Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wings of Time

Spent most of the day at Palawan Beach.

Watched Wings of Time and I really enjoyed the est. 20 minutes show.
The finale of the show was beautiful!
There are combination of water display, laser lights, fire effects and fireworks.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Halloween Costumes

The annual Halloween Day is coming in about 2 months time!
Are you excited for the event?
How are you going to dress up on that day?
Seriously, I have not done dressing up for Halloween for the past years, even though I do attend some events to scare myself.
However, if I were to dress up, I would really want to dress Gothically like a Gothic doll.
Gothic dolls are pretty yet giving the mysterious feeling, and that's the style that I'm into.
I especially love their lacy dresses.

Here are some gothic styles.

Stay tuned for upcoming outfits sales at Halloween costumes!
I'm really excited to see what they have.

Friday, August 21, 2015

End of Term 2!

Finally, Term 2 ended!
This term seems so long...
The 3600 words assignment is crazy!
I don't think I fare well in the MCQ test because I changed many right answers to the wrong one. :(
And today we had presentation.
Luckily, we did well! I seriously hope we did well because the lecturer did not shoot us any questions at all.
Before the presentation, we were all very anxious.
I have not done presentation since my poly days..
Anyway, I am thankful to have a great team!

Feeling really shag but its over for the time being.
Gonna have 3 weeks of term break, before the craziness starts again!
Looking at the timetable of Term 3, I'm gonna have super Monday blues. D;
Let me not think about it now.
Just keep calm and enjoy my term break! :D

My team mates and I.
Total 8 of us for the group presentation.
Took this before presentation, and we don't really look anxious at all right? Haha..

We planned to have a drink after our presentation.
They said to drown our sorrows due to our MCQ.
However, I guess our presentation made us felt happier and we ended up chilling. Haha~

Hopefully, I can 顺顺利利 pass my Term 2 modules, I seriously don't care about the grades just let me pass will do..
Heard that the final results will be out only after Term 3. D;

Wednesday, August 19, 2015



"If you are happy, happiness will come to you, because happiness wants to go where happiness is." 

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Happy #SG50!

How are you spending your long Jubilee weekend?
Apart from rushing my assignment, my weekend was quite well spent so far..
Tomorrow is the last day of PH, make it well spent too. :)

This year National Day was a special one because its Singapore 50th year!
Like the previous year, I make effort to watch the firework display, though I really hate the crazy crowd.
This year, its not only the firework display but the black knights display too!
I am happy that I'm able to catch everything at The Promontory @ Marina Bay today.
I am touched by the surroundings when I heard people singing "Home", "Count on Me, Singapore", "Majulah Singapura", etc..
I tried to sing along too but my surroundings are mostly foreigners so... I was a little shy.. Haha~

5 stars

Singapore Airline A-380 flypast

Our National Flag flypast and I sang Majulah Singapura proudly! :D

The "50" Formation!

All photos taken using Olympus EPM-1.

Happy Birthday Singapore!
I am a proud Singaporean.
Even though, I love traveling but at the end of the day, I always feel safe when I am back home.
This is where I belong, where my family and friends are.
I am thankful that I am born here.
Let's continue to make Singapore to be a better place to live in. :)