Thursday, April 30, 2015

Birthday 2015

Last day of April today, time really flies.
Every April, the norm, I would celebrate my birthday withmy friends, colleagues and ex-colleagues.
Let me briefly summarized my celebration.

On 11 April, I met up with Jingwen and EngSang after school.
We had dinner at Strictly Pancake, then off to Switch by Timbre to drink cocktail and enjoying the band singing for the night.
I really enjoyed the songs they sang, they are good at it.
The night ended as the band ended.

Met up with Winnie for birthday dinner on 20 April at Hoshino cafe.
We had lots of catch up since our last meet up was last year. Haha~
Oh, the below photos are taken by her OPPO phone.
The quality damn good, its like better than iphone!

On 22 April, I had birthday lunch treat and on the my actual birthday itself, I had cake cutting session with my lovely colleagues.
They also bought me a birthday gift! I am so blessed. :)

In the night, I had birthday dinner with boyfriend after work at Lady M.
So this guy requested the candle and the staff came over to our table.
All eyes on me, because having a candle it shows that it's your birthday right?
I could even hear people mumbling "birthday". -_-"
I could feel that my whole face is blushing.
The staffs asked me if I want them to sing Birthday Song for me or not and I replied, "No need lah" in a polite way.
I was so embarrassed already. LOL~
Still, boyfriend don't want to sing for me even if I asked him to. =/

Come to think of it, I have been working on my birthday and I haven took leaves since 2011!
I still remember when I was working in KTPL, on my birthday every year, Wakabayashi san and Aoyama san will buy me a cake.
I was really touched by the small gesture. Its been 2 years...

On 25th April, I met up with my bitches - Veron and Lynn.
This time Veron's sis and twiny also joined us.
Wanted to try out Dazzling Cafe but the waiting time was 2hrs.
We had 2 kids and 4 hungry adult, so in the end, we changed our plan.

While walking, Eriko suddenly hold my hand out of the blue.
It makes me feel heartwarming.
So for the whole day, most of the time, she's quite sticky to me and I don't know why. Haha..
Veron said that because I keep letting her bring me around.
So that's what kids like?

The 2 mischievous and happy girls.
The last time I saw them was maybe 2012 when there were 3 years old.
And now there are coming to 6th.
Time really flies..

Twiny - Eriko & Erika so cute. Love them to bits. ^~^


27 April, I met up with Hui San and Lixian.
We had dinner at Tanuki Raw and the food is good.
This gonna be a new hangout place for me in future. ^-^

A year older, a year wiser I hope...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


烦烦烦 FUXK!

This month is like hell for me man.
I hope it will be over soon.
Looking forward to May end, so that I will have lesser things to worry about. Sigh~

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

I received 2 free tickets to Trick Eye Museum Singapore from my colleague so I decided to ask SheauWei to join me the fun on 12 Apr.
Out of 138 photos I chose 25 photos to post it here, if not this page will be flooded.

This is the best photo we had of the day. I love it so much.

Our friendship is deeper than anyone else.

I told her, this is the only time that she can be taller than me.

Haha.. I am like pulling her in with me..

"Help me! I am trapped!"

I guess SheauWei is calling for help. Hahaha damn funny when she took out her phone to pose.

She and her phone again! Hahaha~

It was a fun 2 hour plus photo taking session with lots of laughter.
We are really glad that we had this good memories to keep in our heart. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stressed mode: On

Taking time to write on this space while I'm on my way to school.
Have been rather busy yet fulfilling these day.
All my times are occupied with work, school, meet up with friends since its April (birthday month), and coming up assignments.
I guess I have lesser time to myself to surf web, watch dramas, and slacking at home now which explains why the lack of blog posts now.
I guess I will have lots of backdate posts all accumulated.

It's my 3rd week in school.
Met new friends, 4 girls, who are my team mates.
Coincidentally, my ex-colleague is in the same course as me too!
Though we didn't really talk in class but he should be one of the person that I can consult my school work to.

This term, I am studying 2 modules which one is really interesting and I really enjoy the class.
The lecturer joke a lot and the class is always filled with laughter.
That would be the module that I surely won't fall asleep.
The other module is okay and I get to learn MS Access.
Interestingly I enjoy learning it and it add on new skill for me. :)

Assignments topics are up!
The girls and I are really stressed about it because we are still unsure how to start and what to write. Sigh~
Anyway jiayou bah!

Hope to be back to this space soon!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

ORTO Yishun

Met up with Hanisha yesterday evening.
We decided to check out ORTO which reopened on 17 Feb this year.
Some might know that it was formerly Bottle Tree Park Yishun.

5 years ago, Hanisha and I was there to chill and we know that it was a very nice place to be.
Referred back to my old post - Chilling @ Bottle Tree Park, we were so young back then.

So, while I was waiting for the late queen, I took some photos around.

Orto which means garden in Italian, is as big as the size of seven football fields.
The attractions include a fishing pond, 10 ponds for prawning, and 4 eateries, including Thai BBQ restaurant Mookata.
I was really excited when I saw Mookata!
In future, I can bring my family to try since we are so near.

It is located at 81 Lorong Chencharu, which is one straight road down from Khatib MRT station.
It take about 8-10 minute walk.
For drivers, parking and entry to the attraction is free.

We had our dinner at the eatery call SGMY, which sells the local delights.
I had fried rice and Hanisha ordered the Mee Goreng.
Both cost $5.90 inclusive of GST.
We thought that its cheap for a place like this.

After eating, we explored the area and taking selfies.

We wanted to find a place where we can sit down, chill and drink cocktails.
However, we can't find it.
Quench! Bistro and Bar only sells beer and mocktail.
In the end, we went to Taste Gardem to eat dessert.

By the way, prawning activity is operating 24 hour daily.
For more info, you can check their website -