Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm Kim Korean BBQ

Tried out I'm Kim Korean BBQ with my sister, her husband and boyfriend the other day.
I'm not sure where my boyfriend found about this Korean BBQ restaurant but it seems to be a newly open restaurant.
We reached at around 6pm and the crowd filled up by 7pm+.

For $24++ per pax, we can eat as many food as we like.
There's wide variety and not only those BBQ meat and raw veggies for you to choose from.
There are also cooked food like sushi, fried soy chicken (Fav of the day), kimchi, soups, free flow drinks etc.
Food is really good and value for money too. :)

Rare photo with my sis~

I'm Kim Korean BBQ
Address: 1 Zubir Said Drive, School of The Arts, 01-04/05/06/07, Singapore.
Opening Hour: Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 14:30, 17:00 - 22:30, Sat - Sun: 11:30 - 22:30
Facebook page:

Friday, October 24, 2014

Trapped SG: Friday The 13th

On Deepavali, a public holiday in Singapore, my sis and I, with the other 2 guys, decided to go to one of the escape room.
Actually it was my sis's decision to go because she wanted to try.

My sis decided to go for room.
She booked the 3pm Friday The 13th room, and the 4 of us had to combine with the other 3 twelve year old boys.
I was quite disappointed with the new rule implement at first.
However, everything went quite well and the boys were quite helpful too during the game.

Overall the game was challenging.
We managed to escape the room within the 1 hour time frame with 3 lifelines.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Boracay 2014 - Day 2 Activities in Boracay

Continue from my Day 1 Boracay Trip post...

Woke up the 2nd day in Boracay, had our breakfast at our resort before heading out.
Since the 1st day when we reached, it was night time, so we're excited to see the beautiful azure sea water in the day.
However the sun is too terrible in Boracay.
So we decided to walk down to Station 3 under the shelter to find package for water sports activities first.

There are actually many booths from Station 1-3, but boyfriend's friend told him that Station 3 should be cheaper.
When we were there, there were many guys trying to promote so in the end we just select one of them.
We bought many packages - ATV ride to Mt Luho for sightseeing, Zipline, Sunset Yachting, and Island hopping.
I can't remember how much we paid for but i think its quite reasonable for those activities.
We were even able to bargain the price. :p

So first activity is to go for the ATV ride to Mt Luho and Zipline!

Us in the Tuk-tuk on the way to the destination where they parked the ATV.

So this is our first ATV ride.
I was really excited and so does the boyfriend.
For starter, I am also quite scare la but after that I'm good.

So rode upslope towards the Mt Luho area.
I remembered when we reached our destination, my thumb was almost numb because the control to make the ATV moved was at the handle and we had to use our thumb to control it.

And so we reached Mt Luho view point in Boracay.
Mt. Luho is the highest point that overlook the whole of Boracay.
The scenery is breathtaking!

This guy is our tour guide for the day.
He's very friendly and take good picture of me and boyfriend too~ :D

After the sightseeing, we rode down to take the zipline.

This was not my first experience taking the zipline.
My first experience was in Sentosa but it was quite different.
In sentosa, I was hanging straight like hangman but in Boracay, we had to lie down.
Also, the journey is longer than in Singapore too. Haha~

After zipping down to the other end, we had to take the cable car back.

On the way back to the end where we start, we were also able to see beautiful view.

After everything, we rode back the ATV where it first parked.
Our next activity which is the Sunset Yachting was in the evening.
Since we had some times we went shopping at Talipapa and D'Mall.
There are many shops selling summer wear and bikini.

Then we headed down to the beach.
Sadly even though the water is clear but there are many algae. :(
The water are polluted by those water sports activities.


After which, we went back to our hotel room to rest for awhile before heading out again for the Sunset Yachting.
We were again chauffeured by tuk-tuk to Station 3 for the ride.

On the Yacht.

Really beautiful sunset experience on the sea. :)

There were also parasailing activities too.
I guess it's very nice to see the sunset up in the sky too.

After we got down the Yacht, I saw a starfish. So nice~

After which the sun was really setting, the sky became so beautiful.

Sun ray.

Rainbow sky. Total no edit and original photo.


Then we roam around at night again.
Boyfriend wanted to buy this Chicharon, like pig skin cracker, which said to be the speciality in Philippines.
After I tried it, I didn't really like it though..

I order the watermelon milkshake which taste good.
Forgotten what boyfriend ordered.

This friendly guy helped to craft my name into necklace and bracelet.
He's very skillful!

Then we went to get our dinner for the night and went back hotel to eat..
Tried this Master Siomai, I think we had the chicken one or the pork one?

And hawaiian pizza for dinner~

This is my crafted necklace and bracelet. :)

Ended the day like this.
Day 3 has got to be a fun day as we go island hopping.
Will be back for that post soon. Ciao!