Monday, October 28, 2013

Back from Korea

Hello there~ I'm finally back to Singapore after my 9 days korea trip!
To be honest, it is a love-hate relationship with Korea.
Don't really want to write grandmother story so long story cut short.
The first 2 days at Sokcho and Mount Sorak was great but the days in Seoul are quite torturing.
During the days, we encountered good and bad things.
The good ones are we met helpful people that helped us during the trip, the pretty scenery, the shopping and food.
While the bad one are like the torturous staircase in the subway stations, the super chilly weather and the guesthouse we stayed.
I have never feel so homesick when I am away. Haha..
We took many many beautiful pictures and there are so much to edit and the thought of it sulks me.
Well, but I will try my best to update it soon since I have so much free time now~
So be patience about it.

Anyway earlier on in the plane coming back to Singapore, I watched a few movies.
And one of the movie made me cry so hard.
Actually, Sheauwei watched it first and I was shocked to see her tearing when watching.
So after I watched 'Now You See Me' which is quite a good movie, I watched the movie that she watched.
Its a Korean movie named Miracle in Cell No. 7.
It is really a very touching and heartwarming show which I recommend watching!

And full movie on youtube below, be sure to click the English subtitle.

Alrite alrite..
My next travelogue will be this year Taiwan trip, then the KL post and soon will be Korea Trip okay! ^_^
Be back soon!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fun Day at Adventure Cove

Hi~ I'm starting this post with a video that I edited. :)

Rewind back to 30 August 2013, a Friday, we had a double couple date to Adventure Cove.
At first, I didn't know of this place until Veron told me about it.
Seriously, I don't even know when this place was built. Lol~

Tickets that I bought from
The guy sells many tickets at a cheaper price than the retail one.
So I bought this tickets at S$26 each. ^^

Yay us~ Without make up~ Duh..

After that, we got ready to get wet!

There are few slides for us to take and am quite happy to try all.
And they are really fun!
Luckily, there won't much people that we need to queue for an hour to play the slides.
I think we queued for at least 30 min for some rides only..
And due to safety circumstances, I think camera are not allow so I couldn't take photos or video recording.
Anyway, most importantly is to have fun! =D

We enjoyed from about 10AM to about 3PM then we showed and get changed.
They weather was okay but it drizzled for a while.
Luckily there were no thunderstorm, if not we will not be able to enjoy as much as that day.

Best photo of the day. Haha..
Because we had make up on~
Some people say we look like twins. You think so? Haha..

Alrite~ I will be hiatus for about a week because I'm flying off to Korea tonight!
Yay~ Finally the day has come.
Shall end here..
Don't miss me~
Will be back soon with lots of pretty photos.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

S.E.A Aquarium

On the 29 September, Boyfriend with his family and I went to tour around S.E.A Aquarium at Sentosa.
To me, the feeling of being there is like at the Siam Ocean World in Bangkok.
Many fishes and sea animals there are not amazing to me anymore because I've seen it in Bangkok. LOL~ =X
Still, there are many pretty things to see.
Anyway. there were many people on that day because its a weekend..

Alrite picture time!!!

Cylinder Tank with pretty fishes~

A school of fishes


Some hardworking divers doing their job.


Lion Fish.

Look like dead fishes there..


Thats the end of the end. :p

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Made Kimbap (김밥)

Been wanting to try making Kimbap (Korean 'Sushi') after I tried once few months ago.
My ex-colleague's wife made this and it was so tasty!

Bought the ingredients few days ago and decided to make it this morning.
I seldom cook so my family always thought I cannot cook. =(
Even bf oso see me down when he asked if my sisiter will be helping me with the cooking or not. Damn sad lah~
So I sort of proof them that I can cook lah..

Seaweed come with a roll ($11)

Carrot ($0.90)

Chinese Spinach ($1.55)

Pickled radish ($3.20) which I bought as Medi-Ya supermarket at Liang Court.
I'm not sure why Cold Storage, NTUC, Sheng Shiong and Giant doesn't sell it?

Imitation Crabsticks ($1.95)

As for rice, I use Japanese rice or short grain rice which is use to make sushi.

Cooked all the above myself by following the instruction from the internet (reference below of the post).

The difficult part is here when I have to roll the kimbap.
The first roll was too thick as I put too much rice. Haha~

And here is my final.
I made a lot of it for my family and boyfriend.
I think it still passable just that the rice is too bland because I didn't put salt. D;
Will make a better one next time. ;)

Reference :

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch at Chocks Full of Beans.
Its been quite some time since I'm back here.
This time we tried the other brunch menu as well as ordering a 3D art cafe latte.

A bear and a cat 3D art.
Cute isn't it?

Mine Ultimate Swiss Rosti ($18)
The rosti is not bad and I wish its a bigger piece~

Hmm forgotten what boyfriend ordered but the croissant is really nice~

Hope to go back for the Honey Matcha Latte next time~
Happy Sunday everybody~
Coming next is a short work week. Fighting!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

2013 Girls' Generation Girls & Peace Concert In Singapore


Tried the daily Maxi Eyes lens in brown.
IRL I looked kinda weird.? Haha..

So Finally this day has come..
We attended Girls' Generation Girls & Peace Concert this evening feeling with anticipation!
Boyfriend and I were there early at about 3pm because he wanna get the fanlight.

Pretty Fanlight we got at $11.
But on the way to toilet, we saw guys selling at $10 and buy 1 get 1 free. -__-" *felt cheated*

Anyway, we went to Kallang Leisure Park to fill our empty stomach before back to queue for entrance.

Tagged Pink for Pen A

While waiting, we got a banner and instruction for the later concert on "what to do". =O

Photos of us before going in~

Our $251 worthwhile concert tickets. Hahaha~

All in all, the concert was fun.
Us at the moshpit area were really close to SNSD.
Tommy and Kelvin who were at the VIP seats seems to be quite far from the stage. D;
Therefore, for our side, even though there were many people in front of us blocking the way, but we still can really see them clearly.
And I enjoyed so much that I danced (shaking actually) along my favourite songs. HAHA!

To be honest, I am not a SONES but I really like their songs and the girls are really pretty.
They are like a model to us girls. LOL!
Slim, pretty and with long pretty slim legs. *drools*
I'm so envy~~

Oh ya, my surroundings at Pen A are mostly guys~
So it was a great experience for a 2hr+ shows.
I hope boyfriend enjoy as well and enjoyed watching his favourite girl. ^_*