Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gone Missing And Back!

I just got back from my trip to Queensland last Sunday which explains why the hiatus of my blog.
Currently, I'm drafting the first part of my Boracay trip still.
And I hope that I can post it soon..
With so many backlog, I am also feeling kinda lazy whenever I have to write up the post.
Also, my memory of those trips are fading so I have to try to remember as much as I could... D;

Well about my recent trip to Queensland, it was the first time that I dread leaving my country.
What I can say is that you have to find the right traveling partner.
Because you have to be with that person for the rest for the days of the trip and in a day for 16hr (exclude 8hr slp time).
So yeah.. I guess this time my personality with my traveling partner sorta clash, so we have quite a bit of unhappiness in between..

Out of all the people I traveled with, my best traveling partner would be my boyfriend!
Which I feel that I am lucky to have him with me during every trip we traveled together. :)

Anyway, it's my first experience in a Western country.
As you can see from my travelogue, previously I have only traveled to Asia country.
It's a different experience and seeing different things.
I'm thankful for the experience though.
However, if my travel partner is a better person, it would make my whole trip happier..

P.S: 有时候你只要感受过一次,你就会了解明白。之后就不要再犯同样的错误。

Friday, July 11, 2014

South Korea - Beewon Guesthouse Review

My stay in Beewon Guesthouse was okay.
I like the location of the guesthouse which is convenient.
It is about 5mins to 10mins walk to Auguk Station and Jongno-3-ga Station from the guesthouse.

And it is also convenient to travel to Myeong-dong and other area which are just few stations away.
Additionally if you have read my previous posts, you can also see that the guesthouse is also near to some nice cafes which my girls and I had our breakfast.

Other than the first night that we encountered a bad experience with them, the other days that we stayed in were fine..
If you are a cat lover, you might love this place too because there are many cats and kittens living around the area.

For your information, we stayed in a Triple room that caters for 3 adults at 60,000 KRW which I feel its very affordable.
Its like about $20+ per night per pax.
The room has 2 single bed and a futon mat, and bathroom for ourselves which you do not need to share with strangers.
Actually our room was rather old and small but still cozy for the 3 of us..
I read that it has renovated, so I hope it's better to accommodate now..

FYI, here is the website for the guesthouse: http://www.beewonguesthouse.com/en/

Haha "unlike" cause we wasn't happy that period of time..

So you want to know my grandmother story of the bad experience is as below:

On the day we moved from Sokcho to Seoul, due to the traffic jam and its our first time there so the place is unfamiliar to us so we had to find the Guesthouse, we reached Beewon Guesthouse at about 11pm.
We got to know from the Reception Guy named "S" that our room was given to other people.
"S" thought that we wouldn't be staying for that night because it was very late.
We got really angry and find it's ridiculous that such a thing happened to us because from previous travelling experience we didn't such crap service.
So we got into a big hoo-ha and wanted to cancel our stay there and demand for refund but he refused even if we called police (the police part is added by him, we didn't said anything about police).
At first, "S" suggested that we should take the dormitory for a day, but after checking the dormitory, we refused.
He tried to called other guesthouse if they can give us a room but none accepted our answered the call.
So we said that we go out and find a place of our own to stay.
After finding a motel, we came back telling him we wanted to cancel but he said he got a room for us to stay for a day there..
After discussing, we decided to give in.
And we got to stay for a night in another guesthouse.
So the next morning, 2 guys came and picked us and our heavy luggages back to Beewon Guesthouse.
And these is my grandmother story..

Actually we didn't talk to "S" until the last day when he helped us to arrange for cab back to the airport.
So I'm not sure.. anyway maybe he felt that we are troublesome customer but it was their wrong in the first place..
FYI, I did email to inform that we will reached the guesthouse late night..
Anyway, let bygones be bygones..
I will find a better place to stay in in future.. =)

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

South Korea - Last 2 days in Seoul

The morning on our 2nd last day..
Temperature is dropping day by day..

We headed down to Myeong-dong for breakfast at Hollys Coffee.
My breakfast is a slice of yummy chocolate and a cup of Citron Crush Hollycino. :)

After which, we hunt for hair salon around the area before deciding to go to Ewha Woman's University stations to hunt for the hair salons there.

We settled down at Linda Hair Salon.
The ambiance of the salon was really nice.

The 3 of us then discuss with the hairdresser on what we wanna do.
I could not decide what to do actually but decided to try Korean perm.

My hairdresser..
It was difficult to communicate with her..
And she was using her phone to translate English to me. Quite funny.

Hello doggy~

While waiting.. Haha..

We were brought to the common area while waiting to wash our hair..
So that I can chit chat with my girls while waiting..

Hair washing time..

The outcome of us with new hair~

Out of all, I am the only one which not much drastic different. LOL!
Sheauwei cut her hair short and dyed hair and Janice cut her fringe and dyed hair.

By the way, this hair cost me KRW 150,000..

Then we headed back to Myeong-dong again to do the last day shopping.

Bought this dumplings which are my favorite snacks now~

Missing the good food..

After shopping, we went to Insadong for dinner.
Settled down at a Korean Restaurant.
Well, the food there wasn't fantastic and quite disappointing. :(

Because the weather was so damn cold, we headed to one of the convenient store to buy a hot chocolate to warm ourselves.

Me with yummy hot chocolate.

After which, we headed back to guesthouse to pack our bags and get prepared to go back home..

The next day which was the last day in Seoul/ Korea..
We had our breakfast at Paris Croissant Cafe in Anguk Station.
I really love this cafe to the max~

Just wanna try this croissant. :p

And this is my main breakfast! Look so nice and its really yummy..

And so we got a cab down to the Airport.
Ahh I can't remember how much we paid for the cab back to the airport.
But I guess it was reasonable for us.
It was difficult for us to take the train or bus because we had too much heavy luggage.
By the way, the journey back to the airport is around 1hr+ so I took a nap in the cab.

Yes, this was our stuff. Even the guesthouse owner was shocked to see what we gotten. LOL!

Checked in.

Then went all around to claim our tax refund.
There are 3 station for the tax refund which is quite troublesome.
Please be reminded to get to the airport early if you want to claim tax refund.
The queue was really really long..

Then we had our lunch..

Had Japanese Ramen at Incheon airport. :D

So while waiting for our flight, we slacked around before flying back home.
It was a good fun days in Korea, and somemore I have Sheauwei with me. :)
I had a great experience in Seoul and hope to go back soon.. Maybe in 2016 again..
But who knows it might be next year? Hehe..

I'll end this post now..
And will do a last review post on the guesthouse that I stayed in Seoul..

Monday, July 07, 2014

My Shorts Collection

With the all year Summer round weather in Singapore, my favorite fashion style and outfit would be casual and comfortable.
In my opinion, my favorite comfort wear would consist a pair of shorts and a basic top.
As compared with a pair of Jeans or pants, I would really pick shorts as my choice.
Also, wearing shorts can flatter my long slim legs well..

I have about 20 pairs of shorts with ranges from different colors, patterns, cloth materials and type of shorts (Skorts, high waist shorts, etc..).
I love to match my outfits with different shorts for different days and occasions.

Here's how my casual outfit with different matching with shorts like..

One my of favorite flora shorts that I bought from a Taiwan website..

The classic black shorts that goes well with any outfit.

The new trend skort.

Mint green short, great for Sping/ Summer.

Shorts could also look great for a in Office Lady (OL) look.

Another OL look.

Now, which is the Summer season, there's even more good reasons to wear shorts!
I saw some great collection of shorts in ZALORA.
ZALORA brings in more than 100 pairs of shorts with varies designs and patterns.
With so much variation, fret not, the website is really user-friendly.
At the side bar, you can filter your findings by Size System, price, brand and color which really save a lot of trouble from strolling each and every page to find which you want!

If you are interested, you can take a look at Shorts for Women at the ZALORA Website. :)

Thursday, July 03, 2014

South Korea - Mad Crazy Shoppping Day + Jimjibang

I guess I've come to the second last post..

In the morning (25 Oct 2013), we walked to Anguk station which is 1 station away from Jongno-3-ga station.
Yes, our guesthouse is in between the 2 stations which is really accessible.

In Anguk station, there's a Paris Croissant Café, so we had our breakfast there.
I super love the cafe because of the yummy set breakfast and mouth-watering breads which I want to try all of it!

After our breakfast, we went shopping at Insadong.
Many shops were opened in the dayligh.
Previously when we headed there over at night, it was a quiet street.

#LOTD, the sun was shining brightly but it was cold..

#OOTD, my 2 friends was looking at bag while i'm camwhoring..

And we stopped by JiPangYi Ice Cream.
It is a cane shaped puffed corn snack with ice-cream.
I was really popular as the queue was really long.
I thought to myself that we must be crazy to eat ice cream under such cold weather!!

Isadong seems like second Myeong-dong to me..
However, there were much more cosmetic shops in Myeong-dong.

Saw another Dress Up Studio, Go Guan - http://www.goguan.net/
It seems like to us that it might be better than the Dress Up Cafe that we previously went.
If there's another chance there, I shall go try out this studio. :)

After shopping in Insadong, we headed down to Young Lotte Plaza at Myeong-dong.
The purpose there was to go to the 3CE store since we were not going to Hongdae.
I bought a quite lot of stuffs there but the prices are not cheap as compare to other brands.

My buy from 3CE. :D

After which, we also bought many food stuff at Lotte Mart!
Pure honey, Citron Tea, Korean noodles, etc..
So many good stuff to buy there!

Then we had our dinner at for authentic samgyetang and porridge at Korea Samgyetang(고봉삼계탕).
The info is here http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/FO/FO_EN_6_4_4.jsp?cid=409242&nearBy=site

Headed back to our guesthouse to put our stuff.
Janice didnt wanted to join the Jimjibang session with SheauWei and I so we went ourselves.
We did not want to miss the experience.
Initially, we wanted to go to the famous Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa but it was quite far and it was late.
Thus we decided to go to the one nearby our guesthouse which we got the info from the reception. *Feeling Lucky*

The place is call Insadong Jimjibang.
Cant remember the price that we paid for this experience.
But there was no time limitation.

Changed into the clothes.

Last pic for the day before we experience Jimjibang naked. LOL!
Not really, it only naked when you are going to the hot spring room.
So we had clothes on still when we went into the sauna caves.

And when we were ready to go to the hot spring room, we had to be naked and we were both really shy!
Luckily, there weren't much people there as well, just a few Japanese girls with us. Haha~
It was quite an experience. ;p

After which, we went back and packed our stuff and prepared the last day of shopping day next before heading back home.
Be back for the last Korea post soon.. :)