Monday, January 30, 2017


Hello to the Rooster year.
This year, we had a long weekend - Saturday to Monday off!
How's your CNY this year? Mine was fine.
Surprisingly this year, I didn't dye a new hair color and also didn't go for manicure.
Just wanna save some money. :p

First day of CNY will be the usual house visiting.
This year, many people told us that it will be our last year receiving ang pows.
Haha.. I get it.

Anyway, the usual will be to visit his family side then at my side.
This year, he started his visiting late while mine was earlier than the previous year.
Usually, we go house visiting about 7pm but this year we started at 5pm.

#MOTD. Bad hair day because I had a hard time curling it. Sigh~


And I love the design at the back. #sexyback LOL!

This is my great grandma who is 93 years old this year.
A photo of the 1st generation and the 5th generation.
Worth the keep for memory. :)

Of cos, my nephew need to have a pic with me.
Can't resist his fat cheek. Haha..
Anyway, this is his first CNY.

So we went to great grandma house, then to grandma house and then to my Auntie house whereby my paternal side grandma stayed in.

No visiting this year on the 2nd day.
Usually, we will go to his auntie's house but this year we didnt.
So we only went out for movie.
Watched The Fortune Handbook 财神爷.

Day 2 #OOTD

Went visiting at his another auntie house.
Nothing much to do there so just play with G's niece.
This girl still feel shy when she sees me always.
Shy but still okay to play with me. Haha..

Hope you had a great rest and enjoyed the past three days too.
Happy Chinese New Year again! :)

Friday, January 27, 2017


Its the CNY eve!
Sending off the Monkey and welcoming the Rooster in about half an hour time!

This year I feel that the 气氛 is not really there.
Anyway, still is very rare to eat together and reunion dinner is always a special today to gather.

Our steamboat reunion dinner every year.
This year is a little different because I helped out more in the kitchen.
I have never cut a big piece of pork and chicken in my entire life until yesterday night. LOL!
And the chicken are so oily than the pork. How can that be? LOL!
Anyway, my job took about 2 hours to complete.
Seem so tedious.
Well, I am learning and I know practice make perfect.
I will try harder next time since I am going to be someone's wife soon. Hahaha..

Shall update more on the CNY the next post.
Now, I wish you a Happy CNY!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I'm Graduated!

This gonna be the FIRST best news of my 2017!

Last Friday, my classmates and I got a late email from our Program Executive that we can collect our result.
Because it was a very late email like about 7pm, all of us wouldn't able to get our late.
So today, I decided to go retrieve my result during lunch time.
One reason is because I was eager to know my result, the other reason is because I have an appointment at night.
Coincidentally, Jean and Charmaine were also taking their result during lunch hours, so I met up with them.

To be honest, I wasn't very worried whether I passed or not.
I think I can pass and that my score would be a Second upper or lower.
Of course, I hope for Second Upper.

When I opened my SMRF letter, I was happy because I got what I hope for!
Finally, I graduated.
All the hard work, the sleepless nights paid off.

Sometimes, I still feel empty coming home doing nothing much just watching drama.
I feel that I am wasting my time away. Haha~
But I don't think I will go for Master.. yet..

Aiya.. maybe after married, got kids then I won't feel so empty already.
Seeing how my sis and mum taking care of Zyden, I can see how my life would be next time. Lol

Now, I am worried for the date of my Congregation ceremony.
Really crossed my fingers that it WILL NOT clashed with my wedding day.
I really want to attend my once in a lifetime ceremony. *Pray hard*
If not, I will see my classmates at night for my wedding.
I'll ask them to wear Robe to my wedding. Hahahaha..
Hopefully the Program Executive will give me another good news soon!

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Matcha-misu & Milo-misu

G have been pestering me to make Milomisu for him.
So last week on the 2nd day of 2017, I made Milomisu for him and the family.
Then mum said its nicer this time because the cream is firmer.
I guess previously I used milk rather than thickened cream.
Anyway, she said its not enough for her and the family because all of us just get to eat one small piece.

And today I made double servings!
Confirm chop sure very enough for the family. LOL!
So I made Milomisu again and also tried out Matchamisu recipe.

I actually wanted to bring one box to the office for my colleagues to try but gave up the idea because mum says confirm we all can finish it.
So, that's too bad for my colleagues.
Also, I don't want to bear the responsibility if any anyone had stomachache after eating the food I make. :p

Just tried the Matcha one.
A little too sweet but still yummy.

I actually thinking of making new flavors like Lavender, Rose and Orange.
Guess I'll just open one shop to sell tiramisu la. LOL!
Ok. I will sleep early tonight to dream...

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Hi 2017!

Its the 3rd day of the year 2017 already.
How time flies.

Today is the first work day of 2017.
As usual, feeling reluctant to go to work after a long weekend.
And I took half day morning off to sleep more.
I couldn't wake up due to sleeping late the previous days and I could only fall asleep at 3am.
Really need to adjust my body clock.

This Jan will be a busy but fulfilling month.
Lots of event coming up and weekend are so packed.
Could be tiring because not much rest but I am excited for the events.

Alright, I'll be back.
Off to meet my friends for her early birthday celebration. :)