Saturday, February 22, 2014

SCRUM! 《冲锋!》 Private Screening

I was one of the blogger who was being invited for SCRUM! 《冲锋!》 Private Screening at Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel.

Went to the event with Kenny.

Y.E.S 933 Jeff is the host of the night.

The cast who's there for the private screening.
They started off introducing themselves and the characters they act in.

Felicia Chin, Chris Lee, Jeffrey Xu, Allen Chen, Jae Liew, Carrie Wong.

The Rugby boys

Group photo

A bunch of passionate polytechnic rugby players is stuck in a doldrums of failures year after year, no matter how hard they try – they always end up at the last in all competitions. Some started to give up and trade their dreams for greener pastures, while some lost faith and drive in life altogether. They’re known as the hooligans without teeth in the school – the empty vessels. Their only hope is for an experienced coach to bring them back onto the path of victory. Is Huang Zhao Nan the one?

After watching the first episode, I really like it because not only because it is humorous, but there are many eye-candies to see. Haha! Well, I'm not joking. :)
I always like teen drama so if you are like me, you shall not miss it.
The drama shall tell the story of a group poly boys who have the passion for rugby.
With the intensive training given by Coach Huang Zhao Nan, they will go on the path of victory.

SCRUM! 《冲锋!》 will be aired on 26 Feb 2014, every Wednesday to Friday at 8pm! 
Be sure to catch it! :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Find the WASABI Private Screening Event

Last Saturday, I was invited by Channel U for the Find the WASABI Private Screening Event.
The event was held at Kuishin-bo, Great World City.
“Find the WASABI!” 《Wasabi 新体验》, a total of 13 episode, is an info-variety, reality-TV Asian co-pro series in which 3 Asian celebs with extensive knowledge on Japan compete against each other to find the hidden taste of Japan – further discovering its culture, food, lifestyle and people through challenging tasks and games.

Seraph Sun 孙欣佩 who was one of the winner in 《熠熠星光总动员》 S.N.A.P back in 2010, is Singapore's representative for this program.

Interviewed by Y.E.S 933 Ivy, Seraph shared about her experience for Find The WASABI in Japan.
There are different challenging tasks for them to complete and at the end of the day, there will be one winner.

We got to preview the 1st and 2nd episode of Find the WASABI and I find the program really interesting and entertaining.
Through the show, we will be able to discover more about Japan and their culture.
I will definitely continue to catch this program to get to know more about Japan!

A sneak peak for you.

Episode 1 is more of an introduction of the this program and the 3 representatives from Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.
3 Asian celebs have come to Japan for a competition to find the “secret spice” of Japan.
The 3 WASABI Hunters will live together in the “WASABI House”, and every week, they will face the challenges of various “Japanese Cultural Mission”.
Only 1 person will emerge as the ultimate winner and be crowned the prestige title of WASABI CHAMPION.

Episode 2, the 3 WASABI Hunters welcome the mission for the day which is the RAMEN Report!
After learning the skills of TV gourmet report from the Japanese master himself, the 3 hunters rival at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.
The loser faces the first BATSU GAME of the series!
Seraph Sun emerged as the winner for this battle.

Found the trailer for your preview on Youtube but its in Japanese. :)

After the screening, there were games involved in answering question about Japan.
Those who couldn't get the correct answer will be forfeited - eating Sushi filled with Wasabi.
I guess the people who was selected had fun.

Toward the end of the event, we had a sumptuous Japanese feast at Kuishin-bo.

Thanks for the invitation and small gift for us.

Find the Wasabi premieres on Channel U from 18 Feb 14, Tuesday at 8pm.
I would really recommend to watch this program if you are very into Japan culture or would love to catch something amusing and entertaining. :)

All photos credited to Channel U Facebook.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

This year Valentine's Day was the 5th celebration together.
The day was just a simple meal with boyfriend at Boss Barq located in Clarke Quay.
We had always wanted to try the food their and thought the ambiance there was nice.
However, I find that the place is so-so only..
The live band start at around 9+, we thought there might some Korean performance, but I guess not.
Anyway, we didn't stay late, so I can't comment much about that.

Our orders as below:

Ssal Guksandung Makkoli, Sweet Rice Wine (750ml for $25)

Japchae ($10)

Stone Bibimbap

Boss Fried Chicken (9pcs)

Food was good especially the Boss Fried Chicken.
It was fried to its crispiness and that's my favorite kind.
It is a must order. :)

A day with no present exchange, no flowers but still happy because you are here with me and that's what makes everything alright.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

初八 Events

Company had CNY celebration and we had quite a bit of fun on Friday (初八).
Supposed to wear costume or something related to horse but not many wore it.
And this guy below, don't was it sabotage by someone or what? LOL its funny though~

We had games and was grouped into 5 Teams.
I was in Team 1 and with other colleagues I don't know as I am very new there.
Nevertheless, I still had fun with them!
One of the game was to find those coins in 7 other meeting rooms.
I managed to find quite a bit and won the 2nd prize!

Then I had my 3rd Lou-Hei of the year with the colleagues.

Luckily draw and Hongbao from the company. :D

In the evening, I met up with Qiwei and other ex-colleagues for some gathering.
Steamboat and my 4th Lou-Hei at Qiwei's house.

Had fun and laughter with them. :)
Ended the day at 11pm+.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Happy 人日!

人日快乐!Happy Birthday everyone!
 I met up with my Pri School friends today.
The number of attendees was much lesser than the other gathering.
Including myself, there were like 9 of us.
Nonetheless, it was nice to see some new faces whom we didnt met for long. Dine at Ichiban Boshi at Suntec.

Had Katsu Don for dinner as I skipped lunch.

After which,  it was Lou Hei Time! 捞个风生水起!Huat ah!
My 2nd time Lou-Hei of the year~

Then we went to the Fountain of Wealth~
First time inside for me. :D

Group photos.
L-R: Jing Wen, EngSang, Poh Teck, Myself, Sherilyn, Sze Xing, Chee Chong, Rini, Peishan

Decided to go to Hong Bao River with them.
Come to think of it, boyfriend family didn't go there this year..
So we went without Peishan and Rini.

Chee Chong was generous to treat us a bottle of drink each. :)

End the day with them at 11pm+ and we all cabbed back home.
Nice meetup and see you soon~

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Start of Spring 立春

Its the start of spring!
And the first day of work after CNY for me.

Rumors said that we have to wear red to deposit money in order to have wealth growth.
So I actually did it with my colleagues!
There was very long queue everywhere for deposit machine.

Boyfriend sent me this so I deposit at my VERY AUSPICIOUS hours at about 1.15pm. LOL!
It was my first time doing it lah..

Anyway then my friend show me a link and said that it was just a myth. LOL~
Still, everybody HUAT AH!! :D

Monday, February 03, 2014

Review :: Babyliss PRO MiraCurl

I purchased this pink Babyliss PRO MiraCurl on for S$53.50 a few weeks ago.
I am not sure of the authenticity of it, because I didn't check it with the supplier.

When I first saw it at Korea Olive Young, I was really WOW-ed by it.
So i went to researched on it and finally got a hand on it.

Actually, I was hoping to use it on CNY but I woke up late, so I didn't get a chance to use it.
Anyway, I tried it today and here's my review. :)

1. Easy and effortless to use.
2. Will not get burned.
3. Time saving.
4. Different heat and time option for different curl type

1. Only small streaks of hair can be curled, if not your hair will get intertwined with the curler.

I advise you to read on the safety instruction before you start using it.
I don't want you to cut away your hair because your hair get stuck in the machine like I did. LOL!
Luckily I managed to get my hair out without cutting it.
Sound kinda dangerous though but if you do the right thing, I guess there should be no problem.

How I looks like after the curl.

In my opinion, for those who don't really know how to use curling bar likr me, I guess this will be suitable for you.