Thursday, November 24, 2016

Upgrade to Ah Yi Status

My sis finally gave birth to a baby boy on 18 Nov 2016.
So I upgrade to Ah Yi status.
Its the 7th day since he was born.
Whilst this cranky little boy brings joy to the family, I can also see how tired being a mum and a grandmother is. Hahaha..
Not sure when would be my turn to experience being a mother, but at least when my time comes, at least my sis will be there to guide me. :p

Here's a memorable photo of me carrying a new born baby which I have never done so previously. =D

Monday, November 07, 2016

Korea Trip 2016

Its November already.
Oh wow, we are coming to a new year soon.
Just saw that my last post was dated on 11 October which is like about 3 weeks back.
Time really flies.

I just got back from my 9D8N trip to Korea and will be going back to face reality tomorrow.
Surprisingly I don't feel that I don't want to go back to work or maybe the feeling hasn't come yet. Haha..
This time I feel that the trip is too long because too many days in Seoul.
I should have allocate some time to go to Jeju or Busan.
Didnt have much impulse buy on makeup and skincare this time.
I left so much money back!
Maybe because previously I went with girls and it was my first trip so when I see everything, I also want to buy. Haha..
However, I don't deny that the first trip was more enjoyable with the girls.
Trip with G to Korea is a little different but still enjoyable in another perspective.

I guess that's about all for the summary for now. :)