Sunday, June 28, 2015

Seventh Year Dinner

I haven been posting my recent face on my blog because most of it were from my previous travelogues.
So, today's post will have my face from yesterday.
Not very recent because I went to dye my hair today.
Finally got sick of darker hair shades.

Yesterday was our 7th year Anniversary with boyfriend.
We had dinner at The Line at Shangri-La hotel.
Reached the place early so we went to explore the places since its my first time there.


There is a wide variety to choose from at The Line buffet.
And I think the food is good too, just a little expensive for a small stomach like me.
I think I didn't eat much.
Shouldn't have gone to Toa Payoh Hub to eat the Rojak, if not I would have eaten more.

Also gotten a complimentary chocolate mousse cake due to celebrating Anniversary there.
Ohh I love the cake!

End this post with a nice couple photo taken by one of the nice waitress. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Not much ups not much downs.




Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lola Skye

Hello Fashionistas, I have a fashion brand to introduce you today.
Lola Skye is a British brand with a bohemian spirit.
Creating a fresh look, Lola Skye features a mix of texture and colour to create a range that is eclectic and playful.
Eyelash knits, netting, lace, embellishment and burn-out can be found on playsuits, city shorts, cropped tees, full skirts and dresses in a plethora of colours mixing, turquoise, pinks, blues, minks and lemon yellow.
The brand debuts in Asia exclusively on ZALORA last year.

Looking through the collections in ZALORA website, I find that they are perfect for this summer.
Additionally, I guess it’s due to the Great Singapore Sales (GSS), the price are slashed for most of the product so it’s pretty cheap now.

Below are some of the pieces that I like and I feel that they are suitable to wear for this season.

Do visit Lola Skye women's section in ZALORA to check out on their collection.

Sunday, June 21, 2015




Friday, June 19, 2015

Start of Term 2

I guess I am doing fine now.
I was getting too emotional the past few days and I think I am crazy. 
It must be because I got nothing better to do. Lol~
Anyway I am back on track! 
Gonna get busy with life, work and study now!!!

Today's the start of Term 2.
The schedules for this term like no life.
On the brighter note, I gotten my results for Term 1 but it might be provisional.
In any case, I gotten a passed for now for 2 modules.
Hopefully no moderation of the results, and then I can kiss goodbye to my Term 1 modules and move on.

Currently, I am proud of myself that I can proceed to Term 2, which means I am getting closer to get my Degree Certificate.
I am hoping that everything can goes smoothly like Term 1. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

9/10 of Unhappiness

I am becoming more and more reluctant coming to this space to update my thoughts and even my travelogues.
Giving up this space would be a pity because there are so much memories recorded in here.
I would really hope that I can finish up my travelogues.

In my younger days, I wrote everything and anything in this space without much thought of who will see this or what people will think.
But as I grow older, I just find that some things are just meant to be kept to self.
Every time, I would just bottle it up and hope it goes away but deep down its not and it won't.
I am quite confused with the feeling inside me and keep trying to shun it away.
I wonder how long this process will take.
I guess I just need to be brave.
I just hope time can move faster a little so that my plan can be executed sooner.
Counting down the days.

Sunday, June 07, 2015



I need endorphins.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Queensland - Gold Coast 2014 - Dream World

Hi, this is to continue from the last Gold Coast post.
We went to Dream World on the third day.
Dream World got the most thrilling rides that I've ever take (for now).

Woke up early as usual.
Took bus Tx3 from our apartment and the journey took about 35mins to reach Dream world.
When we reached there, we saw many people already waiting for the gate to open.

Tourist shot. :p

Rushed to take a pic with Kenny from Dreamworld.

Cyclone is our first thrilling ride of the day.

The claw is the most thrilling ride!
I took it 3 times but still feel scary.
At the highest point (the pic above), I could never open my eyes already.

Took a photo with Kungfu panda.

Puss in boots.

Love this shot with Alex from Madagascar.

Heading to the Tigers' performance.

I was amazed that Tiger can climb so high up. :O

This Terror of Tower II ride looks damn scary.
I didn't want to try this but still go up in the end.
Well, I would say that it is very thrilling.

Headed over to Dreamworld Corroboree where the Koala bears and the kangaroos were.

Closed up with the kangaroos and I managed to feed them too. :D

And I also hugged the koala bear and took a photo with it. :D

Watched the sheep shearing show.

The soft wool and it is a little greasy.

Watched the last show of Bob's big break in 3D.

I enjoyed the thrilling ride!
Overall, our Challenges in Dream World were
- The Claw - 3 times
- BuzzSaw - 2 times
- Cyclone - 1 time
- Tower of Terror II - 1 time
- Pandemonium - 1 time
- Mick Doohan's Motorcoaster - 1 time

I had a great experience!
Many first time like closed up with kangaroos and koala bears.
Enjoyable day~