Sunday, August 31, 2014

Australia Haul

Surprisingly for my trip to Gold Coast, I didn't spend a single cent of clothings, shoes but bought a big bag to carry my stuff back to Singapore.
So these are my haul from Australia which are Mostly food stuff~

Yummy Honey roasted Macadamia nuts.
2 for AUD$8 which is cheap, so I bought it.

Bought these as a souvenir for Hanisha.
She said she addicted to rainbow stuff.. LOL~

AUD$50 for these abalone for my boyfriend's family~

And this giant abalones for my own family..
They are cheap!

Another macadamia nuts, Honey Roasted and Abalone flavor.
3 bottles for AUD$60 so my friend and I shared.

Tim Tams..

Got this Placenta cream with Royal Jelly & Vitamin E which I really love.
Its not oily and smells really good. They also have lanolin cream but I got this.
Well, I think they both are the same.
4 bottle for AUD$20.

Got this Manuka Honey UMF20+ and Honey.
2 Manuka Honey is AUD$100 if I'm not wrong.
By eating Manuka Honey, it promotes good health.

Bought the Multivitamin there which is so much cheaper than in Singapore!
Regrets not buying the Royal Jelly there.. D;

Got this Chocolate Mousse mix back to try in future. :p

I feel that the must buy in Australia are the Abalone, placenta cream, macadamia nuts, honey and the vitamin stuff at the pharmacy.
Stuff that manufactured there are way cheaper than in Singapore..
So I guess these are the good buy.
Hopefully in future I can go to Perth, Sydney and Melbourne then I will go stock up these stuff! :D

Friday, August 29, 2014

Winnie's Birthday~

Celebrated Winnie's birthday at MEDZS Bistro & Bar at Clifford Centre; Raffles Places.
Had a simple birthday dinner for her and catch up together.

Red wine for her and white wine for me..

Hers - Italian sausage in tomato basil

Mine - Aglio Olio..

Rainbow cake that has a very smooth texture. Yummy~

After our dinner, we went for a walk before heading back home. :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Just Whatever That's In Mind...

Its seems to be quite a long time since I blogged a proper post of my personal life?
I have so many drafted post in my blog which are either blogged halfway and waiting for photos to be edited or pre-planned blogged with just subject.
I don't want to say I'm lazy...

You see, I worked a 9-6pm desk bound jobs and sometimes I do work overtime.
It is a stress job so sometimes I am emotionally damaged.
So when I came home, I just want to do things that make me happy like watching a happy drama, surfing webs, doing those things that do not need to juice my brain to think of things to blog about when I had a long day..
That's explain the lack of blog posts.

Well, I am not a blogger and this blog does not give me my income.
However, I am not saying that I want to neglect this blog too.
I love to share and also to keep track on my life and travelling experience.
I am trying my best to do it because this is still something that I like to do, just that I am not doing it as much as before.

Even for twitter, I also does not post as much as before.
I just feel that things that I'll just keep it to myself or just share with my family, boyfriend or best friends.
Now, my most active social platform are my personal Facebook account and Instagram..

Alright enough of those..
So what's happening lately, or just on Saturday..
I had a monthly meet up with SW.
She wanted to see her Kang Gary, so I helped her to fulfil her dream. ^^

But first, we had our lunch at Chabuton.
I was craving for Japanese ramen for the longest time and I chanced about this when I saw this is a newly opened out in Singapore.
So I decided to try it with SW.

I order the Chabuton Shio Ramen which is said to be better than the signature dish, Tonkatsu Ramen.
For the soup, I think that it is creamy but there's a strong porky smell which I'm unsure why.
For the noodle, sadly I still prefer the one from Ipuddo.
For the egg, it is rather blend.
Overall, I would still prefer Ipuddo and Marutama.

After our lunch, to let the food digest, we window shopping then settle down at Costa Coffee because I'm thirsty..

Anything that states "Double Chocolate" attracts me.


After which, we continued window shopping until 5.45pm, we then took a train down to Padang where the concert held.
I got to know that Kang Gary appearance will be at 7pm from YES 933.

At 7pm, we waited for Kang Gary appearance but was kept disappointed.
Until 8.30pm, then he came out.
By then we were all tired and hungry already..

Nonetheless, the performance by Kang Gary and Jung In was great.
I fell in love with the song Your Scent.

I also took a video of one of their performance.
Kang Gary and Jung In sing The Boy Who Can't Leave The Girl Who Can't Break Up. ^^

Then we at dinner at Bibigo to fill our empty stomach.
Always wanted to try the Bibimbap there and finally tried it.

So I am happy that SW finally fulfil her dreams which means something good that I've done. :p

So I hope, I got you my latest update. Hee..
Be back soon~~ xoxo!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!

9 August is the National Day for Singapore.
This year, I tried balloting for the NDP tickets using all my family ID number.
The lucky ID that got picked was my Dad's.
So I got a pair of actual day tickets.
Since dad won't be going for the parade, boyfriend and I went.
It's my first actual day attending the NDP, previously went was the rehearsal so its more meaningful this year. :)

Alrite, I'll let most of the pictures to do the talking..

Sitting at the Green Sector.

Long Long queue...

Finally the best of the day - Firework display!

The feeling watching from the TV is always different when you are at the scene.
It was a great day, with no rain luckily. Haha~
Lastly, Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!