a good early birthday celebration with da boyfriend except for some not so good experience with the hotel though.

We were able to check in at about 12.30pm.
Then we relaxed in the room and took lots of photos. Haha..

#OOTD for that day

We stayed at level 17 with city view.
Its not really high level though I wish for higher level~
Best if the view is the garden by the bay.
But.... no~

The comfy bed but not the pillow. LOL!
I say real one.. the pillows are not comfortable at all! Like some cheap pillows~

I love the bathroom.
Always love bathroom that are spacious with big mirrors like this!
And with bathtub too!

The shampoo and body wash has really nice smell. ^.^

This photo credit to boyfriend. :D

We bought Laduree to try!
And it become one of my favourite macrons now. :D

We went up to the Sky park to take a look there.
By the way, I always wanted to try the infinity pool so I decide to have a staycation over there.
In the end, we didn't get to try the pool. *Sigh* What a waste! D;

After that, we had dinner at Au Chocolat.
The food that we ordered is okay to me.
Maybe I got sick of eating Western food for the past few days so I wasn't sure what to eat that day.

Slice of birthday cake boyfriend got for me. :D

With the naughty boyfriend. :D
Thanks for the day. ^^