Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Taichung; Taiwan 2013 --- Zhongshe Toursight Flower Market 中社观光花市

Might not be suitable for guys to read! Wahahaha~

On the second day in Taichung, BF and I decided to go to Zhongshe Toursight Flower Market 中社观光花市.
Actually, I wanted to go with my mum and sis last year but the cab uncle say it would cost TWD900 to and fro from my hotel to that area.
Therefore, we dropped the idea last year but this year, I decided to try to go there by train ourselves.
Boyfriend and I are always daring to explore.
Nah to be exact it should be, I lead the way and boyfriend will follow wherever I go. Lol~ ^_^

For the itinerary, I researched for the route from the website (http://www.flowerjs.com.tw/map.asp) and try to follow it to the area.
It is quite simple actually..

The route as stated in the website (By train):
◎西部幹線「后里站」下車,再搭乘計程車至中社觀光花市。(Alight at West Line 'Houli Station' then take a taxi to Zhongshe Toursight Flower Market)
◎或「泰安站」下車,再往西步行約20分鐘即可到達。(Or alight at 'Tai'an' station, then walk towards the west and you will be able to reach about 20minutes)

Anyway, we took the train (Taichung Line) from Taichung Station to Houli station which cost us NT31 or a ticket.
FYI, Taichung line stations can be viewed -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taichung_Line

Then we took a cab down at NT200.
Finally we reached Zhongshe Toursight Flower Market 中社观光花市!

We bought the entrance ticket for NT100 per pax to just view the flowers.
The month that we went, have many species of flowers.
Some bloom into a very beautiful flowers~ So lovely!

Pretty windmill~

Need to take some #selfie with the pretty flowers~

The field is quite big and there are many decorations with flowers.
Actually that day when we went, the weather was gloomy.
But the good thing was that, it didn't rain! :)

Here are pictures of all the pretty flowers that I took.

The sunflowers were not big and fully bloom. :(
It would be really nice to see a big field of sunflowers~

And this 1 huge withered sunflower that I saw.

I'm in between a sea of colourful flowers~ so love!

And a sea of lavenders~
Its not the first time I seen lavenders but the lavenders here were bloom! Pretty~

Fake piano~

And we also bought fish food and fed the fat Koi fishes.
It was really fun feeding them..

So we stayed there for an hour or two before we left the place.
It was a nice experience. ^^

And from the flower market, we decided to walk over to Tai'an station by following the GPS in my iPhone.
It is just one straight road down to the station but it was really a long 20min+++ walk.
We both were sweating like hell. -_-

You cant even see the train station from this picture..

But the scenery and the air is quite nice though~

Ahh finally we saw some sign which show that we were on the right track.

The station was really quiet.
There was nobody in the counter until we climb up the platform, a guy told us to buy the ticket when we board the train.
So, we waited the train for about an hour.
We paid NT34 for the ticket from Tai'an station to Taichung station.
There's a guy in the train you can just tell him you want to buy ticket.

So we headed to the 2nd destination and the post will be up soon.

More information of  Zhongshe Toursight Flower Market at their website at http://www.flowerjs.com.tw/

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