Sunday, November 10, 2013

Korea Haul

Back from Korea for about 2weeks and still missing the place!
I most miss would be the shopping of cosmetics and skincare products.
Still cant get over that I haven buy enough of the stuffs and some samples I tried from them, made me want to buy the actual products!

Well, this post gonna be a post of my haul of skincare and cosmetic that i got in Korea.

Loving the SAEM products after my korea trip!
Some of the products I will review it when the time comes.
And you can see my 3 bottles Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam.
I've been using it for years already and its really good!
Stocking up as it is really cheap!!! Singapore selling S$19.90/bottle while Korea is selling at KRW6900 which is approx S$8.00.
Faceshop Singapore why you cheat my money and feeling?
The commission you take is 100%!!

All my cosmetics~

My 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) products!
Spent about S100+ for these and I must be crazy~ LOL

Leader's Insolution mask in Korea selling at Olive Young only!
Said to be No.1 in Korea too!
Before heading to Korea I try searching for information where to buy these and we chanced upon it at Olive Young.
I was soooooooooooo happy when I found it. MUST BUY!!
And duh buying in Korea is much more cheaper than in Watson Singapore for S$3.50/pcs. *Feeling cheated again*

Other masks products and some I'm giving out to friends. :)
And oh the panda eye mask was from a brand call Beyond.
It was said to be best selling.
From Day 1 when I was in Korea, it was out of stock until the day before I left and finally they stocked up.
Since it was said to be best selling, so we buy to try.
Bought 1 packet for boyfriend as requested by him.
Anyway, I have yet to try.
I shall review when I try it next time~

Bought lots of foot peeling mask back too. Haha~
My heels always cracked so I always buy foot mask to make my foot baby smooth.
Buying at Qoo10 or Singapore would be expensive so I bought many many back from Korea. LOL!

Can you believe it? Hahaha..
The more you buy, the more samples they give you.
The bottom left are the samples from the generous the SAEM.
Really love the lady and thankful to her.
There are actually more samples than these but I used it already.

And this sample from the SAEM Dr. Beauty Cell ReNew series are my current skincare favorite!
Heard that its the best selling product.
I'm currently using the 2nd set of samples and have been using for 2 weeks already and I really can see the improvement of my skin!
Wanna buy the actual set after I finish all the samples~
Shall try finding online though it will be more expensive than buying it in Korea.
But its better than nothing lah.. Haha~

My totally bare face.
No much breakout and my face is really smooth.
I never had this kind of good skin before since I don really use skincare product previously.
Now I gonna be more hardworking to be more beautiful! :p

End of post for my skincare and cosmetics haul.
Will post up reviews on those things I bought in Korea next time.
And soon my Korea trip post too.
Signing off now~ ;)


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