Friday, March 27, 2015


I went for my Orientation and Induction program yesterday and a training program today.
Started off well and I hope that it will be better.
I foresee that I will be enjoying one of the modules by one of the lecturer who gave us the training today.

One of my biggest fear is to meet new people.
I need to overcome myself from that because we will have team assignment/ group presentation.
Luckily, I saw many solos rather than those in group who went to study together.
So if I'm solo, then it will be easier to make friend with another solo.

I feel very grateful that some of my friends said that they will help me out if I encounter problem with my school work.
Thankful for them!

I am officially a degree student again.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

In-house Hai Di Lao Steamboat

We decided to have an in-house steamboat over at Lynn's place today!
Veron bought the Hai Di Lao Soup base online so we we got to try it.
Met up with them at SSC in the noon to buy the ingredients then back to Lynn's house to prepare the food.
Start eating at 2pm+..

The soup base includes the above.
Surprisingly without pork bone or chicken bone, the soup is still very tasty.

I guess we bought quite a lot of food and I was really full that I didn't even eat dinner.

Meet Bentley here~
Lynn's cute dog.
I think the last time I met Bentley was 5 years ago~
And he has grow older but still damn cute. :D

Bentley got smiley face..

Lying beside me. ^~^

Then Lynn used Bentley to bring out Veron's gift to Veron.
Hahahaha so cute~

Tired Bentley is tired.
Snoozing on my lap again. :D

We wanted to watch a horror movie but in the end was distracted by the dog, our phones, etc..
Ended up, the movie was playing but didn't fully watch it. Haha~
Anyway, it was great gathering today.
We should have more of this~!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bread Making Class #3

I had my 3rd class of bread baking lesson.
And this time, our extra recipe is egg tarts.
When I posted that into my FB and Instagram, the egg tarts one got more likes. Haha~

1. Egg Tarts
2 separate mixture for egg tarts, one is the egg tarts pastry and the other one is the egg tart custard.
Easy to make, just that the pastry dough to stick to the cup is a little trouble to do.
Maybe its just me, no skill. :p

Anyway, this popular egg tarts that I gotten only Veron and my mum got to taste it. Lucky them. Hahaha..

Freshly out of the oven.
I could see the custard was still "cooking".
We had to let me settle down before eating.

2. Astragalus Longan Roll
Our teacher soaked the dried longan with rum for this.
Well, I guess not many people would appreciate the taste of these.

My mum told me something funny.
Because I told her that this was made with rum, so she didn't want my dad to have it (since he's driving).
My dad was so unhappy, giving the buey song face, he told my grandma that my mum didn't want my dad to have it.
Ended up, my mum tasted it and find that its okay so she let him take to work. LOL!
Damn cute lah~

I'm always amazed by the outcome of the fermentation.

3. Longan Cookies
Using the same dried logan soaked with rum, we made these cookie.
I guess it taste better though I only tried one small bite.

Bonus for us.
The teacher made the bread on previous night for us to eat. :D
Left is the wholemeal bread and the left is Ham with garlic bread.

Next week, would be the last class.
Not sure what extra thing will we be learning.
Looking forward. :D

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Almost Starting

I finally made up my mind!
A life decision to go back to study again.

So I signed the acceptance for my degree course yesterday.
I received my timetable for the first semester as well.
Today, I paid off the first installment with my own hard earned money this time without dad's help.
So I hope by using my own money, I will push myself harder to pass and get over this!
16 months, it will be fast, done and over.

Orientation and Induction will be next week.
School will starts 2 weeks later from today.
I know I am not really looking forward to it still, however at the end of the day it will benefit me the most.
I still hope that I will enjoy the process so finger crossed, hope that everything will be fine.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bread Making Class #2

Yesterday was the second lesson of the bread baking class.
We came in earlier and got the opportunity to make an extra bread that was not written in the "What we'll learn" list.
This time we also got more hands-on.
It was really warmhearted to see everyone playing a part in the baking session and the outcome was great. :)

1. French Loaf
I was quite surprised that the making of French Loaf is actually easy.
You also don't need many ingredient to make it.

Taste the same as the one that we buy outside. :D

2. Pine Nut and Roselle Bun

After mixing the ingredients and ferment the dough.

Then add the pine nut and roselle fillings.

Shaped it into a triangle majiam bao curry puff. LOL!

After ferment it again...

Add on cheese and pine nut on top.

The outcome after baking...

Looks so nice inside.. :D

3. Walnut Cookies
The most easiest thing to do is cookie, no need to ferment.
Just mixed all the ingredient, separate them into small batter pieces, glaze with egg and bake!

Tadah.. These one tasted really nice~

Looking forward to next week class whereby we will learnt extra recipe - Egg Tarts.
Even though I don't eat that, but the people around me loves eating egg tarts, so I guess if I could made for them, it would be very nice. ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Oh hi, haven been uploading much selfie on my blog.
For your eye candy, here's 2 photos. =p *sounds super not shy*

Saturday Date with boyfriend at Vanilla Bar & Cafe along Boon Tat Street.
I have been around the area for about a year plus but I didn't know that there's sucha cafe there.
Boyfriend ordered the brunch menu while I ordered Japanese cuisine.
Yes, the cafe provides such fusion food because it is a Japanese inspired western cafe.

What attracts the boyfriend is the Vanilla Dirt Cake listed in the menu.
Cake in a flower pot, sounds cute and pretty~

As you can see the soil-like crumbs are made of crushed Oreo cookies.
Below the Oreo cookies consists of cream cheese mousse.
And the 3 gummy sweets are the "worms".
I think the concept is unique.

In the night, a part of Orchard Road's road was closed for some event.
We took the chance to walk the road. Haha..

And I saw the Milo truck giving free Milo.
So we went to queue up for it.
I really miss this!
Back to my primary school days, during the school sports day, they have this Milo truck and many of us love to queue for it and get a cup of cold Milo to drink. #ChildhoodMemory

Continue strolling down, we chanced upon the cute mascots playing drum.
Decided to take a photo of them. :)

So that's how I spent my Saturday.
Kind of fulfilling day but can be better..