Saturday, November 28, 2015

Time No Enough

2 more days to December.
4 more weeks to school starts.
33 days more to a new year.

During the past 2 weeks break, I guess I haven been very fruitful.
However, at least I am able to have a good rest.
I have been coloring, watching dramas and plays the keyboard (心血来潮的).
Still not playing very well but at least I gets the melody out, which I am quite good at it. :p

Other than these, I hope to get my Taiwan trip post out by this year but I kept procrastinating.
I know I have been neglecting this blog. D;

Anyway, December's gonna be a really really busy month for me with so many meet up and occasions.
I gonna have good time management to juggle with my life and this space.

Nothing much to update anyway.
Everyday, we are have things that constantly occurring.
Be it ups and downs, surprises, etc, one needs to be strong and life still goes on.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Summary of Bandung Trip 2015

Hello! I just got back from a short getaway in Bandung; Indonesia.
Just wanna write down a short summary of this trip.

Overall, the 4D3N trip was not bad.
Many first experiences during this trip like first time to Volcano area, horse riding, drank horse milk and ate many good food.
I've also learnt something in this trip and that is we just got to be grateful for what we had in Singapore.
Going to a lower class country, I see many people struggling for living and to make money for a living.
I saw a kid as young as 4 or 5 years old, selling tissue paper on the road side.
But what can they do? They need money for living.
I seriously don't know how much he can make a day but it is a dangerous job.
I also see many things that Singapore doesn't have. 
People in the lower class of Indonesia, still riding a horse wagon to travel from places to places.
My tour guide told us that he is happy being a Indonesian despite having a corrupted government.
However, why do Singaporean still feel unhappy when we have a better government?
Sometimes, I feel that Singaporean needs to go outside of their comfort zone, to explore the world, to feel others then you'll know how grateful you are.

By the way, the tour guide that took us around for the whole trip is knowledgeable and nice guy.
During the long car ride, he chatted a lot.
However, because BF and I are man of few words, so most of the time we just answered "okay", "um" or nod and it cuts off the conversation.
Well, we did try to talk so that the trip won't be a boring one.
Most probably, we are one of the boring couple that he has taken. LOL!

Anyhow, good experience in Bandung.
Probably the next time I go back would be just for food and shopping.
But in the long run, no plan for this yet, since we covered almost all of it already.
I'll blog more about it later on. :)

P/S: Email me if you want the contact for this tour guide for your trip. Recommended!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Queensland - Gold Coast 2014 - Whales in Paradise

I've come to the last post of my Gold Coast Travelogue.
My last day in Gold Coast, we planned to go to the Whales in Paradise for a Morning whale watch.
Got up really early as the whale watch starts at 7:30AM.
Took a boat to pacific ocean, it was amazing!

When we are out to the ocean, we were lucky that we spotted the humpback whale.
In fact, we saw 2 of them, these fellas are huge!
Unfortunately, we only get to see its big tail and its back.
They didn't do a back flip out of the ocean. D;
Nonetheless, it was still spectacular.

On our way back to land, we were also very lucky to catch many many dolphins~

On our last day, we just try to splurge as much as possible, mainly on food and souvenirs.

Had western food somewhere at surfers paradise.

Also, for dinner QW brought me to try desserts at the Max Brenner.

From our apartment, we took tram back to Broadbeach south station.
After which, we took the bus 777 to the Gold Coast airport.

Alrighty, I finally come to an end for my Australia Gold Coast travelogue.
Phew~ I guess I am taking longer time to update.
Bear with me as I am really really really busy with work and school stuffs.
So ciao~

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Officially ended Term 3!

The time is moving so fast that I am at the end of term 3 already!
This term is really hectic.
Due to the unfamiliarity of International Business Finance and Trade module, I struggled my assignment.
Even though with much guidelines and help from the lecturer, I still feel that I cannot write very well. :(
Sent drafts for his checking but keep getting rejected.
Hopefully, I'm able to clear this module.
I don't want to write another 3000 words! :S
And I guess every term its like 不到紧要关头是挤不出字的。Haha..

This term I really enjoyed the marketing class because the lecturer made the class really enjoyable!
He's a young lecturer and his teaching method so far, is very different from the other lecturers.
He doesn't go by the presentation slides and explains each segment very well using mind maps to help us understand better.
On 8 Nov, we had M&C exam and I guess I am able to pass for this exam. *cross fingers*
But I know from the Simbrand game, we got 13 marks.
So I secured 13/100 marks for the module already.

Actually this term seems rather emotional because I wouldn't know if I will still see the whole bunch of classmates again.
Even though, I stick to my team the whole time but some other classmates still make the classes fun.
I really hope that we all can get through and graduate altogether.
I will be really looking forward to next year August when we are graduate together!
50% done and 50% more to go!
Counting down to 3 more terms (if i am able to proceed to term 4) and 9 more months.

So, this December I will be getting my finalized result to see if I'm able to proceed to Term 4.
Crossing my fingers that hopefully I am able to progress.
Wish me luck!

Ending this post with a class photo from M&C.
The only class photo of BABM combined with IHTM and FM.

And a group photo after our M&C exam, at our usual chill out place.

P.S: A lecturer said that it will get worst as the term progress. D:
P.P.S: Thinking about dissertation makes me feel sick already..

Tuesday, November 03, 2015


I attended the 2nd day of leadership program today and I just want to reflect on what happened.

Honestly, after Day 1 session, I dread going to the program.
I worried that I need to speak in front of everyone and I hate to voice out.
I am someone who doesn't like to be the center of attraction with familiar people.
For what I meant is to voice out during a meeting or a group discussion.
I am not a confident person and can't really articulate well maybe due to language issue.
Furthermore, with the topic that I am unfamiliar with, I am even more afraid to speak up.
I am always envy people who can do it effortlessly.
However, sometimes I just need to deal with it when there is a need.

Today I was being pointed to speak when the coach asked "who have I not heard yet".
So, one of the sales called out my name.
In my heart, I was like "OMG! Kena sabo~".
Luckily, the coach gave me a chance to delegate so I called back the sales to answer it.
Still, at the end of the day, I tried my best to speak up and earned encouragement from everyone.

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”.
I guess I just got to step out of my comfort zone and find my courage.
It's like you never try you never know.
This gonna be one of my 2016 resolution.
And thanks my colleagues and the coaches for the encouragements. :)