Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reflecting on 2016

Looking back the past 12 months, I think it's quite an exciting year for me and my family, especially the second half of the year.
I am also relieved that everything is back on path for me.

Alright so here are what was accomplished:
- Family trip which we haven done in the last 10 plus years. We went to Cruise and Hong Kong Trip.
- Blood Donation that I always wanted to do since young.
- Attended to my second Jay Chou's concert and this time, together with G, Veron, and her bf.
- Wrote about 10K essay which I've never done before.
- Completed my Degree course and currently still waiting for my result to release next year.
- Wedding Preparations.
- My 2nd trip to Korea, this time with G!
- A new generation was born in my family which you can see some of his photos in my past post.
- Witness my BFF Sheau Wei's wedding in Penang.

Actually, many second overseas trips this year.
HK, Korea and Penang are my second overseas trips.
Only cruise is my first experience.

Now that I see..
Actually I accomplished a lot.
And to say that my last year resolution was just hoped to be more positive and confident in myself.
So I can say that I surpassed what I hoped for.
I guess I became more positive in some ways but still feeling negative in something else.
About being confident, maybe just a teeny weeny bit? I am not sure.. and that's more for work stuff.

In the coming year 2017, I foresee that its gonna be a very exciting year for me!
- I am stepping into 30th (Can't really tell what's so exciting about this but its a milestone.)
- I will be graduating with a Bachelor degree (That says if I passed my dissertation.)
- Marriage.
- Might be getting our house key by end of the year.

I can't think of any resolution next year.
But I hope that everything will goes well smoothly.
I also hope that there will be a good and new opportunity for me next year. :)

Ok, That's all.
Happy New Year!
Hope you have a great one too!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!
Are you enjoying your festive season and long weekend?
Singapore is having long weekend so we doesn't need to work today.

For me, its an yearly affair to meet up with some friends to catch up and also to exchange presents.

First up, a photo of baby Zyden.
I actually wanted to buy a Santa baby clothing for him but he is still not big enough so I bought this cute romper for him with funny wordings. :p

16 Dec
Xmas gathering at Stephy house.
Its my first time visiting her house and also to see baby Avril in person.
Ordered Domino's Pizza for dinner at her house.
After which, we have our presents exchange.

17 Dec
Early Christmas dinner with G because he had appointment on the eve.
And on the Christmas day itself, it will too packed outside so we decided to do it early.
We had our seafood feast at Park Royal Hotel - Spice Brasserie.

My present for him and myself is a Sovil et Titus watch.
I really love the vintage style.

He got me a rose gold ring from Gold Heart.

This year I didn't really give out much presents to my colleagues.
Still, I received quite a lot.
Really thankful for their small gesture. :)

Specially want to mention the 2 music box presents from SheauWei and Jamie.
SheauWei got me the one wedding music box while Jamie got me the kitten one.
The ferris wheel one was my own.
I bought it when i was in Taiwan in 2014 if I am not wrong.
Can't wait to move to my new house then I can decorate them in the cabinet. :)

Bought a log cake on the day I met SheauWei for dinner on 23 Dec.
Its the first time I bought it.
Maybe next year, I will try the chocolate-praline log cake from Starbucks.

Few days more to a new year.
Are you ready for it already?
I am not too sure if I am ready..
But let's face it positively! :)

Friday, December 23, 2016

Penang Trip 2016

It's my second time to Penang this year.
The main purpose is to attend and witness Sheauwei's wedding.
I am feel so happy for her as she finally found her Mr. Right.

In this post, I will be writing my 3D2N Peneng Travelogue.
Yes, squeezing everything in one post.
Really didn't do much as this mostly just to attend her wedding.

3 Dec 2016
We took the 11.20pm flight and the flight took about 1hr20mins.
By the way, we rent the Wifi Router from Changi Recommends.
But i can tell you, it is not recommended at all for Malaysia trip.
The data is so slow and sometimes I cant even get connection which I don't know why.
I spent $34 (inclusive of insurance) for this for 3 days which is not worthy at all.

Anyway, we touched down Penang at 1.30pm due to slight flight delay.
Had our lunch at the airport before heading to our hotel to check in and get prepared for the night.
The hotel that we stayed in is Hotel Equatorial Penang.
It's the hotel where SW's wedding dinner held at.
By the way, this hotel do provide airport transfer BUT you need to email and tell them what time they need to go to the airport to fetch you.
They didn't tell me that we need to make reservation in the email, which I wasn't very happy about it, so in the end we took Grab car to the hotel.

Reached the hotel and took a while to check in.
By the time, we went into the room, we need to prepare for the dinner.

The wedding dinner held at Etolie function room.
The rest, I will just use photos to show you the night.

4 Dec 2016
Woke up really early on this day to prepare for the customary wedding.
I was one of the sisters.

This is the view outside my room balcony.

My tired face.. Haha..

All sisters will be wearing the same long skirt.

Reached SW's brother house and saw that she was preparing.
The other sister were planning games for the groom and brothers.

After SW done her makeup, we went for some photoshoots.
Also did mannequin challenge but the video is with the videographer.

Then its gate crash time.
It was my first experience really 不知所措 but still goes well smoothly. Haha..

Gatecrash successful!
After that, we stayed for a while before heading back to hotel to have our time.

This is the view outside SW's brother house.
It was a beautiful day so I took a snapshot of the view while waiting for our grabcar.

And this is our view in the day.
Chio right?

Anyway, back to our room and changed to a much comfortable outfit before heading out for shopping at Queensbay Mall.
We took the shutter bus provided by the hotel.
It was really convenient.

At Queensbay Mall, the Christmas feel is already up.
As the mall is under CapitaLand, I can see that the mall is very much like Singapore's.

And again, we are at the supermarket looking for foods to buy back for SG.
G took a photo of me holding so many maggie mee.. Lol!
Its not mine alone okay..

Bought so much food back again..

We had our lunch at the mall before heading back to hotel for Spa.
Not a very good experience because the massage is repeat motion.
I guess the therapist should upgrade her skills.
Other than time, I think it is okay..

The Christmas decoration in the hotel.

It was the last night in Penang.
We flew back to Singapore the next morning.

Due to the short time, we are unable to explore much this time.
Hopefully to go back again as I think Penang is still quite a nice place to visit. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

USS Santa's All-Star Christmas‎ 2016

On 15 December, G and I took a day off from work to go Santa's All-Star Christmas‎ in Universal Studio Singapore.
I was the one who wanted to go and go on weekday because it will not be crowded during the weekday.
Glad that we choose the right day to go.
Not many people so we could take many photos without people photobombing us.

Out of all, I love the universal journey.
It has a Guinness World Record for the largest light bulb display which made up of made up of 824,961 light bulbs!
How cool is that!
Other than that, we also went to the Santa's Village.
Then, G and I also went for the Transformer and Mummy ride.

Alright, shall just let the photos do the talking. :)