Friday, September 30, 2016

Dissertation Submission!

Woohoo! Finally submitted my dissertation today!
I wanted to submit 2 days ago but due to missing docs so it prevents me from submitting early.
In actual fact, I was freed from dissertation on Wednesday.
I think I did my best.
9200+ words with 65 pages, it's like I'm writing a book. Haha~

Thinking back, many sacrifices are made for this course, eg: cannot watch the latest drama, cannot enjoy much on weekend, late night to rush for assignments and etc.
16 month, 说快不快,说慢也不慢 but at least I am done with it (for now).
Gonna wait till Feb next year to know if I can graduate or not.
For now, let me just relax first. I don wanna think much now..

Well, overall I think it is worthy.
At least, I can finish the whole course and I did not give up. :D
Now, I just feel that studying is much more better than working.
Maybe I'm just feeling stressful these days because of Quarter closing.

I feel so free now!
Actually, only free from school stuff.
Next, I need to prepare for travel itinerary, wedding stuff, etc..
I can say that it is the end of something and start of something new..
That's life yah... :)

So after submission today, I went dinner with the girls at Mr Bean Cafe, like again.
Wanted to go to a Korean restaurant but its full house.
Hopefully, to meet up with the rest on November.

My sickness is coming back to me again. D;
Ok, I'm gonna go rest now.
Very sleepy~
So, Nights!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

2 more weeks to D-Day!

I was just re-reading my previous posts on my "Life as a Student".
Sometimes, I love to re-read what i wrote and I would see some typo errors then I will edit it.
I was just reminiscing those days.

Anyway, It's two more weeks to go for my final submission for my dissertation.
The deadline is actually on 2 October but I am targeting to submit on 30 September after work so I don't need to go back on weekend.

I have been sacrificing my Sundays and late nights to write this dissertation.
So far, I think I am writing okay.
As usual, I still don't feel confident on what I am writing for some sections.
Anyway, I have about 2k more words then I will send to my supervisor for checking.

My plan is to send to him for checking by coming Wednesday or Thursday.
After, he send back to me, which he says will take about 1 week (but I hope he can send me in less than 1 week), I will do the final touch up, then send for printing.
After which, I will look forward to the submission date that I set!
Really can't wait for that day!

Looking forward.

Monday, September 12, 2016

"The Invincible" Jay Chou Concert Tour 地表最强2016周杰伦世界巡回演唱会新加坡站

Its been a week plus since Jay Chou's "The Invincible" concert tour in Singapore.
The actual concert took place on 3 September 2016.
I didn't really have much time previously to blog but today I am taking a some time out to write it. :)

This is one of the long awaited event for me this year.
Back in 2014, I attended my first Jay Chou concert and this year the second.
I was really excited.

But first, I have to attend my dissertation class first before going to the concert.

After the class, G came over to my school to fetch me over to Sportshub where I met Veron there.
The place was really crowded.
There were long queues everywhere and people were grabbing early dinner before the concert starts.
For us, we went to look for the merchandise area to buy light sticks.

After buying our light sticks, we went to grab small bites before the concert start.
Back in February when the ticket starts selling, I helped them to buy.
I only managed to get the Category 3 tickets for the 4 of us, and it cost $238.
Comparing the previous concert, we got the same CAT 3 tickets but the prices are inflated.

We were seated at Section 142, Row M, Seat 34-37.

The invincible light stick.

And the invincible light stick also give me a nice surprise. ^^

So many light sticks we got. LOL!

Me with the sea of pink. :D

Overall, the concert this year is not bad.
From our seats, the sound system improved but I saw news online that the other seats have issues with sound system.
The songs selected this year is much more fast-paced and many classic old songs too.
The ending song this year is the same as the last - 七里香.
The last concert was very much meaningful because it was raining the whole night and that why I can related it - "雨下整夜 我的爱溢出就像雨水".
While this year, it should be "整夜 我的爱溢出就像雨水". Haha..

I didn't really feel post-Jay-Chou-concert-withdrawal syndrome this year though.
Still, its a good experience that I attended this concert with my BFF. :)
I still hope that I will be able to attend next one as his ticket really sold out very fast.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

A Week Filled With Events

This week is filled with events!
Out of 7 days, 6 days I was meeting up with people especially birthday meal for my friends and family.
I can foresee that my credit card bill will give me heartache soon. Haha~
Most importantly is that they enjoyed the meal. :)

29 August
Met up with Winnie for her early birthday.
It was quite an impromptu one because i suddenly remembered her birthday last week.
Luckily our schedule could fit for each other, and so we had dinner with her at Ambush; PS.

30 August
On this day, I had dinner with my family at Bao Today; Rendezvous Hotel.
This is to celebrate dad's belated birthday and mum's early birthday.
I think its the first time, my dad and mum are okay to travel out so far from my house to eat dinner together.
There is so much change with my family this year.
A good change. :)

1 September
First day of september is the 3 of 3 meetup with Lixian and Huisan.
The meet up is for Lixian's belated birthday at Shi Li Fang; Orchard Central.
We are friends for so long but its our first time eating steamboat together.

2 September
Met up with Hanisha for her belated birthday dinner at The French Table; Northpoint.
We had walked past the restaurant a few time previously but this is the first time we tried the food.
The pasta and rainbow cake are good.
I shall try their pot of Tiramisu in future.

3 September
Despite waking up early in the morning to go to my last dissertation class, I was having full of energy for Jay's chou concert.
In fact, I was in high spirit throughout the night!

4 September 

In the afternoon, I attended Alice's baby shower with my classmates which lasted for about 2 hours.
Her baby is really small..
Didn't had the chance to take any photos so I just pen it down to remember the day.

On my way back home, I went to buy a birthday cake for my mum.
I think this became a norm already.
So Happy Birthday to my mum. 又老一岁了!:p

After this week, I am left with 26 days more to chiong my deadline.
Luckily, there is not much meetup this month so I can focus more on dissertation.
So jiayou lah.. ^^