Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Finally Update A Bit~

It's been a week plus since the last post.
And the pictures at the below posts are all over the bandwidth thus not showing the pictures. -_-"
Not sure what has happen to Photobucket.
Anyway, I will just upload via Picasa now.
I wanted to upload in Photobucket because all the photo there are for keepsake and I don't use Picasa much but now seems like I don't have a choice~

Well anyway, its coming to the end of June in a few days time.
And today afternoon, I suddenly remembered that today is the 5th year anniversary with Boyfriend.
Hah! What a long way we come..
I feel that we're getting old.. Just like birthday~ The bigger the number, the older I feel we are.. LOL~
Anyway, our date is very difficult to remember thus, I usually got mixed up.
I always thought its either 26 July or 27 June. Its just confusing~

Anyway, I've been working for almost 1mth and 2 weeks now..
Work are still like tat anyway~
I still don't wanna get use. LOL~
Seriously, I've been complaining like almost every god damn day..
Well, just gonna endure yah..

So yesterday, my team organize a KTV session as team bonding.
They have this kind of bonding or lunch monthly for get together and also it seems like the company appreciate us.
So we have total of 4 Chinese and 2 Korean ladies.
Quite a weird matching but still quite fun.
However, just that maybe we are all very shy so we were not very enthu with singing songs. LOL~

L-R: Sok Nie, Winnie, Sojung, Ms Park, Yours Truly, Esty

Well, they are nice people in the company, in my team.
However, maybe I feel the age gap there so sometimes I feel weird being with them.
I guess we can be colleagues but difficult to be friends. :)

So TGIF tomorrow.
I'm waiting to have a big feast on Saturday with boyfriend.
And finally a meetup with Lixian and Huisan tomorrow. Hahaha..

Alright, I shall sign off as for now.
See you soon ^_*

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Switch by Timbre

Hihi~ dressed up nicely for last Saturday event with my girlfriends. ^^
We went to Switch by Timbre.
Heard of the place from a few friends but have yet to gone there.
So it was my first time there.

Its like a indoor bar/ pub where you can have gathering with friends, enjoy the foods and listening to band performance.
Ordering by ipad. Easy peasy~ ^^

And duck pizza!
Which taste different from Timbre.
Maybe is the the duck meat here is cooked differently?

Some coconut dessert they ordered which I don't eat. Haha..

The band starts about 9.30pm on Saturday.
They sing Chinese, English and Hokkien songs. -_-
Yeah I don't know why hokkien songs but not full version of the songs.
Maybe just for entertainment.
Overall, i find that Timbre at Art house is better still. ^^

We left at about 11.30pm and BF came to fetch us to Swee Choon for supper before heading back home.
Enjoyable night, great company! ^^

Monday, June 17, 2013

River Safari at Singapore Zoo

Spent boyfriend 27th birthday at the Zoo.
Because he got free entrance due to his birthday.
LOL! Yea, I didnt know that you got free entrance fee on your birthday itself.
Anyway, not only that, we also wanted to catch a glimpse of Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the pandas who flew from China last December. ^^
 So for the benefit for the birthday boy, I got the entrance tickets to River Safari and the Zoo with free tram ride.
And boyfriend top up $5 for the tram ride which later we find it useless. -_-"

Starting off my face first. :p

Anyway this is what the birthday boy got.
Show the badge and you can get free ice-cream. LOL~

My 2 in 1 ticket.

Posing like a tourists.

Started off exploring River Safari first because it is newly opened and we haven went there before.
And we saw lots of unique species. Eye opening~ ^^
So I'll let the pictures do the talking here..

At this point, i saw this baby crocodile in this position which is soooo cute!
Many Japanese tourists around us keep saying Kawaii, Hahaha..

Nearing Kai Kai and Jia Jia~

But before the main pandas I saw this red panda which is sooooooo cute!
It lies on the tree truck resting so effortlessly! Haha..
How i wished I can carried it back home~


Boyfriend's camera could not focus on me and the red panda. -_-

First, we saw this panda chewing on the bamboos.
I guess it is Kai Kai as he is not so active.
He kept sitting there, eating and eating when we saw him.

Whereas the second panda that we saw, was so much active.
She kept walking up and down like few lap.
People there trying to take photo of it already know her route. Haha...

Settled our lunch at Mama Panda Kitchen.
Not really a restaurant though...

We ordered 2 sets of meal, Wanton noodles for me and beef noodle for himself.
And i love to snack on that lotus cracker. Surprisingly yummy. :)

Additonal cup of Giant Panda cappuccino.

And Panda Bun (red bean flavour).

After our lunch, we continue to walk and also caught a animal show performance.

And this is pirana!
The famous fish that eat humans. Lol.
They look really fierce when we saw it but they are vegetarian actually.

After which, we left River Safari.
I think we stayed there for about 4-5hours.
In the end, we left no time for the Zoo so we took the tram 1 round which only last like 15-20mins.
Waste of money really~

Then it rained heavily and we were trapped in the zoo.
Still we left no choice but to carry the umbrella to go back to the entrance to hail a cab as I reserved a Korean restaurant for his birthday dinner.

We had Auntie's Kim and actually I find the food there is so-so only..

Overall, I hoped he enjoyed.
Even though his birthday passed like about 17 days already. Hah~
Backdated post. D;