Friday, June 27, 2014

6th Anniversary


Received this gift made by hama beads from le boyfriend.
It's like his first handmade craft for me after 6 year.
Really surprised me and very sweet of him lah.. haha.. 
Didn't expect that he will do this for me. :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Milomisu & Tiramisu

So last month I made Tiramisu -
And yesterday, I made Milomisu and Tiramisu.
Because boyfriend doesn't like the coffee taste, so I experienced another flavour which is using Milo.
Actually, I am not the first to try this method as I also seen people on the web trying this out. :)
So the method of doing it is the same as Tiramisu, but just replace coffee and use Milo.
Have fun trying it out~ ^^

South Korea - Teddy Bear Museum at N Seoul Tower

After our visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace, we headed back to Myeongdong station for our lunch.
At the subway underground shopping area, there's a store with traditional korean food, and we ordered a few things to eat.

Its so yummy that I'm missing the food now..

After our fulfilling lunch, we headed down to our next destination which is N Seoul Tower or some may call the Namsan Tower.
By right, I was supposed to meet Olivia, my ex-Korean colleague, for dinner but due to the time constraint, I was unable to meet her. =(

Found a way to go to Namsan Tower cable car station by foot through a blog.
I cannot find the blog anymore but I guess you can try researching.
Many blogs said that you can take the Exit 3 from Myeongdong station.
When you come you out, you will saw a 7-11, then you just walk straight from there..
Then you will walk uphill, a very steep slope, when you come up from the hill, you can see that the cable car is nearby.
Just follow the direction to it.. (These are based from my memories, not sure if I am quite right, research more just to be right yah..)

Here's the cable car station and the queue was long..

Cable car ticket cost KRW 8,500 per adult.

That's Namsan Tower from the cable car station..
High up in the mountain.

Sunsetting when we were in the cable car..

And we reached.

First thing first, we headed to the Teddy Bear Museum. (Updated: Teddy Bear Museum at N Seoul is closed from 30 November 2013 onwards.)

Admission Ticket: KRW 14,000 for Teddy Bear Museum and Observatory

Lots of cuteness~ Cho love!!!!

Ended with a sad bunny bear..
There's a shop for you to buy their bears too, if you would like to bring home one..

Next, we headed to the observatory.
This is the 2nd tower that I go..
The first is Taiwan's 101..

Hey Singapore, you are 4,651.90km away from Namsan Tower....

Candy shop full of candies..
And we bought some to share..

Lego candies

Colourful heart shaped candies..

Then we sat around the area to rest our feet like many others..
Ate our candies, chatted and photo-taking.. :D

People leaving message at on the wall..

Left the observatory and this picture was taken in the lift. :)

The famous locks.. So pretty.. but I didn't lock it at the fence but hope to do it together with boyfriend in future. ;)

The night was getting cold and SheauWei borrow me her shawl..
So thankful to have her.. :D

A shop selling Teddy Bear..

Bye pretty N Seoul Tower, hope to be back again next time!

Our dinner was settled at one of the Korean Restaurant along our Guesthouse.
It was rather late night and we were the few customer left..

Ending this post with me being the chef of that night... Haha..