Wednesday, September 30, 2015



Monday, September 28, 2015

Always feel unfair!

The more I think about it the more I'm unhappy.

Just had an argument with mum because of clearing my sis's cat litter.
I know I would sound as a selfish sister and daughter but I was just grumbling!
I was tired from yesterday and today long day.
I had to attend classes, wedding and work.
Can't just let me grumble?

Moreover, my sis should be responsible for the cat.
I'm always the one who suck it up to it, living with it, so haven I been kind enough?
My mum also one kind who always like to bring out saying that she helped out the chores for me which makes me feel like I owe her for it.
For years, she's been saying this. Sickening leh..
Then might as well I just leave the house and rent a room, then she will stop saying this?
Now, my sis has been living at her husband house so she got the excuse for saying she helped me with the chores.
However, I find that it's an advantage for her what. She is even more relaxed now.
And that's doesn't shows that she dote me lor.. Tsk

Yes, it doesn't take hours to clear it but the issue here is that she doesn't like to clear this kind of shit, so do I.

Whatever it is, she should know that whenever I heard that I need to clear, I will be damn unhappy.
Just that I'm rather tired and that why I was hot-headed than usual so I was very blunt with my words with her.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Good Start!

Had a great start for Term 3 yesterday.
Gotten my GIBC result and my mark is not bad!
I was really really surprised!
However, result is still provisional.
Hopefully it won't moderate much.
Can't wait for finalized results at the end of Term 3.
I am still worried for my BPM result because I am afraid that I cannot pass my MCQ. :(

Other than getting result, M&C module should be fun!
The lecturer makes the class enjoyable.
With that I hope that it will kill away all my Monday blues. :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Start of Term 3

In a blink of an eye, its the end of my 3 weeks of term break.
I haven enjoy my break enough yet.
Mostly, I spend time coloring and watching drama after I come home from work.

Having 9 weeks of classes this term, looking forward to the next term break. :(
I am okay with attending classes just that I hate the assignments.
And I am going to exam again for this term. Argh!

Gonna have a blue blue Monday for this whole term. Wtf.
Luckily, this term doesn't have much weekend classes.

Seriously, I dislike the school system.
Why they don't give us our grade every term?
I still need to wait until I finish my 3 terms then I can get all my grades.
Stupid or what?

Hopefully, I don't fail my term 2.
Really don't want to retain because I have good classmates.

Looking on the bright side, at least I am almost halfway my degree course.
Jiayou bah..~! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Queensland - Gold Coast 2014 - Springbrook Mountain

On the fifth day of Gold Coast, we went trekking and sightseeing at Springbrook Mountain and Mountain Tamborine.
In this post, I will be blogging on Springbrook Mountain.
Early in the morning, QW's friend Mong drove us to the destination.
I cannot remember how long is the journey, but I know it took a few hours to reach there.

There will be many photos showing you the beauty of Springbrook National Park

Walking in to view 'Best Of All Lookout'..

Best of All Lookout.

Not sure what creature is this but 3 of us were quite scare of it.
And it doesn't seem to scare of human because it rushed to us. -_-"

Next, we went to Canyon Lookout.

This is the Purling Brook Falls.
Mild waterfall I would say..

Saw this board of words but not very sure what is this..

Giant tree.

And we are nearer to Purling Brook Falls.

I really wonder how these glow-worm look like in real.
Didnt get the chance to see anyway..

Next to Natural Bridge.

It look very beautiful in real life!
But the waterfall is mild because not much rain during the season.

Next, we went to Three Little Pig Bar & Bistro for lunch.

Tasmanian Salmon Pasta for lunch.

I'll be back with the Mount Tamborine post soon.
More beautiful pictures there. :)