Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hello Future Home!

G and I have been wanting to cycle over to our future home to see the progression.
But many times when we planned, the weather was bad.
Finally, we went there today because the weather was good and not raining.
Was excited and happy to see that everything is all done up - Painting, window installed, etc.
Seeing this progression, most probably, we will be able to get our keys last quarter of this year or first quarter of next year.
Shall let u guess which unit I am taking.

Sidetrack a little, I haven been cycling or exercising for many months.
My stamina is getting worst.
Last time, cycling 15km was not a big problem but this time I felt like dying.
Maybe, just maybe I didn't eat much for lunch. Haha..

Ok, I hope for good news on our house soon. :)

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