Monday, July 25, 2016

Counting Words

I supposed this will be the last few times whereby I rant about my assignment. Hahaha..
I seriously wonder how did I pass through the terms, and the assignments?!
How did I pass through without failing?!
I mean it too smooth already...
Well of course, I don't want to fail too because failing will cost money and time to rewrite the assignment or even retake the course.
Glad, that I passed through..

On the 15 July before I went for my blood donation, I went to take my MMS result and luckily I passed because I heard rumors of failures.
I was quite worried then because I didn't really write properly. :X
So now, it just left the last 2 assignments.
Currently, I am still not very worried for my 10k dissertation but is worrying for this 3.2k SSCM assignment.
Every assignment, I am always counting my words. Really a bad habit of mine.
I guess its just that I don't really understand this topic.
I thought I would like supply chain class and I was looking forward to it but I guess it might be just the way the lecturer teach.
Moreover, I am not familiar with the organisation that I am writing for this assignment. :(
I guess I got to count on my lady luck this time, just like the previous terms.

Honestly, I have more than enough time to write this assignment because its just one assignment to submit for this term.
Sigh.. I am halfway through already and I left two more weeks.
Just can't wait for this to be over!!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Give Blood Save Lives

Today (15 July), I went for my first blood donation.
It wasn't impromptu as I've been thinking about it for a few weeks.
In fact, I wanted to be a blood donor when I was young but I wasn't brave enough and also due to my low hemoglobin history.
My mum always discourage me to donate as well.
However, I am adult now and I want to make decision for myself.
Glad that I did it! :)

I walked into the Blood Bank at Dhoby Ghaut by myself.
Looked around, unsure of the next step, then I saw the walk-in form. so I took a form and walked to a space to fill up the questionnaire.
Without thinking much into it, I submitted the form at the registration counter.
Got a queue number then waited for my turns to do check up.
There are 2 checks to go through which is fast.
First, I went into a room which seems to be a consultation room.
The doctor looked through my form and checked my temperature.
Next, it is a blood test room and I passed the test.
I waited for almost an hour before I get to donate blood.

In the blood donation room, I was shivering because I was sitting somewhere where the air-con was damn strong.
Actually, I was quite worried that I couldn't make it.
I am afraid that I will faint or felt giddiness.
When the needle was inserted into me, it was quite painful but luckily the pain didn't last long.
The drawing of blood process for me took maybe 5-7mins as my blood flow is smooth.
The people there are very kind and helpful as they keep ensuring that I am okay.
I chatted with one of the auntie and got to know that 1 pack of blood expires in 1 month but not to worry, it will be used up within a month because there's always insufficient blood in the blood bank.

My next appointment is in October, I guess I'll try to pull G to go donate with me. Muahaha..
So give blood and save lives.
Oh, also donating blood can give you health benefits too, just go google about it.
And for me.. its mission accomplished and achievement unlock. :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Last Class Last Presentation!

Today (11 July) marks my last official class for my entire 16 month course!
Kind of mix emotion though..
Looking back in March 2015 when I first started, it seems like yesterday.
How time really flies..
It was tough but I never thought I made these far. I am surprise with myself too.. :)
I guess one of the reason is that I made good company/ friends which I am really grateful for that.
Without them, I guess I might end up how I ended up in my first degree course.
Conclusion: anywhere you go, you need to have good relationship with people so that it will make your study/ working life enjoyable.

We had our last presentation today.
Gosh, we really dislike presentation even though we have gone through it a few times - BPM, MMS and this SSCM.
This time, our dress code is black. #BlackMonday #Like黑涩会
Missing out our best designer, Desmond, because this time they only allow 4 people in a team. :(
Really need to thanks these ladies and gentleman for making my life in NTB a memorable one!
Not forgetting some of the fun lecturers and classmates as well.

Here another group photo with our SSCM lecturer too.
Those guys at the back are fun peeps, especially our class, 老大, at the most left. Haha~
The 2 nice ladies, Charmaine and Karin, also got closer with us not long ago.. :)
Well, I'll miss all the fun and it will be kept in memories..

As for now, I'll have 1 assignment to be submitted on August and dissertation to be submitted on October before I can officially rest.
Then we can look forward to graduation day!
Nowadays, my tempo in writing my assignments slows down.
I really need to pick up and cannot slack anymore!
Ok, tomorrow onward I will need to focus!

Signing off now..
Till then.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Hectic Week!

As I am writing this, it's start of JULY already...
Totally not looking forward, because it means that I have not much time left!
I haven start my SSCM individual assignment, and my dissertation is not even half done!
I am feeling so stressful..
I just finish a process flow for my group presentation.
Presentation is so sickening and its killing me and teammates. :(

It was fiscal year end at work, so from Mon-Thurs (except Wed, which I had class), I OT till quite late which explains my hectic week.
When I got back home from work, I was exhausted already and just don't feels like doing anything.
Hence, I wasted lots of my time away. :(

The clock is ticking and its ticking fast for me.
For the next few months, I really need to slog.
Gonna hang in there till October.
I really can't wait for that day to come, when I submit my final dissertation!
Urgh.. seems like still quite early to say that.

It seems like I haven rant for quite long.
So, just let me rant...