Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fullhouse Signature Singapore

Christmas gathering last Saturday with Jingwen and Engsang at Fullhouse Signture Singapore which located around Clarke Quay area.
Previously I went to Bliss house and I feel that both have almost the same concept but Fullhouse are maybe more for nightlifer.

Sorry for the bad lighting..

Started of with a glass of dessert wine which taste really nice.

Our christmas gift exchange. Guess which is mine?
Haha.. its the heart-shape box which consists of perfume and body mist from bodyshop.
Thanks Jingwen~

Jingwen's order Dory Fish ($25)

My order - Breaded Chicken ($25)

Engsang's order - Fullhouse Ravioli ($25)

One of the staff told us that this dress can be tried on and take picture.
How nice! However, we didn't dare to try out. Haha~

After our food, we went around the place taking pictures.
How can we miss doing it since we were at sucha beautiful place? Lol~

After photo taking session, we ordered desserts to eat.
Been aiming the molten cake since I was first saw it in the menu. LOL~

Molten Chocolate Cake - $9

Can't remember the name of this dessert they ordered.

We continue staying until the live band performance ended which is around 11pm before we left the place..

Overall, it is a very nice place to hangout with your girlfriends.
The staffs are really friendly helping us with photo taking and orders too. :)

3A River Valley Road, #02-04, Singapore 179024
Opening Hours: 11.30am-1am (Daily)
Tel: +65 6338 0885
Email: reservation@fullhouseworld.com

Monday, December 30, 2013

Ending the good 2013~

Sipping a cup of my favorite Starbucks Mocha Frappe, waiting for my boyfriend so that we can have our last 2013 lunch together.
While waiting for him, I shall pen down my thoughts for 2013 as today is the second last day of the year..

2013 is quite an amazing year for me! 
Well, the goods and the bads.
How about you?

Thinking back, I have passed my car license on my 8th attempt in Feburary. Lol!
Not embarrassing though because I know some other people has tried more attempts than me but yet to pass.
I'm happy for myself because one less burden down and I could strike this off my bucket list that been in my resolution for the past years since like 18 years old!
Woah, that been like 8 years back! Lol!

Another bucket list was that I finally went to one of my most wanted to travel destination - South Korea, Seoul in October, Autumn my favorite season, with one of my very good friend. 
It was a trio trip and one of our happiest days in 2013! 
We experienced so much there!
Great memories.
Gotta go back one day for winter season, hopefully~
Oh, and I shall blogged about the trip soon. :p

Anyway, life is not only all good though..
I quit my 3 years career back in May and went on to another company but stayed for like 5 months before leaving them.
I kinda regretted leaving the career that I had for 3years and after leaving, I then can see mostly good things in that company.
However, time could not turn back and I shall move on too..

I cannot count how many interviews I went since then.
Got offered but I rejected, and wanting the offer but I got rejected. Lol~
My life has been playing games with me and I don't know why. Oh well~
Hopefully, I can find a better career in 2014 and got to be a good starting point.

It's the 5th year with boyfriend and finally starting to apply BTO with him. Wtf~
Hopefully we got what we wanted, if not we got to start over again.
And this guy better propose to me one day!!
I hope that I am not selling to him just cause I agreed to apply BTO together, if not then it's really fml~ WAHAHAHA!

So every year just gonna get better!~
I am not sure what will happen and what to expect in 2014.
Let nature take its course?
However for now, I just hope to get a good job to start.
No resolution this time because, I guess I'm getting older.. 
Starting from 2014, I have 3years more to step into the thirties. :S
Shit fml wtf cannot believe it!
By the time, not sure will there still anyone saying that I'm young anymore.. Lol!

Okay that all~
Hope you have a good year ahead!
Happy new year!!! xoxo

Thursday, December 26, 2013

So Christmas 2013...

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! Since its already past midnight so its 26 Dec 2013 today!
I hope you have a great Christmas this year and have a good time opening up many presents~ :D

Did nothing much on Christmas day itself.
It just seems like another weekend for boyfriend and I but would be nice if its a long weekend.
So, we met up for breakfast and caught a movie in the morning.
After which, got to drive back to his house when we napped for 2hrs plus.
Sound so no life and no big deal but anyway, its a day for him to have a good rest from work. :D

We celebrated Christmas last Saturday and have a X'mas dinner at Carousel; Royal Plaza on Scott.
The food was okay with many selection of food.
I have also gotten my Christmas present from him that night.

It was a Sony DSC-QX10!
Oh my! How many camera do I have now? =OOOO

Test shot 1, captured indoor under dim lighting.
Not bad right?
So we went out to try shooting too.
Many people that night~

Test shot 2, captured outdoor at night.
The orchard road lightings look clear, not pixelated.

Test shot 3, captured outdoor at night.
Focused on the Christmas tree, not pixelated.

Test shot 3, captured outdoor at night.
We to program auto mode and change the aperture and this came out.
Brighter image but due to other's movement, there's blurry movement object.

Overall, i think its a good camera for night shot.
I like it, thank you boyfriend even though I feel that you shouldn't buy this for me. Haha..

I really like the top from Forever 21 but was really quite shy to wear it out though.
Took courage y'know.. -__-

Trying out this selfshot of us but our face look fat lah wtf..

Back home and took some silly shots. LOL~

With the $2 Daiso stockings with sweets and chocolates I bought for him. LOL!
My main present to him was a Pedro reversible belt. ^^

Just inserting some nice photos..

Another one. :p

I didn't get much present this year but that's okay. Haha..
The older you get, the less fun you get unless you have loads of friends to celebrate with.
Well, I don't have big groups of friends so it make me less stress buying presents for people. :D
Pros and cons lah..

1st present that I got from Sheauwei. Thank you~
Nice perfume even the color of the liquid is pretty..

Powerbank charger from Tommy. Thank you!
Gonna come in handy since I always have high usage and my iPhone always drop battery so fast!

And this from Winnie. Thank you~

So what about your Christmas?
And what have you gotten this year? :)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Support Singapore Bloggers Campaign

Hello Everyone~
Last Saturday, I contributed to a video production, We Are Blogger, with other 10 bloggers at Sun Ray Cafe.
I am glad to be a part of it and I guess all of us have fun meeting with each other.

Due to the recent of incident of a blogger demanding for a free haircut and threaten to tarnish the salon's reputation has caused rumors saying that Singapore bloggers just want free stuffs and fame.
Reasons for this campaign is to show you that not every Singapore bloggers are like that!

Here's the video:

Bloggers who are Featured in the Video:

1) Joey Ong / http://www.iisjong.com
2) Siti Nurul Hudah / http://www.sitinurulhudah.wordpress.com
3) Samantha Chan / http://www.dressingmissluxe.blogspot.com
4) William Tan / http://www.onlywilliam.blogspot.com
5) Kenny Tang / http://www.boyz86-simplicity.blogspot.com
6) Tiffany Yong / http://www.tiffanyyong.com
7) Zoe / http://www.mypeaceofheaven.com
8) Yeo Hong Peng / http://www.hpility.blogspot.com
9) Natalie Ong / http://www.natalieoyq.blogspot.com
10) Jing (that's me) / http://www.loves-jing.blogspot.com
11) Wee Heng / http://www.aspirantsg.com

Press Release:

Local Bloggers in Singapore have gathered to ask the general public to support their craft by sharing their publicity video and to sign an online form. A cause #SupportSGBloggers has been created to let Singaporeans show their support and appreciation for the hard work of Bloggers in Singapore.

The image of bloggers has suffered due to recent controversies on bloggers demanding freebies from merchants such as restaurants or salons, etc. The job as a blogger has always been a difficult and thankless one. To bring the softer, up-to-date and important news to the general public, it demands time, effort, passion and determination to curate & perfect the content.

The campaign hopes to encourage Singaporeans to say 'YES' to the work of bloggers and to recognize the value of blogs and microsites in helping them make their day-to-day important decisions.

Hong Peng, a blogger who blogs at http://hpility.blogspot.sg/, and a director for the publicity video ‘We are Bloggers’ opined ‘This is a very timely and meaningful movement to get Singaporeans’ support on our craft. I have been blogging since 2007 and I take pride in attending events and launches, and bringing up-to-date information to all my readers. I see my job as an important one as it affects my readers’ decisions in all areas of their lives. I blog to see things differently and I hope Singaporeans can see the hard work we put in as bloggers’. 

Wee Heng, a popular blogger who blogs at http://www.aspirantsg.com said, ‘Participating in this video has allowed like-minded bloggers to come together for a common goal, and simply, to share our joy and love for blogging, as this unique craft has been widely misunderstood. All of us have a deep passion and mission for blogging and we ensure our blog entries are professional. We hope Singaporeans can come forward to show us their support in this regard’. 

Singaporeans can access https://www.causes.com/campaigns/70778-raise-awareness-on-the-craft-of-blogging-in-singapore to give their support. The campaign, which has a target of 1000 signatures, ends 31st Jan 2014.

This initiative is spearheaded by The Influencer Network, the fastest Influencer PR Agency in Singapore.

Ways to support this cause:

1) Share the Publicity Video on Facebook and Social networks
2) HashTag #SupportSGBloggers on Twitter and Instagram
3) Sign the cause at https://www.causes.com/campaigns/70778-raise-awareness-on-the-craft-of-blogging-in-singapore

I have support the cause.
Do show your support too!
Lastly thanks The Influencer Network family for the hard work! :)

The Saem Dr Beauty Cell Renew Review

I first started using The Saem Dr Beauty Cell Renew Toner and Emulsion when I got the samples from Korea.
I immediately fell in love with the product after I using it.
However, a small 5ml bottles for both couldn't last me long, when i'm using day and night. :(
Thus, I searched online to see whether I could find one with better price since Singapore are not selling The Saem products.
Finally, I got 1 set of The Saem Dr Beauty Cell set in Korea Gmarket.
Yes, I bought it from Korea Gmarket not Qoo10 Singapore.
I was actually hesitating to buy it or not from Korea Gmarket but lucky I have and happily using it daily.

The set looks like this

On your left, its the Toner and Emulsion with 2 travel size bottles and on your right it BB cream and eye cream.

Toner Ingredient:
:Mixed with EGF, snail mucus, SYN-AKE, adenosine, and niacin amide.
:Toner that uses pure snail complex instead of purified water.
:Creates moisturizing protection veil to fill hydrating vitality.
:Creates clean and bright skin.
:Creates energetic and resilient skin.
:Offers enriched nutrition to create smooth skin texture.
:No paraben, preservatives.

Emulsion Ingredient:
:Mixed with EGF, snail mucus, SYN-AKE, adenosine, and niacin amide.
:Emulsion that uses pure snail complex instead of purified water.
:Fills enriched nutrition to improve resilient elasticity.
:Adheres to skin smoothly to create smooth skin texture.
:Protects skin against stress from environment and defends facial expression line.
:Helps skin moisturized to be hydrating skin.
:No paraben, preservatives.

My skin absorbs he Toner and Emulsion really quickly without feeling oily nor sticky at all.
That's one of the reason why I likes it because I really dislike that feeling on my face.
Moreover, the product has a very nice fragrant.

The Saem Dr Beauty Cell Renew series has improved my skin condition very well.
Prior to this, I was using DRx products but I guess the products doesn't suits me well even though many bloggers are raving it.
I had outbreaks and even whiteheads on my face when using DRx products. Sigh~
In the end, I spent a bomb wasting those DRx products which I cannot finish and I gave it away. *heartpain*

Well its fine now that I have The Saem Dr Beauty Cell Renew!
I haven had outbreaks since I'm back from Korea and my skin condition is improving~

This was taken on the last day of my Korea trip back in October 2013.
You can see a very obvious pimple on left side of my face (in actual the right side of my face).
And tiny pops on my forehead.

And this is how I look now (just taken). LOL
Better complexion even though my dark eye circles is only thing that is bothering me now.. -_-

I hope The Saem can be brought into Singapore!
Definitely will be happier if I can buy the products directly from Singapore!
Totally love The Saem products.
Will be back for other reviews~

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dad, Where Are We Going 《爸爸去哪儿第一季》

Just got addicted to watching the first season of 《爸爸去哪儿》 'Dad, Where Are We Going?'.
A new reality show from China which showcases the interactions between the celebrity dads and their children.
This show gives these busy dads an opportunity to spend time and get to know their children better.

In the first season, there are a total of 6 stops, with a total of 12 episodes.
Each time, they are given challenges to accomplish.

I'm at the latest episode 10 and waiting for their last destination.
I enjoyed how the dads interact with their kids and how they react.
Sometimes, it very funny and sometimes you will go 'awwww'.

Below are the 5 celebrity dad and their children.

林志穎 Jimmy Lin's son (Kimi) is really cute!
My impression of Kimi is that he's always sticky to his dad, in fact most of the younger kids are like that.
In some episodes, Kimi always needs his dad's company and could not accomplish independent challenge.
However, Kimi has become a stronger boy as time goes by.

田亮 Tian Liang's daughter 田雨橙 Cindy is pretty.
My impression of Cindy is that she is really a cry baby.
When she cries, its out of control for everyone.
However, I can see that she has a kind heart.

王岳倫 Wang Yuelun has a cute daughter 王詩齡 Angela.
Her cuteness will make you happy~

張亮 Zhang Liang's son 張悅軒/天天 is very thoughtful.
At some episodes, I was being touched by how he reacted to his dad.

郭濤 Guo Tao's son 郭子睿/石头 is very playful.
The father is rather fierce towards his son.

I really enjoyed this reality show.
Sheauwei told me that there's Korean one but I guess I'm fine with this China one. ^^
I awaiting for the next episodes.
Hoping that the casts for the second season will not change. :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Taipei; Taiwan 2013 - Random Taipei Baby~

So this gonna be the last part for my 2013 Taiwan trip.
Actually, I didnt take much photos when I was in Taipei because I've been there so many times.
This 3D2N Taipei trip was a kind of rush so its gonna be a shopping trip.

As previously mentioned in the last Cingjing post, we took e-go bus back to Taichung, from there we took the HSR to Taipei.
So about 2~3hrs later, we reached Taipei.

In the HSR, we bought the bento from 7-11 as our lunch.
Actually you can buy the bento inside the HSR but we missed out the lunch time.
So that's okay, we hope to try it next time.

Checked into See You hotel located at Taipei Main Station.
Its our first time staying at this hotel so we had quite a hard time finding it.
The room is very cosy, we had a nice stay there.
Just that the breakfast they provided is a KFC voucher, which is very weird. Haha~

Lying on the bed, and we can see this pretty galaxy on the ceiling. :)

After which, we headed out.
First, went to check out the post office near our hotel because we wanted to send food stuff back to Singapore. Haha~

Then we went to Taipei 101 and I bought this Prada wallet.
Have been longing to get this and I got it at TWD19,500, not yet tax refund.

After which, we went to Ximending to roam.
Dinner at Ba Hai 八海 steamboat which located at Ximending.

Next day, we went to find Carrefour which is near Ximending.
Bought a lot of instant noodles, cup noodles and packet of drinks and shipped back to Singapore.
Everything was cheap, cost us about S$50+.
We were very happy with our buys.

There's carton of boxes inside the Carrefour.
So after you pay for the food, you can pack it and carry back to your hotel.

We packed it like this and the next day we went over the post office to send these back to Singapore.
There's shipment by air and by sea.
By air takes shorter time but expensive while by sea takes longer time but cheaper.
We shipped by air because we wanted to receive it in a shorter time.

Bought back Pony's 3rd book! Happy buy~

Finally got a rain boots because of Singapore weather.
I hate wet shoes.

And this is our last food in Taiwan before heading back to Singapore.

Pardon me for the boring Taipei post this time.
Finally ending this Taipei 2013 travelogue.
As much as I want to go back Taiwan, I still hope to explore the other parts of the world. :)
See you Taiwan!