Saturday, April 26, 2014

Received So Much Loves!

Oh hi~ I've been MIA-ed for about a week.
Because it's a yearly affair with all my friend for my birthday this year again!
I was surprised that most celebration happened on my birthday week.
Cos usually some will postpone the celebration like 1-2months later or what. Haha~
And I was so shag because most of the meetups happened after I knocked off from work.

18 April 14 (Friday)
A Good Friday, which I spent the whole day with SheauWei.
Wanted to try but the place was filled with people and the waiting time was 1.5hr!
By the time we would be starved to death, thus, we decided to settle on a Korea restaurant called Woori Nara nearby.

Camwhore while waiting for food.

Our orders and even though we look like we didn't order much, but the food is a lot and we cannot finish it. LOL~

After food, we went shopping at town and then settle down for a rest at Artease where I saw my presents.

Happy! I can read the storybook which Do Manager reads. xD

Card that she wrote me which almost made me tears~
Can see tears in the eyes in this pic. Haha..

Then we had dinner at Dolce Tokyo; 313@somerset.

Smoke Salmon Toji

Matcha cake in a cage.
Food is really nice there but we were too full so we shared all food together. :)

My presents~ :D
More 3CE products yeah~

19 April 14 (Saturday)
A half day trip to Batam with boyfriend because I'm sick of going to JB.
However, there's nothing much over at Batam as well, so I guess JB still better.
We ate A&W, shopped at Hypermarket and buying all the cheap deal back to Singapore.
Backed to Singapore at around 7pm and we had movie, The Iceman Cometh, and I thought the show was quite good with some comedy infused and a twist at the end of the show.
We missed out the front part because the queue at Gong Cha was really bad which we queued for about an hour!
And I got my present from boyfriend past midnight (20 Apr 14, Sunday), and I nagged him for getting this 3DS for me. LOL!
Well, still very thankful for the present. :D

21 April 2014 (Monday)
Birthday meetup with Lixian and Huisan after worked.
Because I took a half day off for some thing, after that I went to Starbucks to chill and played my 3DS.
Also redeem my birthday cake from Starbucks, which is so sinful but really yummy!

Dinner at Red Pig Korean Restaurant which I wanted to try always.
Well, the food is good but the selection from the menu seems limited.
And my girls got me a Pandora Bracelet. :D
Always got lots of gossips whenever we met, love their company~

22 April 2014 (Tuesday)
Lunch time at Sushi Tei was treated by Carol, one of my colleague.
She treated as Elaine and my birthday lunch.
Haha.. Thanks for her thought.
Oh, from Sushi Tei, the seafood salad with Sushi Tei dressing is fantastic.
The salmon are so fresh too.
Gotta be my favorite dish there and its a must order food too~

After work, met up with Winnie and we went over to Charlie Brown Cafe at Orchard Cineleisure.
I didn't know that there was a new branch there so now I know and finally got to try it.
The food was okay too, especially the Hawaiian Pizza because the sauce taste nice.

23 April 2014 (Wednesday)
Lunch treat by my supervisor.
Thankful to have a good supervisor. :D

Got another birthday present from Terence (my colleague) and his wife.
I'm grateful~

I got a big surprise today in the office!
Someone send me a bouquet of pink roses (12 stalks) with a card signing off as "From Admiring You From Afar".
Oh my goodness, it's my first time receiving flowers like this!
Very very embarrassing for me.
Moreover, its not from my boyfriend.
However, thanks for the sincerity and I'll just treat it as a special kind of present.

After work, I had dinner with boyfriend, its like a yearly thing to do whenever our birthday falls on weekday.
Dine at Element @ Amara for international buffet feast. :)
Selection is not much but there are all the expensive seafood. =O
And the cakes, Chocolate and Matcha, so yummy~

After dinner, we head over to Suntec City, Pandora store, to change my bracelet that Lixian and Huisan gave me as my present.
Felt bad to change the whole thing away to my newly selected bracelet and charms.
Also added new spacers into it, overall with a top up of $100+.

24 April 2014
I got to try a very delicious Tiramisu from Poulet because my colleagues are craving for it.
It was really nice and was treated by Elaine. :D
Another new discover of yummy food~
And since they said its easy to make, I shall try baking myself one day~ ^^

Dinner with Tommy at Earle Swensen.
Always had Japanese buffet together but this time he choose Earle Swensen because he said that the previous days I haven eaten a lot. Hahaha..
Catch up as usual. :)

Thanks Tommy for the hongbao and nice card. :)

25 April 2014
A monthly birthday celebration for the April babies in the office.
Had been eating cakes for the past few days. D;
Im getting fat lor..
Plan to slim my tummy for Boracay trip but seems a challenge now.. :(

Got another stalk of roses today not because of birthday but sort of an apology from my agent to me. Haha~

26 April 2014
Had dinner together with Engsang and Jingwen at Ichiban Sushi.
After which, we headed down to Night Safari.
It was my first time there and it was fun.
I guess we didn't managed to get around all the places due to time constraint.
We stayed there for about 3hr (9pm-12mn closing).
Ended the day with my favorite Ben and Jerry Ice cream. :D

Really thankful for everything because this year birthday has been great!
And more great things to come and I can't wait.
Hope everything goes fine for you too. ;)
Till then~

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Baking Class

Earlier on, my girl friends and I went to Nee Soon South CC for baking class.
It's my first time attending this kind of cooking/ baking class and I thought it was fun.
Now I learn new baking skill.. Wahaha~
By the way, I also know how to make butter cake one so don't play play with me.. =p

Crumbs made of digestive biscuit mixed with melted butter.

Cream cheese beat with vanilla, sugar and egg.

Spread well on of the crumbs

Baked for 30mins.

Add cheese filling on top and cool it in the fridge for about 2hrs.

Tadah, my first cheesecake made. Quite yummy actually~ :D
I kept wondering why do we need to bake it.
I guess there are 2 type of baking methods.

Really had fun and its an expierence with my girl friends.
We shall find more of these classes in future to do together~




- 90g graham cracker crumbs
- 180g sugar, divided
- 45g butter or margarine melted
- 650g Cream Cheese, softened
- 5g vanilla
- 3 eggs
- 240ml whipping cream
- 1 box Strawberries
- 30g lemon zest

- MIX graham crumbs, 30g sugar and melted butter; press on botton of 18 paper-lined muffin cups
- BEAT cream cheese, vanilla and remaining sugar with mixer until blended. Add eggs, 1 at a time, mixing on a low speed after each ust until blended. Spoon over crusts.
- BAKE 25 to 30 min, or until centres are almost set. Cool completely. Refrigerate 2 hours.
- BEAT whipping cream with a mixed on high speed until stiff peaks form; spread onto cheesecakes. Top with strawberries and zest.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Brunch Day at Dean and Deluca

Brunch Day with the boy at Orchard Central yesterday since we planned for shopping.
Surprised that we had not been in town for a month.
So this time we are there to try out this Dean and Deluca and the food is good!
Adding this into my favorite list now.

Ice Green Tea Latte (S$6.50)
Best one that I tried so far.

Ice Cafe Latte (S$6.50)

American Country Breakfast ($22.00)
The scramble egg is one of my favorite now.
Everything is so good!

The New Yorker ($20.00)
Ohh i love the salmon because there's no smoky taste.
Not sure if its smoked salmon but I really like it!
However, the bagel is too hard! D;
Kinda spoil the food..

Enjoyed the food and the ambience of the place.
They do sells cakes like Rainbow cake, Red Velvet Cake, etc..
We shall try it one day for dessert~ ;)

After a full brunch, we went to burn some calories by shop walking to the usual shopping mall/ stores.
And I bought 3 shoes from H&M. Madness.
But the price is equal to 1 Pedro shoes which is quite worth it lah.. Haha~

#LOTD :p
Haven been dolling up.
I guess I need to do something to my hair and the hair is growing~ HAPPY! :p

Okay ending this post.
Too tired from tomb sweeping today and I need to crash now..

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crab Feast + Chillax Time

SheauWei invited me to join her and her friend for a crab feast at Master Crab Seafood Restaurant, a sze char hawker centre around Ghim Moh.
Its my first time hearing this store, the concept is similar to Mellben Seafood.
Because we have a total of 6 people eating, we ordered quite big portion of food.
Total crabs ordered = 4 pcs! =O

Said to be the signature dish here, Salted Egg Yolk Crab, I would say that the sauce is really rich and tasty.

Another dish we ordered is the Crab Mee Hoon which I find that the soup is not enough taste.
Also, the Mee Hoon is not very Q. Still prefer the one from Mellben Seafood.

Cant remember the name of this dish but it is fried tofu's skin wrapped with prawn.
Really crispy and tasty which is one of the favorite dish there.

Fried chicken coated with flour making the skin really crispy.

Stir Fry Four Season Green Bean is quite oily..

Sambal Kang Kong with Squid is really spicy~

Side dish, satay.

Good Food = Happy People~

Master Crab Seafood Restaurant
Blk 19 Ghim Moh Road #01-229 (Can walk from Buona Vista MRT Station)
Tel: +65 6314 1868

After the great food, we went chillaxing at Timbre Substation.
It was a great fun night when we pull Alma to the stage to perform 2 songs~ :D
We video-ed the performance down. Might upload it if I got the feel. :p

Best photo of the night with SheauWei~

The girls~

Group photo.
Standing L-R: Sheauwei, Alma, Mak
Sitting: Natalie, Sei Yen, Myself~