Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tryout Jenny Cookies 2nd Attempt

Last week, I tried baking the Jenny cookies but failed.
So yesterday, I attempted the 2nd time to bake it.
I am taking my mum oven into good use because she bought it 2 years ago and its been lying there since.
I got G to bring the mixer to my house so I can do the mixing without using any strength.
This time, I used the President unsalted butter.

The cookies looks better but still not very successful.
I don't know why.
I guess, I'll need to learn it from Steph.

I brought some to Veron's to try since she's staying nearer to me.
She said its nice but I think its okay only.
When I tried the one that Steph bake, it was really addictive.
Still thinking its the problem with the butter!
I really need to find Golden Churn butter to try again.
Hope my 3rd attempt will be successful. :)
Till then.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tryout Jenny Cookies 1st Attempt (Failed)

My friend and I wanted to bake something for this month meet up.
So I suggested to bake Jenny Cookies which is very popular in HK.
I saw many copycat recipe online.
Steph has also made it for me to try and I really love it.
Therefore, we decided to bake it.

The recipe that we used is from Miss Tam Chiak:

The ingredients that we used below.
Please note: DO NOT USE Pure Ghee butter.
We supposed to buy Golden Churn butter, but I looked everywhere for it and its out of stock.
Hence, we decided to buy Pure Ghee as a substitute.
However, Steph said the oil content is higher.
The mold is quite watery which explains why my cookies failed. :(

*icing sugar not in the photo.

After baking, the shaped cookies melted and flatten.
The taste is okay but I still can taste the flour.

We tried making second using coarse sugar because Eng Sang said it might due to the icing sugar.
It turned out that using coarse sugar, made it worst.
Everything cannot even be eaten, so we threw everything away.

Anyway, coming weekend I'll try it at home with the help of G.
Hopefully, it will turn out well.
I am going to buy another type of butter if I still cannot find Golden Churn butter.
Will be back to tell you if I succeed or not. :D

Left Engsang's house and saw a beautiful sky and took a snapshot of it. :)
Signing off~

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wedding: Auspicious Wedding Date

I was really busy with work and assignment but since its term break, I have some free time to do some preparation for our wedding.

Our first step is to engaged a geomancer to calculate auspicious wedding date for us.
Through G's friend, he found a geomancer.
Actually, this geomancer is quite popular as my friends also gave me the same contact when I asked if they have any lobang or not.
We contacted Master Long and if you google about him, you will find some bloggers who also has contacted this person for wedding date consultation.

Few weeks ago, G whatsapp Master Long and provided him our “Ba Zi” information so that he will be able to calculate the auspicious wedding date for us.
2 weeks before today, I found out that I have given a wrong timing and G provided him the correct one.
However, he read but didn't his message.
Today, when we met him, I had a small conflict with him.
He was rude and impolite to me, and has a very poor customer service.
I rarely give a stranger a bad attitude but this one really gets on my nerve.
G kept on helping him to speak good words, I was like wth.....
Well, due to his seniority, I also don't want to kick up a fuss.
We spent about 30mins listening all the chimology details. -_-"

Anyway, we gotten a list of auspicious years until end of 2018.
Next, we'll need to choose the dates and start planning.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Biggest Regrets?

I chanced upon an interesting video on Facebook the other day.
In the video, a chalkboard was placed on a street in New York City asking strangers to write their biggest regret.
After watching, I thought to myself, what is my biggest regrets?
After pondering for awhile, I can't really think of any biggest regrets as of now.

In the past, I made a lot of impulse decisions and then regretted, especially selecting a course to study.
The lucky thing is that I finally found the right course to study and is progressing to Term 5.
Few months more to completion!
Even though. its hard and I always felt like giving up sometimes, I know that its always bitter first then sweet thereafter.

Same goes to taking my driving license.
I failed so many times but still gotten the license in the end.
I feel really lucky that I didn't give up halfway.

Actually, many a times, I do things and stop halfway.
So I guess, next, I would like to progress on learning keyboard, piano or taking up language lessons. :p

In a nutshell, I believe that if one keeps on trying hard, you will succeed in the end.

Watch the video here.

Monday, February 15, 2016

End of Term 4

Today is happy submission day for Term 4!
I submitted all of my assignment today.
I'm feeling so relieved now.
Hence, it’s officially the end of Term 4! Like finally~
It's really a short term this time and I've 2 more terms to go.
I survived this term again.

This term, there are too much culture models and ethical terms to understand.
I don't even know how correctly I applied them into my assignments.
Now, I feel that the merger and acquisition modules are easier than these.
I also didn't seek any help from my external friends this time.
Well, I just hope and pray I can get through again.
I really have no confident especially the C&O module. :(

Gonna have a few weeks of rest before Term 5 starts.
Looking forward to family trip soon! :D

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016


I had Pre-Valentine's Day celebration with G yesterday.
I wasn't expecting anything from him because I told him not to buy any gift and we'll just have movie and dinner.
However, this guy appeared in front of me with a bouquet of roses after our movie.
Not only that, I also got a Pandora necklace charm from him. :)
So in return, I just treat ourselves dinner.

Watched Long Long Time Ago (我们的故事).
I'm like watching hokkien movie throughout.
Nonetheless, it is a nice movie.
Close to the heart.
It's like telling me the story of my grandparent and parent's life back in the 60s.
Can't for Part 2 of the movie.

This is the 3rd bouquet he has given me till date..

On the side note, I guess I need to stop eating prawns.
Nowadays, I appeared to have rashes after eating it. Sigh~
Not sure is it my immune system getting weaker as I aged...

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day today.


Saturday, February 13, 2016

猴猴年 2016

Happy Chinese New Year!
Today is the sixth day of CNY.
I'm a little late here but still its CNY.
I was busy busy busy with you know what lah.. I don want to keep saying it in my blog. LOL!
Took out a little time here to update a little.

This year is no different from the past year.
Last year, my family didn't celebrate so we're back to celebrating.
Our reunion dinner is the same every year, maybe just different ingredients.

On the first day..
The usual house visiting at G's house first then night time to my relative's.


My family always got rubber band timing when doing house visiting..
Wasted too much of my time waiting for them to finish playing Mahjong..
Reached grandma house at 9pm. -_-

I received 2 SG50 $10 note. Haha~

Day 2 of CNY.
Nothing much..
Just went visiting at G's place and see lion dance at his house.
Then back home chiong assignment. -__-

Many people has been asking me to learn Mahjong this year.
I think I should really master it so that I can play with them. LOL.
I always refrain from gambling but I guess playing Mahjong is good exercise for the brain.
I shall master it. :)

Saturday, February 06, 2016


Feeling very very stressful.
Left 9 days to D-day.
Mixture of emotions...
But for now my faces are all the sad emoji in Whatsapp.

Totally not enjoying my CNY at all..
But I'll just blame myself for not putting more effort in this term assignment. :(
Maybe its just that I don really enjoy that particular module, so I almost give up.
I just need to hang in there...


Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming in less than a month time.
Cue Love is in the Air~
In this coming romance season, I am sharing with you some gift ideas for your partner.

I always feel that buying gifts for my girlfriends are easier than buying for my boyfriend.
Because buying for girls, there are so many choices ranging from clothes, accessories, makeup products, bags or even appliances.
While buying for guys, always give me headache. Or is it me?
I always tend to think of questions like “What does he like/ need?”, “Will he likes it?” and “Will he use it”?
Hmm actually, I will also have questions while buying for girls just that it is easier to decide what to get for them.
Maybe because I put themselves into my shoes. Haha..
Even my girlfriends and I would discuss about what we would buy for our guys sometimes.

Looking through what ZALORA offered for Valentines' Day gift in their online website, gives me a few gift idea.
Here I picked 3 choices for the ladies as a gift ideas for you guys.

1. Misfit
With the current healthy lifestyle that many women want to meet, getting this Misfit sport band can help your ladies to track her fitness performance.

2. Paul Hewitt Watch
This classic design watch is wearable for any occasion.

3. Zerlina Sling Bag
Trendy bag that fits any function.

So hurry and shop for your gift now!