Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ending 2014

Today is the eve of New Year which is the last day of 2014!
This year, I feel that I am not very productive on my blog.
As compared to the previous years, the number of posts that I wrote declined a lot.
Not sure if because I don't want to share my life much or its just because I'm just plain lazy. #blameAging

So I just read back the past 1 year post which seems like I just wrote it yesterday.
I seems to write a post every year on 31 Dec which is a good thing that I make a point to summarize the whole year up in a post. :D

This year has been okay.
Health hasn't been quite good.
I felt so sick (with flu and fever) a few time in a year.
I guess I'll have to go for health screening soon since the last time I did was in 2012.

Firstly, I am happy to survive in my current company for almost a year now!
12 Jan 2015 will be official date for completing 1 year since I started on 13 Jan 2014.
I have never thought I could survive this long but I guess after you are familiar with something, you can managed it well.

Secondly, I gotten a new family member in the house but also lost one.
I guess grandpa is good up there though grandma is still as lonely since the day he left.

Thirdly, I have also traveled to 2 new destination: Boracay and Gold Coast.
It was a good experience I would say even though there's some hiccup during the travel to Gold Coast.
Other than the 2 places, I went back to Taiwan again, not sure if I'm starting to feel bored but I hope I am not.

Lastly, few days ago, I attended the long awaited Jay Chou's concert.
I was very happy since I missed out the last year one.
I always been a fan of his great songs and to listen to his live is really damn shiok lah!
If not for the bad sound system and the leakage of the national stadium roof, I guess everything will be perfect.
In future, I hope to buy a better ticket, it would be more enjoyable! :D

I guess that summarizes up my 2014.

Since I haven made new year resolution for the past 2 years, I guess I should make a few for 2015.

1. I really need to spend wisely and save up for good. STOP BUYING SO MUCH CLOTHING AND MAKEUP PRODUCTS!!
2. Taking up some fitness courses or maybe Japanese language course which I dropped halfway.
3. Sleep early since the best time for the body to rejuvenate is 11pm onwards. I don't want to age faster by sleeping very late.
4. Stop being too calculative even towards my family members. 钱固然重要但伤了和气就不应该了。
5. If possible, find a better career prospect.
6. If possible, I might consider a degree though I'm quite reluctant to do but it will be good for my future career.

I guess that's for now so far.
I wish you all a Happy New Year, Happy 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Boracay 2014 - Finale Post

Continue from previous post..
After our island hopping activity, to get milkshake at Jonah's.
Heard that they got the best fruit shake in the island.
So we gotta try.

Here's the menu of the choices.

For me I gotton the watermelon, while the boyfriend got the fresh strawberry shake if i am not wrong.

Since we were having our last night in Boracay, we decided to eat somthing good.
Found online and decided to give Sea Breeze Cafe a try.
Sea Breeze is located beside McDonald or Regency beach resort in station 2.
The price for us that time is 2 pax for 1512PHP (approx SGD$44 which is SGD$22 per pax only! Damn cheap!)
The food is buffet style wide a very wide selection of food. Good deal!

There was once when the waiters and waitress all gathered together to do a gangnam style dance.
They were so creative, fun and entertaining.
Everybody was like having a good time and very happy people.

The next day, we woke up early to take the ferry back to the airport.
Such a pain in the ass to go through the long route back to the airport again.
Nonetheless, we still reached safely.

Grabbed a small bite in the airport.

Photos up in the air...

Some information for you.
Since I found that I taken a photo of the receipt for my package.
Here the reference (as of May 2014):

Oh btw, we have to buy the ferry ticket back from Boracay island to Aiport.

Lastly, the polariod photos taken during Island Hopping to end this post! :)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Boracay 2014 - Day 3 Island Hopping

Oh hi~ I am finishing up the last post for this Boracay trip!
I know I am like taking forever to finish up a travelogue!!
Well I am sorry but I will try my best.
I am going to finish this travelogue in the last few days of 2014.
Then there's 2 more travelogue for this year to be finish next year. Haha..

On the 3rd day morning, our activity was to go island hopping.
Island hopping has been my favorite activity whenever I go for any beach holiday!
They will bring you to see even more protected island which are more beautiful than the one from the local.

We all had to gather at Station 3 to take a boat ride out.

The first stop was Crystal Cove Island!
We have to go through cove 1 and 2.
The scenery is amazing beautiful.
Totally fall in love with the blue sea, blue sky.
I can just stay there forever~

Going down to Cove 1.

After which, we continue heading to Cove 2.

Got down to Cove 2.

We didn't dare to go over because its quite slippery.
Seems too dangerous.

So we just selfie near the stairway. LOL!

Got up and rest while waiting for other people before heading to the next place.

Oh, here the Ariel's point which we didn't tried.
However, people over the other side seems enjoying jumping into the water.

Our second stop is to go snorkeling at Crocodile island.

After snorkeling activity, we went for our lunch somewhere.
The food was cook by the locals.
It tasted so-so only but we still managed to eat something.

After lunch, we went to another snorkeling area.
This time, I didn't dare to go down because it seems like we are thrown into the middle of the big sea.
Seems really scary and dangerous.
So we just sit on the boat while the others enjoying. LOL~

Then one of the guy (maybe saw us, the 2 bored couple,) picked a starfish from the sea!
It was my first time touching it, and it feels like stone. Haha..
I thought it would be slimy or what but its not. Very fun!

Last stop, we headed to Puka Beach to chill.
The beach is really clean.
However, the sun is quite hot and i gotten sun burnt already..
Anyhow, we still have lots of fun taking photos for memories. :)

After which, we went back to Boracay island....
To be continue.... :)