Thursday, November 28, 2013

Decision Making

In life, its all about making decision.

Everyday you decides what you want to wear, what you want to eat, what you movie/ drama you want to watch, what you want to do for that day, etc..

Or during the days when you were younger, you went Primary School, deciding which who you want to make friends with, decide you want to get good grades then pass you PSLE, decides which Secondary School you want to go.

After you join Secondary School, you decide with curriculum activity (CCA) you want to join, or what subject you want to take etc.

Then the cycle goes again when you go to Polytechnic or Junior Collage or University..

After graduation, you decides what job you want to work as, where/ which company you want to join..

There I listed down most of the decision making you do in life, crucial and non-crucial ones.

Well, actually what I want to say is that, I sometimes really do hate making decision. I am indecisive when comes to the crucial decision making. Hmm.. maybe even the non-crucial one as well. Heh~

Many a time, I feel that I always make the wrong decision and makes me really regret when I looked back. Not to mention, I had also missed out chances that was given to me. Sigh~

Sometimes, I feel that my dad is a predictor. Or rather, I would say it in Chinese saying "不听老人言,吃亏在眼前。" Which means like "if you don't listen to the older gen, it will be at your disadvantage". Yeah.. I always don't listen to his advice, then it becomes my disadvantage. =/

Oh well.. Sorry for being such a nag today. Its just that I haven been putting thought into words in my blog for the longest time, so pardon me yah..

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Relaxing November Saturday

This is one of the enjoying days with SheauWei and Shari.

 I met up with SheauWei first in the noon for brunch at d'Good Cafe located at Holland Village.
As you know that I am always looking out for cafe to try the brunch. :)

Quite easy to find the place. Here's the outside of the building.

It was really crowded that day.
Even though I don show you in this photo, but the counter area was really cramped and packed

There are 2nd level and 3rd level seating.
Indoor and outdoor as well.
We managed to find a place to sit at level 3 indoor. Lucky us.

We have to self service, which means buy food and drinks at the counter and also when the food are ready, you have to collect it yourselves.
Which is quite different from other cafe that I've been because mostly would serve us, allocate seats for us..

Sheauwei got the Caramel Chocolate Ice Blended drink.
Very chocolaty~ *slurps*

And mine Cafe Latte.
Ah we are holding a sweet that they gave us complimentary.

Both of us ordered the All Day Breakfast (S$16.50)

Had a great time eating brunch and talking and gossiping.
Lol~ usual things we do, enjoying the moment. :p

After eating, we went around the place to take photos as there are many decoration around the place.

Hey Xiao Bai, what are you doing there? O.o

Before leaving, we caught up with Desmond. Haha..
I guess he saw my check-in in Facebook and called me.
It was coincidence that he's lunching with his friend at the cafe and we caught up for awhile before leaving him.

d'Good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02 Singapore 278992
Tel: 6219 9807

Since we still have sometime before meeting up with Shari.
We head over to Bugis.
Ended up, we didn't do any much shopping.

SheauWei got the urge to drink Koi BBT and I thought of Woobee.
So I brought her to Shaw Tower to try my favourite BBT store~ ;)

Not long after Shari came and meet us up.
She wanted to drink Koi, so we went to buy it at Bugis+ then head down to The Central.

We had an spa and massage appointment with Ikeda Prestige.
All thanks to Shari, because I voted for her in Instagram contest and got to win a $50 voucher.
So we all went together for relaxation.

The staffs are in traditional costumes

Different timing for women and men onsen.
After filling our particulars and choosing spa treatment, we were ushered to the onsen area.

Us changed to Yukata first to camwhore. :D

Best photo of the day!

After camwhored, we remove all of our makeup before going in for onsen.
They provide makeup remover which is so good!

Shower first before going in to the onsen for hygiene purpose.
These look like Jjimjibang (korean bathhouse) area when I was at Korea.

Onsen that we soaked on for 10mins.
It was really hot but after awhile, you will feel good. Haha~

After soaking, we wash up again and was ushered to individual room for our 60mins massage.
By the way, I choose the Samurai Deep Tissue Massage.
The masseur did quite a good job for me.
Sometimes I will feel pain and aching when some masseur press too hard.
However, my masseur's strength used was just nice on me.
After the massage, I feel good. :)

FYI spa menu can be viewed here

Ikeda Spa Prestige
+65 6222 8080

After the spa and massage, I hurriedly left Sheauwei and Shari because I have to meet boyfriend for movie at AMK.
I feel apologetic to leave them like that. So sorry about it.
Nonetheless, I had a great time with them. :D

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cingjing; Taiwan 2013 --- Exploring Cingjing

So after exploring Cingjing Farm which I blogged at, we continue to explore the other parts of Cingjing.

Actually Cingjing is quite a big place.
Look at the map below. Actually we only explore the 'yellow' zone ourselves.
And Cingjing Farm is the 'green' zone.
Actually our minsu (Euro Country Villa 歐鄉美邸) is around the area too.

Click for bigger image.
Image from

Actually we walked a long way from Cingjing Farm to the yellow zone area.

Stopped by a big windmill and took a tourist shot. ^^

Also bought this squid snack to try.

Suprised to see Lavender cottage bear!
It's just a small shop selling lavender cottage stuff.
The main Lavender Cottage was at Taichung that I went last year with my mum and sis.

BF like squeezing or kui sio with the bear...

O.O! The teddy bear killer~ :O

We also dropped by Carton King Creativity Park.
I also went to the Carton King at Taichung last year.

The Bee from Carton King.

We has our brunch at Carton King Creativity Park restaurant.
BF's friend also introduce us to try the steamboat here.

Everything, the cup, table, chair are made from carton.
Damn cool!

And here's the menu Carton King Creativity Park restaurant~

Our set.

We choose the Taiwan Livestock snowflake pork slice (NT380) because I couldn't take beef.

Our soup based is Hokkaido Concentrated Milk Soup.
Very unique and it smells nice~
On the first few taste, it really nice but after a few more time, i feel that its too creamy and got sick of it.
Nonetheless, we tried something new.

Our drink is Honey Green Tea.

Wanted to get the honey ice cream I tried last year but it was not available. How sad~ :(
I hope to eat it again next time~!  T-T

I cant remember why i got this ticket.
But from reading the text in the picture, I guess because we consumed over NT300 so we got a free entrance to Small Swiss Garden 小瑞士花園?

Anyway, this conclude the end of this post.
Will be back for more about the Small Swiss Garden 小瑞士花園. ;)