Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wedding: Pre-wedding Photoshoot Experience

Our pre-wedding photoshoot took place on 3 October 2016, just a day after my dissertation submission.
It's a great timing that I selected, whereby all my worry temporary throw behind me and focus on photoshoot.
It was a Monday, so both of us took a day off from work.
Advised by my French Wedding coordinator, Joanne, that selecting a weekdays is better because it will not be crowded and no one photobombing you.

So we went to the boutique as early as about 9am.
The makeup and hair done for me and G took about 2hrs and then we started our indoor studio shoots.
I had 3 gowns for indoor shoots, so the MUA gave me 3 different looks/ styles.
We finished our indoor shoots at around 2-3pm then we prepared to go outdoor.

Before these, G and I had a hard time thinking of which outdoor venue to shoot.
I didn't want places that look like Singapore, hence places like MBS, Garden By the Bay are out.
Finally, we concluded that to shoot at Victoria Concert Hall and Botanic Garden.
The area at Botanic Garden might be somewhere not many has known of.

So anyway, our outdoor shoot took about 3hrs at two places.
I felt lucky that I had toilet to change into the second gown.
I didn't find somewhere whereby I need to use tent to change.
If not, I will be so uncomfortable and insecure. Haha..

Overall, I feel that the photoshoot went well.
Even though, I feel quite awkward with G on some pose. Haha..
The photographer is also very patience with us.

It was a big headache when comes to selecting photos.
There were a total of 182 photos taken and we have only 38 photos to select.
In the end, we bought extra 4 photos.
So in total, we have selected 42 photos and we've also collected our photo albums.
Happy with the outcome. :)

I will share our Pre-Wedding Photos after 3 months.
Here's a picture of our album cover.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Wedding: Food Tastiing at Novotel Clarke Quay & Parents Meeting

Last Friday night, 10 March 2017, we had our food tasting at Novotel Clarke Quay.
It was also the day whereby two side of the parents first meet up.
Lucky, it wasn't too awkward and the night went well too.

As for the food, I hope the guest will enjoy it.
I am not someone who can tells whether the food is very good or not very good.
Different people has different liking too.

Counting down to less than 3 months.
I am getting nervous....

Friday, March 03, 2017

Wedding: Wedding Cards

It's already March! Left 3 months and 1 week to go..
Its scary when you feels that the days are getting nearer.

I am going to talk about the wedding cards.
T Dragon Cards is Novotel's wedding card supplier.
Last month, G and I headed down to T Dragon which located at AMK to select our wedding cards.

It is a small office space and lucky for us, it wasn't crowded then.
We looked for a table to settle down and one of the lady handed us a file containing many different wedding invitation card designs.
All the cards we saw wasn't very impressive so we really had a hard time choosing.
G then saw one customer collected his wedding card and it was like love at first sight for him.

Ended up, we got that design that he saw but we need to top up for the design.
Initially, I guess no one really care about the card because mostly people just take and throw.
But I still go along with it because the price difference isn't really that much.

2 weeks ago, we gotten the printed card and was very happy with the wedding card.
We decide to keep 1 for ourselves for memory because it is really pretty.

Today, because I met Tommy for dinner so I gaave out my first red bomb to him. :D
He was all ready to accept it. Haha..
Soon, I will slowly give out the invites.

So is it. ^^